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Summer: Jealous edition

He was my best friend until senior year in highschool, then we became boyfriend and girlfriend, well now that we're going to college together, things are changing. He's acting stupid, I'm acting resposable. So, of course I break up with him, and did I mention we have to spend summer together in our home town. Our parents are best friends and neighbors. Oh, did I also mention he's got a girl he's bringing home to meet the family, did I also mention the boy across the street who's crushing on me. My name is Bella Swan and right now my life is hell.

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7. 6

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( Edward's POV)

I was fianally back on campus with Tanya, my girlfriend. I had seen Bella around. She was looking really pregnant these days. I didn't even want to consider that baby mine though. I knew it wasn't, Bella is too beautiful to have a baby with me. She's too god and that child will be too good for me also.

It was december and we were driving down to my parents house. I knew Bella was already at her parents house. It was two weeks before christmas, when we arrived. No body was home though and it looked like they left in a hurry.

" Eddie, where is everyone?", Tanya annoyingly asked... again. Geez I had the urge to just dump her right now.

" I don't know Tanya. Just help me look for a note or something. Maybe they left one and it explains where they all are. Not even the Swans are home, what is going on?", I ment to keep that in my mind but it just slipped out.

" Ugh, this christmas is so not fun right now.", she stated.

" Tanya, there is three weeks until christmas.", I told her. It was weird, around christmas, everyone was home. I pulled out my cell and noticed nothing, I hadn't even gotten a message yet. I decided to call Emmett, he would tell me where everyone was.

" Hello, Emmett speaking.", he laughed.

" Em, he it's me. Where is everyone? Tanya and I just got here and there's no one home.", I stated.

" Oh, yeah, I forgot to leave a note! Well we are all up at the hospital. You don't have to come.", Emmett sighed sadly.

" Why the hell is everyone at the hospital? What happened? Who's hurt?", I begged for answers.

" Chill dude! No one is hurt. Well, I can't say, no one is hurting cause someone is.", He sighed again.

" Well, what's going on?", I asked a little relieved.

" You won't care, so why should I tell you?", Emmett growled.

" Yes I will Em, what is happening?", I asked aggravated.

" Bella went into labour about three hours ago. She's a week overdue and when her water broke we all rushed to the hospital. That's why I said you didn't have to come here. Hold on, something is going on.", I listened to what was happening through the phone.

" Alright, so it's time to get your baby out. I need everyone out except for the people who she chooses to be in the room.", the doctor said.

" Hey sorry dude, Bella's starting the pushing. You should see her dude, she's all sweaty and a little pale. Wow, it must hurt to have a kid.", Emmett laughed,

" No shit Em. Who's in the room with her?", I asked.

" She wanted her mom and Alice. Cause Alice is her BFF or whatever they call it. I can't wait! I'm gonna be an uncle! But I wish Bella would have found out if it was a boy or girl.", Emmett grumbled.

" Oh, Ok, I'll um, I'll see ya later.", I hung up the phone. I wanted to go see Bella. I felt as though I owed her that.

" Tanya, let's go. We're meeting up at the hospital with the others.", I pulled her along with me and we drove to the hospital. We got in there and saw my family and some of the swans sitting in the waiting room.

" Edward! What are you doing here?", my mother asked pulling me into a hug.

" Well, I uh, I called Emmett. He said everyone was here.", I stated.

" Oh my god! I am never having a child.", Alice said, walking out of the delivery room.

" Is Bella still in pain?", Emmett asked worridley.

" I don't think so. But you should see the baby! It is so cute, I can't wait until I can hold it!", she squeeled.

" Are you going to tell me if I have a neice or nephew yet?", Emmett asked.

" Oh right, It's a........ I promised Bella I'd let you see for yourselves.", she laughed and then danced off towards Jasper.

" We came to the hospital to se Her?", Tanya asked in anger.

" Look, it's only cause my family was here alright. As soon as they leave, we'll leave.", I promised. The nurse came out of the room smiling.

" Well, Bella knows you all want to know if the baby is a boy or a girl. So, she said to bring in Charlie, Carlisle and Esme first.", The nurse lead them into the room. About twenty minutes later Esme, Carlisle, Renee and Charlie came out of the room crying happy tears. Why were my parents crying? It isn't my kid.

" Bella told us to send in, Emmett, Jasper, Alice, Rosalie and if he wanted to Edward. But she said and I quote, ' Keep the bitch out of the room if he brought her with him '", Mom said. I knew Bella was talking about Tanya.

" Esme that's not all she said. She also said ' I don't want her in here because my baby might catch an STD or something.'", Everyone but Tanya and I laughed. Even my parents. I followed the others for some reason to see Bella and the baby but Esme stopped me real quick.

" I'm telling you, you don't even need a DNA test to tell it's your baby. It has the same exact hair color as you.", She smiled. I walked into the room and found Alice laughing and Emmett frowning.

" I told you! I'm always right!", Alice laughed.

" Whatever Alice, I'm just pissed because I made a bet with Jasper and I lost.", Emmett frowned even deeper.

" Hey Edward, do you want to see the baby?", Bella asked. I shyly nodded. She handed me the little bundle wrapped in a pink blanket.