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This is actually part of Despair, or Entranced. It can stand alone as a PWP, I suppose, even though that's not really what it is. Edward/Jacob. Slash. Rated M, for explicit sexual content. Summary: Edward and Jacob make love for the first time.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight. All right to Stephanie Meyer. A/N: Late, late, late, I feel like I'm failing at this:( In any case, failing or not, it's here! The 'deleted scene'. I'm not too big with experience in writing smut, so please tell me what you think, either here or on FFn:) With that said, enjoy! And, is this a PWP? 0.o It is, but it isn't... Keep in mind that this is really a longer, more detailed version of Ch 25, meaning the Ch, for all intents and purposes, will be the same. Warnings: Explicit/graphic/detailed sex. Fingering, anal penetration, mention of fellatio. Slash. If any of that squicks you, then click the 'back button'; this isn't for you-and that's okay, really.

1. Love Eternal

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Omnicient POV:

Sunlight filtered through the window, illuminating the couple lying together on the plush bed. Edward lay on top of Jacob, snug in between his parted legs, with which Jacob was caressing him with. A light sheen of sweat was visible on Jacob's forehead, highlighted by the slivers of light. Edward's pale hand was rubbing Jacob's thigh in small circles as his other hand was lightly trailing trailing up and down the length of Jacob's penis, trying to reassure him, trying to get him to relax. He placed small, open-mouthed kisses on the tan, slender waist, saliva acting as a marking, where the mouth-shaped bruises on his neck did the same.

"Relax, love," Edward whispered soothingly. He massaged Jacobs stomach, which was tight with tension.

Jacob exhaled deeply. "I know, give me a moment." Edward's hand trailed closer to Jacob's hole, then retreated slowly.

"All the time you need," Edward said immediately. Jacob smiled, muscles loosening as he felt more comfortable. Edward rubbed a lubricated finger over the rim of Jacob's pucker, then delved in, causing Jacob to gasp in surpirse and pain. Edward caught his lips as a distraction. Jacob wriggled a bit, then relaxed.

Pushing in deeper, Edward searched for the bundle of nerves that would cause Jacob to feel intense pleasure. Jacob whimpered; he found it.

Taking advantage of the moment, Edward pushed in a second finger. Despite the pain, Jacob instinctively pressed down upon Edward's finger, his walls sucking them in until the disappeared, lost in the velvet tightness. Jacob was grimacing, torn between pleasure and pain. Edward crooked his fingers to the right; Jacob whined high in his throat. "Please," he begged, rocking his hips down on the fingers for friction, "Please."

Edward gripped Jacob's erection tightly, making Jacob's eyes shut as he reveled in the sensations, and massaged the bundles of nerves. Jacob groaned deeply. Pressing the final finger inside, pleased Jacob's ass was so welcoming, Edward mouthed the base of Jacob's erection.

"Ahhh, ah," Jacob moaned. Smiling, Edward licked a stripe from his balls to his tip, sucking gently on the mushroom head. Jacob's hips shot upward, shoving his hardened penis into Edward's mouth; Edward swallowed as it ascended, making Jacob mewl. By now, Edward's fingers were pumping steadily into Jacob's hole, the lube making it slick and easy. Jacob thrust his hips up to meet Edward's fingers, and to push his erection further into his mouth.

Edward pulled away slowly, removed both mouth and fingers, causing Jacob to whine in protest. "Shhh, shhh," Edward hushed him. "Are you ready?" he whispered to Jacob, breath brushing against his lips, his ears. Jacob nodded shakily.

Preparation past, Jacob tensed again. Edward chuckled, his husky laughter seeming to wash over Jacob in soothing waves, muscles untightening slightly. "Don't throw all that beautiful and eager," Jacob blushed, "progress away," Edward murmured into Jacob's abdominal muscles. Jacob let out a breath. "We'll start again," Edward said as he pressed forward once more. Jacob relaxed.

The sharp sting of pain, followed by a most exquisite pleasure, caused them both to moan. Jacob clung to Edward, wanting to be close, needing that connection. Edward felt the same, and pulled Jacob tighter against him. Softly, lovingly, he set a pace, thrusting in and out, a squelch, the sound of skin slapping skin, and moans begans to became a kind of music; the soft, breathy moans belonging to Jacob, and the deeper, choppy groans to Edward.

"Edward!" Jacob called pleadingly. Edward, misunderstanding what he wanted, increased his pace, his thurts going deeper, harder, penetrating Jacob's very soul. Jacob mewled under the onslaught of pleasure. "Edward," he tried again. He couldn't speak anymore, though, his prostrate being battered at every downward stroke, nerve ends tingling. Edward understood Jacob's incomprehensible request, Jacob's mind practically shouting out his warning; Edward was prepared.

Palming Jacob, Edward urged Jacob to completion, rubbing, swiping the head, stroking the shaft, the vein, maybe selfishly as every sound, every cry, urged his own orgasm. Finally, that blinding white, painfully pleasureful climax hit, their yells bouncing off the walls.

Jacob felt a warm substance inside his walls as he exploded onto his and Edward's chests, the sticky cum covering them. The feeling of contentment, of drowsiness, was felt by them both; they thought of nothing else, but their love for one another and their actions to demonstrate it.

Edward stroked Jacob's hair, kissing him lazily, sloppily. Jacob smiled. This couldn't get any better, could it, with his imprint by his side, and in love with him?

"I agree," Edward mumured lowly. "This couldn't get any better."