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my heart doesn't belong to you anymore

when edward comes back after alice saw bella jump, he didn't go to the volturi he went back to forks to see for himself, he finds bella right and well... and friends with a werewolf. he comes to the conclusion she isn't safe when she spends all her time with werewolfs, so he calls all the cullens back. will he win her heart or will a certain other cullen who come back. a cullen that bella starts showing feelings for..... ok i know im crap at summarys but still. i havn't been able to do anything for this for awhile coz my password wasnt working then i had to reset it, which i didn't do for a few months :) forgive me please... now anyone who actually goes on this site anymore..... READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please? --------- love beth

i am in no way worthy of the awesome stephenie meyer. All shall bow down to the almighty royal highness and her awesome imagination that created this masterpiece of a series and gave us all something to elaberate on. And gave me jasper to fantasize about :) hehehehe

3. cold! i should really think first next time ...

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I stand at the edge looking down at water crashing against rock, it jumping up as if trying to get me from up here. Ok so I might have a little phobia of heights, just a little. I'm here in my own clothes, I thought it better to wear something comfortable when I get out, rather then my jeans and t-shirt.

"you now we don’t have to do this belle." Jake says beside me, wearing nothing but shorts.

I give him a sidelong glance, "I want to… but maybe you should go first." I say with a nervous smile.

more to come.... my brother has changed the internet password so i can't use it but i always find my way around .... whahahahahaha