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Twelve years ago Edward left Bella thinking she would be safe and happy away from the dangers of his world. She wasn't. How can he make it up to her? Each chapter written from a different POV with some overlap as the same incident is seen from a different perspective. Some new characters of my own imagination.

You know, all the recognisable characters are not mine. They belong to Stephanie Meyer and I hope I've used them in the spirit in which she created them.

28. Bella - Trouble

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I was so pleased with the way my health had improved. The physiotherapy was so effective that I told Carlisle that I wanted to reduce my regular pain medication. He wasn’t too happy about it at first, but I did promise to tell him immediately if I wanted to increase it again. But I never did. It did mean a slight backward step in so far as how long it took me to do my stepping exercise, and how painful it was after Edward and I had made love, but for the most part I was pleased that I was taking less pain medication and feeling less pain than I did before Edward came back to me. “I think you might need a new prosthetic eye” Edward said one evening after we had made love. “What? Why? What’s wrong with the one I have?” I wondered how much one would set me back. “If it is to match your other one it needs to sparkle more.” “Very funny. You had me worried for a moment.” “Not really a joke love. You actually do sparkle more now. In fact you sparkle so much that you have a bit of a problem with a couple of your pupils.” “What now?” Did someone think I was on drugs? Was that going to be the next scandal? “One girl and her friend were discussing how they could introduce you to one of their fathers who is divorced. They think you would be ideal for him. Not much fun to have a teacher as a step mom, but it could be worse and you seem to be quite nice. They either haven’t noticed your ring or have discounted it as having any real significance.” Was he joking? No, I realised. “Brilliant, that has loads of potential for causing maximum embarrassment. What’s your plan?” I knew he would have one. “First thing is to make sure they realise that you are accounted for. We’ll consider stage two if it turns out to be needed.” “Okay but you do realise that I never had a problem with men or boys before you came into my life. Remember what it was like at school? I couldn’t believe how different it was in Forks compared to Phoenix. I actually think one of the reasons I agreed to live with Jake was to get Mike off my back. I liked him, he could be unbelievably kind sometimes even though he could also be so incredibly thoughtless. But I made sure that I never gave him any signals that might say I was interested so why did he never seem to grasp the idea that him and me was just never going to happen?” Edward laughed at my words. “He was too used to being the most eligible young man in town and couldn’t quite grasp that you wouldn’t want him in preference to almost anyone else. He knew we were richer so thought he saw the attraction there, but otherwise, no one else could hold a candle to him and he was sure you would come to your senses one day and see that he was the best thing available.” “Great. He thought I was a bit of a gold digger” which annoyed me no end. “Not really, more that you were naive enough to be dazzled by me.” I could hardly complain at that. I was dazzled by Edward; but not by his money, by his eyes mainly but also his scent. “Will you do me a favour?” I asked wanting to change the subject. “What?” I knew he wouldn’t want to make an open promise. “When you next change your date of birth, will you use your real birthday or pick one either side instead of months away?” That surprised him. “If it is something you really want of course, but why?” “Because I want to be able to celebrate your birth if you are going to celebrate mine, but it would just feel too false if we knew it wasn’t the real day.” And I was so glad that I had never promised to tell only one hundred per cent whole truth with no lies, half truths or evasions. “Okay, March the thirty-first it will be.” Edward’s plan for making sure the girl who was viewing me as a potential step mother saw the error of her ways was pure simplicity. He, Alice and I were walking to Alice’s car when I felt a touch at my hand and heard Edward call to me “Miss Swann, you dropped your engagement ring” and he bent down to pick it up from the floor. “Thank you Edward. It was his late mother’s and is therefore very precious.” After we were on our way home he said that the message had got through – I was unavailable to fill the role of step mom. Dalton Gaines was high. He was as high as a kite and I knew darned well that it wasn’t through the use of properly prescribed medication. Brilliant, just what I didn’t need. I surreptitiously sent a message to the Principal asking him to come to my class room for the end of the lesson as a matter of urgency. The school had no security staff for me to ask for help. I kept a special eye on Dalton as I sped up the lesson slightly. He was twitchy, distracted and kept looking at his watch. Having spent one and a half semesters in a large inner city school in Harlem, I knew what those signs meant – trouble. I dismissed the class five minutes early “But not you Mr Gaines, you seem a little distracted today and I want to know why.” Some of the class gave me a pitying look: they clearly knew why and thought that I was really that innocent. Once the rest of the class had left I locked the door and removed the key. Luckily it was one of those old fashioned manual locks instead of an electronic pad. “Hey! What ‘yer doin’? Why’d yer lock the door? Lemme out!” “Dalton, you’re not well and I think you need help. I certainly can’t let you wander around the school the state you are in. How about I call your mom to take you to the medical centre?” “You bitch! You tattling bitch!” Just then there was a knock at the door, the Principal had arrived. I let him in. “What is it Miss Swann?” “Him as well! Well you’re not gonna get away with it bitch. How about I dice you up a little?” Dalton pulled out a knife, a dangerous looking knife. “Mr Gaines! What are you doing? Put that down this instant young man!” Mr Skerrit clearly thought that the forceful approach would work. I could have told him it wouldn’t. “The only place I’m gonna put this is in her, the bitch!” “Dalton, you can do nothing to me that hasn’t already been done so you don’t scare me. Look at my face and see that I’m telling the truth.” I tried to keep Dalton’s attention on me while the Principal made a call for help. “I have more scars than you can count and one more is not going to make any difference to me.” “But how’s the idiot who gave you that fancy ring gonna feel if this next one’s down yer face?” “He won’t care at all except for the fact that it will sting a bit, and I don’t like the smell of blood.” “Sting a bit! You’re a crazy bitch as well.” “Compared to what has already been done to me, I’m afraid yes, all it will do is sting a bit so why don’t you put the knife down before you get into more trouble?” I could see that the Principal was panicking a little. He was worried that if Dalton wanted to inflict pain he would chose to inflict it on him instead of me! My main worry was that Edward would be picking up thoughts about this and come charging to the rescue. Dalton was torn. He was muttering to himself something about not knowing what to do because he had to make ‘him’ pay. It didn’t look like anyone was in immediate danger The standoff ended when a man walked into the room. “Now what’s going on here? I got a call to say my Dalton was threatening a teacher with a knife. So what’s going on Dalton?” The man was Mr Gaines. Dalton immediately became sure of his actions. “This bitch said she was gonna call mom just ‘coz a took a hit and then she gets him in here as well so I thought I would stick her to teach her not to interfere in my life. Recognise it dad? It’s yours.” And Dalton waved the knife around making sure everyone could see it. Mr Gaines did recognise it – he went green for some reason. “Give that back to me! You do not want to wave that around. Give it to me now boy!” I knew then that the situation was worse than a kid who was high on drugs. The despairing laugh that Dalton vented, and the hate in his father’s face told me that. I only hoped now that Edward did decide to charge to the rescue, but cleverly and discretely. Dalton lunged towards me and grabbed me by the hair. He didn’t hold the knife to my face like he threatened earlier, but pointed it straight at my heart. If he did stick me, he intended that I would die and for some reason it was to punish his father not me. I thought it was a shame that he would damage one of my favourite tops for my back support. There was a crowd gathering outside the classroom, all trying to gaze in through the glass window in the door. It wouldn’t be long now before Edward knew what was going on. As I looked through the window, I saw a police officer arrive, and so did Dalton. “Oh look it’s the police. They’ll have to take this knife into evidence now, or at least they will when I’ve done this” and he pushed the knife into my chest.