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To Live, Protect and Love

Alice, Bella, Rosalie, and Esme live on base with their husbands who are in the Army. usual pairings and all human its kind of like a Twilight meets Army Wives. Hope you all like it! Please, read and review!!!


1. Coming Home

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It had been 6 months since my Edward had been home. 6 months of crying, worrying, and sadness. but now he was coming home after a 6 month tour of Iraq. I was so excited to hear of his coming home. Him and my twin, Emmett, my brother-in-law Jasper, and my father-in-law Carilise would be on a 2 week leave and then deploy again for an 18 month tour. But I didn't care little time with him was better than none. And I did have Alice, Rose, and Esme to distract me. We took care of eachther because we knew what it's like to have your husband go to war.

Then I saw him in his beauty, rounding the corner his bronze hair all messy like usual and his emerald green eyes shining with a beauty of its own accord. "EDWARD!!!" He immediatly dropped everything and ran towards me I ran to him also and we enveloped eachother in a tight hug him kissing my hair, nose, cheeks and finally my lips. I was so happy to see him. I arrubtly looked around and saw that Alice, Rose, and Esme were doing similar to what we were doing. Esme and Carlilse were kissing and hugging eachother. Alice and Jasper were soul gazing or whatever they do and kissing every few seconds. And Em and Rose were making out.

Our family was finally complete.