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Summer: Jealous edition

He was my best friend until senior year in highschool, then we became boyfriend and girlfriend, well now that we're going to college together, things are changing. He's acting stupid, I'm acting resposable. So, of course I break up with him, and did I mention we have to spend summer together in our home town. Our parents are best friends and neighbors. Oh, did I also mention he's got a girl he's bringing home to meet the family, did I also mention the boy across the street who's crushing on me. My name is Bella Swan and right now my life is hell.

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8. 7

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( Edward's POV)

She was so small. Her skin was like Bella and I's. She had yet to open her eyes, so we didn't know the color. But her hair was the exact same shade as mine. The doctors told us she was seven pounds eight ounces. You could tell she was my daughter, just like my mom said. She was the most beautiful baby in the world. I knew I would never be able to deny she wasn't mine, she was just so much like me and too precious. Tanya could hate me, break up with me, I wouldn't care. Nothing could make me regret loving my baby girl. She was so sweet and innocent. Her tiny little fingers wrapped around one of mine.

" I'm sorry for doubting her to be mine. She's amazing, I'll do anything you want. I want to be her daddy, and I want her to be a Cullen. Please Bella, please.", I begged

" Well, you are her father right? Don't children usually have their father's last name? Besides, I already promised your mother and father her last name would be cullen.", Bella smiled at me.

" So, what are you going to name her?", Emmett asked.

" I don't know yet.", Bella admitted. I touched my baby girl's cheek. She looked so peacefull sleeping.

" Well, I think you should name her Emmett Junior.", Emmett stated.

" She's a girl Em, and no way in hell would I name my child after you.", Bella rolled her eyes. Suddenly a name popped into my head and I had to get it out.

" Sophia Masen Cullen.", I said. Bella smiled, and I knew we had found her name.

" Mr. Cullen, if you'd like you can take Sophia out to see the rest of the family, We need to check bella.", The nurse who just walked in stated. I looked at Bella and she nodded.

" No Tanya.", she said and I nodded. I walked into the waiting room holding my sleeping baby. Emmett had followed me out and Everyone else ran over. Well, except tanya who just glared.

" Edward is holding the baby? I thought you hated it.", Tanya sneered.

" That was before, Sophia is amazing. She's my baby girl, and Tanya, if you have a problem with my daughter, you need to leave and not come back.", I growled the last part.

" Sophia? Sophia Swan, nice.", Charlie said.

" Um no, her name is Sophia Masen Cullen.", I told charlie. Charlie smiled and touched her little hand.

" Well, Edward, now you know what's like, having someone to protect. Having someone who means more than your whole life.", Charlie smiled.

" I know sir, I would do anything for Sophie. Looking back now, it seems ridiculous that I never believed she was mine. I can't imagine my future without her. The moment Bella laid her in my arms, my whole life shifted. She's so tiny, sos vunerable, and I can't tell how she couldn't be loved.", I looked at her perfect little face. Tanya groaned. I handed my baby reluctantly over to Charlie.

" Tanya, leave now. You will not ruin this, my daughter was just born. Everyone here is happy, but you. We are over, so go back to college and forget we even dated because from now on, I'll be sporting the good guy who's there for his child attitude. Not the party every night attitude.", I growled. She got up and left but not before flipping me off.