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Promises are meant to be kept

Edward and his family moved from Arizona to Washington when he was five. Before he left he make his best friend a promise. It's now Senior year of highschool, and he's coming back for her. Reminding her of his promise, " Bella, you are my best friend. But when I come home, we are gonnas be really olderer, and I won't want to be your best friend anymore. So when I come back, don't have a boyfriend, cause I promise, that's gonna be's me.". (All human)

Disclaimer: I don't own twilight in anyway.

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( Edward's POV)

This is it, the big moment. All that really mattered right now was Bella. I got up to the mic and smiled at my family and friends. Emmett gave me the idea of putting the ring box into a bunch of bigger boxes and then proposing.

" I want to thank all of my family and friends for coming out tonight for our graduation. Senior year was the best year of my life. I made a bunch of new friends and let's not forget my girlfriend Bella. She's made this year worthwhile for me. High school, it will be something I always keep in my mind. I can't promise it will be the best time of my life, but it will certainly make the list. Bella can you please come here?", I asked. She smiled nervously and nodded getting up. I pulled out the present. She rolled her eyes.

" I know how you hate presents, and I can't promise this will be the last time I get you something, because that would be lying. But please open this one.", I handed her the box and very cautiously she opened it. When she got down to the last box I picked the ring out of it and got down on one knee.

" Isabella Swan, when I was five, I promised I would come back and be your boyfriend. I've spent the past year, getting to fufil that promise, but now, I want to make another promise to you. I promise, I will always be there for you. I promise, I'll be at the alter waiting for you, and when the time come's I'll say I do. So Bella, love, will you make me, the happiest man on the entire earth and marry me?", I held my breath. She was crying, all she could do was nod her head. I put the ring on her finger and kissed her. Everyone applauded.

I didn't let go of her anymore that night. Well that was until, someone showed up.

" Hey thereeee Bellsy- Boo! Wow, you look friggin sexy in that dress.", Jacob slurred drunkenly.

" Jake, you need to leave. Do not ruin tonight for me I am begging you.", Bella said while rubbing her temples.

" Aw, come on Bells! Yous knows you love me! I wanted some action and you weren't givins any outs. So, I went to Van- vanesssa and ssshee gave me what I wanted!", Jacob laughed.

" Jacob, get the hell out of here now. You are ruining the most perfect night.", she begged.

" What makes it so ppperrrfeect?", He sneered.

" Edward proposed and I said yes. Now get your drunk ass home before my father finds out you're here.", she growled.

" Youu are spose to marryyyy mee!", Jacob sat down on the grass sobbing like a little child. It was so embarrasing.

" No Jake, you cheated on me. Twice. I wasn't meant to love you or marry you. It was always Edward.", she smiled at me and grabbed my hand.

" I knoww I chcheeted on yoouu! I is the one who sslept with Vanessa! But that don mean I don loves you!", He scrambled to stand up.

" Ok, Jacob I think it's time for you to leave.", I said stepping in front of Bella.

" No! Time for you to weave mistery Bigshots!", He pointed at me.

" Jacob, I don't want you. Please leave.", Bella begged again.

" No! I don't wants youuu! Nessie ness is preggers with my little spawn! So you can't haves me anymorress!", he got up and just walked away. Everyone was staring at us. I turned around and kissed Bella.

" I'm sorry he had to ruin this.", she siad.

" Babe, it's not your fault. He is just a immature kid who's about to have a kid.", I told her. I couldn't wait until she was officially Bella Cullen. It sounded so great, like she was meant to be a Cullen.