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Summer: Jealous edition

He was my best friend until senior year in highschool, then we became boyfriend and girlfriend, well now that we're going to college together, things are changing. He's acting stupid, I'm acting resposable. So, of course I break up with him, and did I mention we have to spend summer together in our home town. Our parents are best friends and neighbors. Oh, did I also mention he's got a girl he's bringing home to meet the family, did I also mention the boy across the street who's crushing on me. My name is Bella Swan and right now my life is hell.

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( Bella's POV)

You hear about all these love stories where the girl meets the guy and they instantly fall in love. Or the guy has another girl and they sneek around effectively falling in love. You've probably also heard part of my story. Girl grows up next to the guy next door her whole life, they 're best friends, then their lovers. Well, that's how mine went. At the end of senior year Edward Cullen, my neighbor and best friend, officially became my boyfriend. We made it official at the small beach, La Push, in the town we live in. Forks, is very small.

Edward has two sisters and a brother. His brother and older sister are twins, Jasper and Rosalie. They're a year older than us. his younger sister is Alice, who is ten months younger than us. Now me, I have an older brother. He's the same age as Jasper and Rosalie oh and he's rosalie's boyfriend. My brother's name is Emmett. Emmett Mccarthey Swan. I know his middle name is weird right? Well anyways, Edward and Emmett used to be best friends before I became Edward's best friend and Emmett became the over protective brother.

As I said, you've probably only heard part of my story, the second part isn't too happy. So instead of just telling you, why don't I just show you?