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well bella has magic. what may be installed or the cullen family when bella messes with things like the weather in fork? SUNSHINE, LOLLIPOPS AND RAINBOWS, EVERYTHIUNG THATS WONDERFUL IS WHAT I FEEL WHEN WE'RE TOGETHER... sorry that song came to mind when i started writing this summary. the upbeat song that all i ever remember of the lyrics is sunshine, lollipops and rainbows... maybe the three could be in the story? maybe a jasperXbella one :) can ya blame me?------beth

this is just my crazy mind at work morphing stephenie meyers wonderful series into something unreconisable.... and if you don't understand some things i say or it sounds srange im australian and we do thing differently :P ... awesomely but differently ;)

2. introductions and awkwardness

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Within half an hour I was getting into the truck Charlie got for me, I named the truck Norman, and if Norman doesn't like it, so what I like the name and so it shall be it.

Driving to school I was especially careful because I'm not used to driving in the rain. I stopped in front of the building with the sign saying office.

I went to the Lady behind the desk, her name tag stating her to be Mrs coop .

" I'm new here, may I have my time table"