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well bella has magic. what may be installed or the cullen family when bella messes with things like the weather in fork? SUNSHINE, LOLLIPOPS AND RAINBOWS, EVERYTHIUNG THATS WONDERFUL IS WHAT I FEEL WHEN WE'RE TOGETHER... sorry that song came to mind when i started writing this summary. the upbeat song that all i ever remember of the lyrics is sunshine, lollipops and rainbows... maybe the three could be in the story? maybe a jasperXbella one :) can ya blame me?------beth

this is just my crazy mind at work morphing stephenie meyers wonderful series into something unreconisable.... and if you don't understand some things i say or it sounds srange im australian and we do thing differently :P ... awesomely but differently ;)

1. sunshine and bubbles...

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I sit on the back porch steps gazing up at the clouds hanging overhead, just daring them to rain down on me. It was late Sunday afternoon, day before I start at forks high, day after I left the sun behind.

My mother said she just can't stand my 'magic tricks' anymore, that Phil will notice and run. But I knew that was just the excuse she's been looking or ever since it started


We were sitting in the car on the way home from pre-school. Mum was singing along to whatever childish song, while I was looking out the window. We past the park and I saw a clown blowing bubbles in the playground for all the other little kids.

"Mum, look bubbles" I said, pointing out the window.

She look back at me than followed my finger out the window to the clown." yes, the clown is blowing bubbles" she said in a cheery voice.

"I want bubbles" I say.

"sweetie, were almost home. Then you can watch some cartoons."

"No, I want bubbles" I said stubbornly.

"no, bubbles! We are going home and you can watch T.V." she said keeping her eyes on the road.

I started giggling because out of no-where bubbles appeared.

"Now that the attitude, sweetheart" she said thinking that I gave in. ha, she should have known me better then that, she was my mother for Christs sake, she should've known I was more stubborn than that, but what came next was a total surprise to Renée.

"bubbles" I said giggling popping a few.

"what" she said turning around to look at me and see dozens of bubbles of all sizes floating around the back seat.

Then we crashed in the power line pole.


That was the incident that caused the first of my many broken bones, my arm, and my mum broke her leg and fracture 3 ribs. I think this is when she started hating me, she thought it was my fault.

Ever since weird stuff keeps happening especially when I'm emotional, once this guy kept following me at school everyday and kept asking me out, one day I just snapped and his entire windshield went tumbling down onto his seats, glass went everywhere. It was after school and we were in the parking lot.

Either he somehow thought I did it or started believing what everyone at school said about me being cursed, he left me alone after that.

And when I was in forks for the annual 'let's ruin Bella's summer by sending her to the rainiest place ever' a few years back we went to the beach with the blacks (family friends Charlie always said). I was so bored, and I wanted to go swimming but it 'looked like its going to rain', so I looked to the sky and said in a childish sarcastic way "rain, rain, go away, come again another day, I want to play" and I guess mother nature got my message because the clouds started clearing away. And the sun started shining, without looking back to Charlie I ran straight to the water.

Yeah, I know I'm the bubble blowing, glass smashing, sun loving freak.

I just got to keep my head tomorrow at school and not to anything stupid.

Oh, who am I kidding? I'd probably throw the queen bee of the school across the cafeteria.


Beep! beep! beep!

I throw my pillow at the blaring sound of the alarm… and it didn’t stop. Damn. That means I have to get up to turn it off.

I quickly jump out of bed, hit the snooze button, get back in bed and snuggle my quilt, smiling that it didn't lose the warmth while I was out.

"Bella! Are you up?" Charlie calls from down stairs.

I make a tired annoyed, "yeah" keeping my eyes closed.

"I don’t believe you" he calls back half joking, half sternly. See Charlie never had to take care of me for more than a month at a time and now that I'm living here he doesn't know what to do. Be nice and give me everything I want like he's used because he knows I'm only there for so long, or become a stern dad and give orders because im his responsibility now.