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Promises are meant to be kept

Edward and his family moved from Arizona to Washington when he was five. Before he left he make his best friend a promise. It's now Senior year of highschool, and he's coming back for her. Reminding her of his promise, " Bella, you are my best friend. But when I come home, we are gonnas be really olderer, and I won't want to be your best friend anymore. So when I come back, don't have a boyfriend, cause I promise, that's gonna be's me.". (All human)

Disclaimer: I don't own twilight in anyway.

3. 3

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( Edward's POV)

Bella and I's senior year of high school was amazing. We had every class together, we always spent time together. Amazingly we both got scholarships to UDub. All of us were going to Udub. Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie, let's not forget Bella and I. Alice and Jasper were madly in love. Rose and Emmett were getting married after graduation. And Bella and I, well, I wanted to propose, so today was the day I was going to ask her father.

I walked up to the door and wiped my sweaty palms on my shorts. I gave the door a quick knock and stepped back.

" Edward, didn'y expect seeing you here. Bella isn't home at the moment. She was dragged to the mall with Alice and Rose.", Charlie said after opening the door.

" Actually, I came to talk to you sir. I have something I need to ask you.", I said, taking a deep breath.

" Bella isn't pregnant is she?", He asked wearily. Bella was most definetly not pregnant, she was on the pill and we took other percausions every time we slept together.

" No sir! It's just, this is really important to me.", I told him.

" Alright then, get on with it.", we sat on the couch.

" Sir, your daughter, she means everything to me. I love her so much and I'm asking your permission to propose. It'll be after graduation, I want to go to college with Bella and it's college. I want to do things the right way. It'll also show every other male that, she's mine and nobody else can have her.", I said. I held my breath as he made his decision.

" Alright, you can propose. But, if you hurt Bella, you will have to deal with me. And, I don't want any grandchildren from you two until at least sophmore year of college, understood?", He stuck his hand out and I shook it.

" Yes sir, would you like to see the ring? I have it on me.", I asked.

" Sure, and don't call me sir. Call me Charlie. Welcome to the family.", He smiled. I showed him the ring that was once my grandmother's. I knew Bella would like it. Emmett had just gotten a ring for Rose. About an hour later I left. I decided to go tell my parents about my plan.

" Are you sure about this? I know Em and Rose are engaged, that doesn't mean you and Bella have to get engaged.", my father said.

" I'm absolutly positive. I love Bella, and we're going to be living together in Washington.", I smiled at the thought.

" Alright, well, I guess our kids are marrying the neighbors kids. Maybe we should adopt six year old twin girls so the twins next door could have them.", we all laughed.

Graduation was here. Tonight at the Cullen- Swan graduation party, I would propose to Bella. I was so nervous. No, nervous doesn't even cover what I was feeling. I was, nervous, excited, scared, exstatic. So many emotions were at play in my mind.

We had on our ugly blue robes and graduation caps. But Bella of couse was as beautiful as always. I was called up on stage to get my diploma, of course all the girls whistled. I accepted my diploma and walked to my place on the stage. At last my sweet Bella was called. When her name was called they guys cat called, I didn't like that very much. She got to her spot and winked at me. It was her way of saying, ' Don't let it get to you'. I nodded and we threw our caps into the air.

It was time, it was time and I was freaking out. I walked up to the mic and everyone who was invited to the party sat down. Our parents smiled at me. All our friends looked confused. Bella looked absolutely beautiful. I was about to propose and I was scared shitless. What if she rejected me? I couldn't think about that. I wouldn't.