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Summer: Jealous edition

He was my best friend until senior year in highschool, then we became boyfriend and girlfriend, well now that we're going to college together, things are changing. He's acting stupid, I'm acting resposable. So, of course I break up with him, and did I mention we have to spend summer together in our home town. Our parents are best friends and neighbors. Oh, did I also mention he's got a girl he's bringing home to meet the family, did I also mention the boy across the street who's crushing on me. My name is Bella Swan and right now my life is hell.

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3. 2

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( Bella's POV)

" Edward, we have to get going if we are going to make it to the campus on time.", I smiled at my wonderfull boyfriend. We were just saying our goodbyes to our parents and Edward's little sister because by nine o'clock pm we would be in our dorms.

" She's right, you two get on the road, we'll see you on thanksgiving.", Edward's mom, Esme, hugged him and then me.

" Bye, see ya.", Edward and I said at the same time.

We had been driving for half an hour when i got hungry, we didn't even eat breakfast this morning.

" Edward, I am starving! Can we please get something to eat?", I used my pouty face that he couldn't resist. He gave me my favorite crooked smile and we went and ate.

" So, how much longer Eddie Boy?", I knew he hated that nickname.

" Well, for me it would be another half hour, for you it would be five, because if you call me that again you will be walking.", He scowled. I playfully hit him on his arm. We held hands the rest of our journey.

We had fun our first year of college. Spring break was coming up and everything seemed fine. Well, except for the fact that we aren't even legal to drink yet and Edward is constantly drunk.

" Babe, it's college, we're s'possed to have some fun.", he would tell me. I would growl and refuse to sleep with him for two weeks.

I thought everything was fine. I really did, until I couldn't take Edward slacking off and getting drunk all the time. And I mean all the time, even my big brother Emmett didn't drink as much as he did.

" Bells, are you sure you and Edward are okay? I mean, you've been sick for the past two weeks, and he's always at parties. Shouldn't he be here taking care of you? If Rosie was sick and the biggest party of the year was going on I would still choose my girlfriend. When's the last time you even saw Edward?", Emmett said. I had been throwing up for the past two weeks and I hadn't seen Edward once.

" I haven't seen him since two nights before I started getting sick. I thought he was just studying, but I'm not so sure anymore. He's always out partying.", I told the truth.

" Bella, you need to tell him to either grow up, or you're gone. You are too mature for this Bella.", Emmett gave me a look and I knew he was right.