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Summer: Jealous edition

He was my best friend until senior year in highschool, then we became boyfriend and girlfriend, well now that we're going to college together, things are changing. He's acting stupid, I'm acting resposable. So, of course I break up with him, and did I mention we have to spend summer together in our home town. Our parents are best friends and neighbors. Oh, did I also mention he's got a girl he's bringing home to meet the family, did I also mention the boy across the street who's crushing on me. My name is Bella Swan and right now my life is hell.

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6. 5

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( Bella's POV)

" So Bella, how is school going?", Esme asked. The Cullens and Swans were all eating at one dinner table. Yay, not.

" Um, it's going great. I had the top scores in my class, so that's good. I think I've decided on a career so, that'll definetly help my major.", I told them.

" Oh really? Well what did you decide on?", My mom got curious.

" I either want to be a writer or a teacher. If I teach I want it to be either first grade or High school english.", I smiled.

" Wow, what about the rest of you children?", Esme continued.

" I want to open up my own gym and I'm pretty sure Rosie here wants to try modeling or open her own clothing store.", Rose and Em smiled adoringly at eachother.

" I want to own a clothing store! Oh that's going to be so fun!", Alice bounced in her seat.

" I want to be a history teacher. Dealing specifically with the civil war though preferibly.", Jasper said.

" Oh, well, I don't know what I want to do yet.", Tanya thought she was being cute.

" I want to write compositions for the piano.", Edward stated.

" So, what do you kids plan on doing while you're home?", my dad asked.

" Focus on not throwing up everytime I smell something that the baby doesn't like.", I grimanced. Everyone but Edward laughed.

Dinner continued akwordly and fianally it was time for them to go home. We said our goodnights and goodbyes and then we all went to bed.

Days came and went, all the while I had to watch Tanya and Edward choke eachother with their tongues. I was walking down the street one day when I ran into some really tall, tan guy.

" Woah, I'm so sorry. Um, I'm Jacob, Jacob Black.", He held his hand out and I shook it.

" Bella Swan. Sorry for running into you.", I blushed.

" No, it was my fault. So, I've never seen you around here. That could be because I only moved her two months ago though.", he laughed.

" I go to college in seattle. I'm back for the summer.", I told him.

" Oh, I'm taking a year off from college. I wanted to travel, but I gave up last minute.", we both laughed. We continued talking and a week later. He tried to kiss me.

" Whoah, Jacob, we can't kiss or do anything like that.", I told him.

" Why not?", he asked sincerely.

" See the bronze haired guy over there?", I pointed to Edward.

" The one with the blonde barbie bimbo's tongue halfway down his throat?", He asked.

" Ya, well, I'm sorta, pregnant with his baby. We dated during and before college but three weeks ago, I broke it off with him because he was always drinking. The next day I found out I was pregnant and he refuses to believe it's his.", I honestly told Jacob.

" Oh, well, he's a dumbass. Any guy would be lucky to have you.", Jake smiled and laughed a bit.

Time passed and went, I had gotten the baby checked out. It was amazing, especially hearing it's heartbeat. But Edward still refused to think it was even his baby.