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Promises are meant to be kept

Edward and his family moved from Arizona to Washington when he was five. Before he left he make his best friend a promise. It's now Senior year of highschool, and he's coming back for her. Reminding her of his promise, " Bella, you are my best friend. But when I come home, we are gonnas be really olderer, and I won't want to be your best friend anymore. So when I come back, don't have a boyfriend, cause I promise, that's gonna be's me.". (All human)

Disclaimer: I don't own twilight in anyway.

2. 2

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( Edward's POV)

We all stayed in the car, just watching Bella make out with this guy. Next thing you know he's got his hands on her ass and Charlie, bella's father, is rushing outside.

" Jacob Black, get your hands off my daughter. Isabella, get in the house now.", he ordered.

" No, I'm supposed to go with Jake to the movies.", Bella argued.

" Isabella Swan get in the house now. I banned your friend from the house, remember? I banned him because I had to put both of you in the back of my police car last week for underage drinking.", Charlie did not look very happy.

" Come on Dad!", Bella whined.

" Go inside and help your mother with the twins.", Charlie said.

" The wicked Bitch of the west is not my mother! My mother died, and you, you got married barely two damn years later! Next thing you know you're taking care of twin boys and not even paying attention to what I've been trying to tell you! I hate Sue! I don't want another mother! I want the one who died eight years ago. Stop trying to replace her! Let's go Jake.", Bella grabbed Jakes hand and he kicked his motorcycle to life and sped off onto the road.

It was around nine pm when I heard a car door slam. I saw it was Bella with tear stained cheeks. I don't know why but I ran outside and hugged her.

" Bella, do you remember me at all?", I asked with hope.

" Of course, why wouldn't I remember my bestest friend. It's great to see you back Edward, I missed you.", her voice was cracking.

" What's wrong Bells?", I took her hand and we sat down in the grass.

" I went to a party with Jake. I drank once and I got a horrible hangover so I decided to wait until I'm twenty one until I drink again. Well at the party there was a bunch of booze. Jake kept trying to get me to drink some, and he would drink it right after I refused. He got drunk and then he dissapeered. I wanted to go home so I went to look around for him at the party. I found him. Yep, he was in his friends room, screwing Vanessa Wolfe. I broke up with him right there.", She sighed. She was sitting between my legs with her back pressed up against my chest. And for some reason, my thoughts just slipped out of my mind.

" Do you remember the promise I made to you?", Came out of my mouth.

" Sorta. Something about, us not being best friends but more. Why?", She leaned against me even more.

" Because, I really, really like you. If we'd lived together our whole lives, as in if I'd never moved away. No doubt I would be saying I loved you right now. I want to give us a chance Bell. I want to fufill the promise I made to you. If you'd just let me.", She turned to face me. Tears were in her eyes. Both of our heads were moving towards eachother, subconsiously. Our lips pressed against eachother lightly, but I couldn't ignore the spark I felt. It was like in the movies when, the main character kisses his love intrest and they describe it as feeling fireworks.

We were both panting when we pulled away from eachother. I looked at her and smiled and kissed her once more.

" Did you feel that... Spark?", she panted.

" Ya, but I didn't think you did. Did you?", I asked stupidly.

" Of course, I just asked if you felt it, if I did wouldn't I have felt it as well?", She laughed. I touched her cheek and she blushed. It was hard to see in the dark but the light from the lamp posts made it clear. We said goodnight and with a final kiss we went into our seperate houses. I fell asleep dreaming of the girl I loved, Isabella Swan.

The next day, Bella, came over and wanted us to have a picnic. Rose, Alice, Charlie, Sue and the twins were going as well. So, she didn't really invite me as much as my own family. But none the less we accepted.

" So, Charlie, what are the twins' names?", my mother asked. Bella was sitting in between my legs playing with my hands.

" Um, Landon Bradley Swan and Asher Griffin Swan.", He replied. The twins were only five years old, and they were as hyper as Alice. Alice had Japser hooked just like Rose had Emmett hooked and Bella had me hooked. I played with a piece of Bella's hair.

" So, Bella, I thought you and Jake were together. You were yesterday afternoon.", Charlie said taking a bite of his sandwich.

" Jake is an ass. I'm never making the mistake of trusting him again. I should have known if he cheated on me once he would do it again. Then, last night, I got with Edward.", she said. Charlie spit the soda he was drinking out.

" You what! You slept with him!"

" NO! I started a relationship with Edward. I wouldn't sleep with him if he'd only been back one day. I'm not a slut.", she said. Her stepmother sue scoffed.

" Are you implying I'm a slut?", Bella glared at sue. All sue did was nod.

" This is why I hate you! Geez, I swear, sometimes I wish it was me who died in the stupid car accident instead of mom. You could have had another kid! I'm replacable, mom isn't and sue, you should be in the Wizard of Oz. I know the perfect role for you. The wicked Bitch of the East. You can go get smashed under a house!", Bella got up and strode towards the parking lot. All of our mouths were hanging open.

" Sue! That's my daughter, you can't go saying things like that to her.", Charlie scolded.

" Oh, she'll be fine. She always acts like that.", Sue waved her hand. I shook my head at her and got up to follow Bella. I found her leaning up against a tree and crying.

" Bella, can I tell you something?", I asked cautiously. She nodded.

" You aren't a slut. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. And Bella, I know we haven't even been dating for twenty four hours, but I love you.", I took her face in my hands. She looked into my eyes and I kissed her. Her hands wound into my hair, and we made out.

" I love you too.", She smiled and leaned her forehead up against mine. I sighed happily.