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My best friend's sister

Edward Cullen's best friend is Emmett Swan. Emmett has a twin sister that Edward never knew about. Edward spends his days sucking up to Emmett and trying to win his twin sister's heart. ( All human)

Disclaimer: I don't own twilight

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( Edward's pov)

I met Emmett Swan in college. We were roomates and we instantly became best friends. Only a little while later I found out we lived in the same town our whole lives and never once met. Emmett didn't like talking about his family alot for some reason. Especially when I asked about siblings.

It was summer break and Em and I planned to meet at the mall. He said he was bringing two people along.

I walked into the mall and saw Emmett sitting in a chair in the cafeteria.

" Yo Em! What's up?", I shook his hand.

" Hey, and nothing, I brought my girlfriend with me and another person.", He told me.

" What's her name?", I asked.

" Rosalie Lillian Hale. She's blond, tall and is a model. But she loves cars and even works on them, I mean she's my type of girl.", He sighed happily. I saw a blonde girl, and a brunette walking towards us.

" I'm gonna go hit on the brunette chick, see you in a sec.", I told Em and went over to the brunette girl.

" Hey I'm Edward Cullen, you must be the reason men fall in love.", I used a pick up line. Both girls started laughing. Emmett got up and walked over towards us.

" Hey Rosie Baby, I missed you. And Edward, the girl you are hitting on is my baby sister.", Emmett told me. My mouth dropped.

" Emmett, I am ten minutes younger than you, if I am a baby so are you.", she said. Then she looked at me and smiled, " I'm bella. You're the hottest thing since sunburns.", she smiled and winked. Emmett pretended to gag.

" So, you stock up on useless pick up lines also?", I asked.

" Only because Emmett's my brother. I lived with him for eighteen years and for the first three months I slept in the same crib, he's naturally a perv.", she told me.

" I live with him on campus, believe me I know. What school do you go to?", I asked her.

" Dartmouth, I didn't feel like Harvard was really my scene. Plus, in order for me to have fun, Emmett can't be around.", she said and shot emmett and evil glare.

" You are my sister, I was not going to let guys get up all on you.", Emmett said harshly.

" I went to harvard for a few months then transfered to Dartmouth. Emmett is sorta the reason for that.", she said. Emmett grumbled when she mentioned that. Rosalie calmed him down.

Every time Bella smiled or bit her lip, my heart would flutter. I had never felt like this before, I didn't want to leave her. I decided I would butter Emmett up then ask his sister out. She would have my heart.

" Yo, you wanna spend the night at my house Edward?", Emmett asked. I nodded, I called my parents and told them where I would be, We all headed to the cars.