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My best friend's sister

Edward Cullen's best friend is Emmett Swan. Emmett has a twin sister that Edward never knew about. Edward spends his days sucking up to Emmett and trying to win his twin sister's heart. ( All human)

Disclaimer: I don't own twilight

3. 3

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( Edward's POV)

I kept sneaking glances throught the whole movie. She looked so beautiful with the tv glowing against her skin. All I could think was about how to get her to be mine. The shrill sound of the phone broke me out of my concentration. It had to be at least midnight. Bella got up and answered it.

" Hello, oh, Hello Mrs. Hale. Is everything alright?", Bella asked nicely. Bella stood there for about two minutes until Bella shut the phone and ran inside to us.

" Emmett, go wake dad up and you guys meet me at the hospital. Alice has a fever of one oh five. I'm going and taking her to the hospital.", Bella panickly said. Emmett shot up out of his seat and ran up the stairs. I had no clue what to do. Bella grabbed her keys and ran outside.

We got to the hospital and saw Bella holding a small child in her arms. The little girl couldn't be more than five years old. Charlie ran over to them and took the little girl in his arms. Bella walked over to me, she was shaking. I put my arm around her trying to comfort her.

" He never did that with me. I mean, I love my dad, and I even still call him Daddy, but when I had to come to the hospital, he never held me in his lap.", Bella said when we took a walk outside.

" Are you sure?", I asked.

" Ya, when I broke my arm, he never held me in his lap while we waited in the ER. Or when we found out I had strep throat, he never held my hand. He barely told me everything was going to be alright. When Ali was born, my father couldn't take his eyes off her. He even forgot Em and I's birthday two years ago. I love Alice, but everything is about her.", Bella sighed sadly.

" Bella, everything will be alright. I promise.", I kissed her hand. She smiled at me than put her head on my shoulder.

" Edward, do you have any siblings?", she asked.

" No, I'm an only child.", I told her. Bella's family came out of the hospital carrying alice who was asleep in her father's arms. I felt bad for Bella, she had to watch her father fawn all over her sister.We stood up and walked to her car.

" You want to do something really stupid?", she asked with a silly grin.

" It depends, what is it?", I asked.

" Let's get tattoos. I want to get my belly button peirced too.", she laughed.

" Ok, you suggested it so let's go. But you are taking the blame on this one.", I told her. She laughed than nodded. We drove to a tattoo and peircing parlor that looked fairly clean.

" Don't worry, I know the people here.", she told me. We walked inside and she hugged two of the people.

" Leah, Sam, Emily, this is Edward Cullen. Edward this is Leah clearwater, Sam Uley and Emily Uley.", she pointed to each person.

" So, what are you two here for Bells?", Sam asked.

" Well, I want a tattoo and my belly button peirced and Edward here wants a tattoo.", she said. They nodded.

" It's all on the house tonight. Let's go get that belly button done first.", they had Bella lay down on a table, then they used Ice to numb her up, then they took a long needle with the Belly ring on it and pushed it through. It looked painfull. The belly ring had a light blue stone in it.

" So Edward, do you know what tattoo you want?", Sam asked.

" Yeah, Can I get it on my right bicept, I want it to say ' Family is Forever ',", I said, he nodded and then got to work. Emily brought Bella next to me.

" So Bell what's it gonna be?", Emily asked.

" I want a star on my hip that has a ribbon that says ' To die would be and awfully big adventure '", she said. Emily printed it onto her skin with pen, then after Bella's approval she started to tattoo.

" So you are quoting peter pan?", I laughed. I just got my tattoo finished.

" It was my favorite movie, my dad used to watch it with me.", she winced from the pain. After her tattoo was done, we thanked them and left. We also prepaired for the wrath which was our families. We walked inside her house and were immidiately bombarded.

" Isabella Swan where the hell- is that a god damn tatto and Belly ring?", Her mother yelled.

" Yep, I wanted them so I went and got them. Edward got one that says 'Family is forever'", she pointed to mine.

" What does your's say?", her father asked looking disappointed.

" It's a star as you can see that says 'To die would be an awfully big adventure'", she said. Emmett walked in the room and saw us.

" Edward, did you convince her to do this?", he asked seriously.

" Nope, she convinced me. Honestly, we had fun. I'm glad I got the tattoo.", I shrugged my shoulders.

" Bella, you are grounded. Go to your room.", her father growled.

" No, I'm not a stupid kid anymore.", she said.

" Yes you are Bella. You are to young to make decisions for yourself.", he said.

" Dad, why don't you go hang out with Alice like you've been doing since she was born and forget about me again. I'm not a child and I don't need to be treated like one.", she said.

" Bella, I don't always spend time with Alice.", he stated.

" No that's right, you go to work and then come home and spend the rest of your day with Alice.", she said sarcastically. Charlie grumbled then walked up the stairs Renee on his heels and Emmett snoring from the couch.