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My best friend's sister

Edward Cullen's best friend is Emmett Swan. Emmett has a twin sister that Edward never knew about. Edward spends his days sucking up to Emmett and trying to win his twin sister's heart. ( All human)

Disclaimer: I don't own twilight

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( Edward's POV)

We were all in the Swan's kitchen eating breakfast when Alice bounded down the stairs into her father's arms. She then wrapped her arms around Bella's waist and Bella hissed immidiately.

" Ow, carefull pixie. I just got a tattoo and belly ring, it's sore.", She ruffled her kid sister's hair.

" Can I see?", she bounced up and down. Bella showed her and Alice quietly looked. " What does it say?", she asked.

" To die would be and awfully big adventure.", She told her.

" Why?", Alice asked sincerely.

" Well Pixie, when I was your age and until I left for college, I loved peter pan movies. And this is a quote from the movie. Dying is a big adventure though. It just means, it's time for your life to restart.", Bella said, Alice watched her big sister with admiration.

" Daddy says life is short, so you have to live it like it's your last day.", Alice stated.

" Well, yeah. He used to tell me that too.", Bella nodded.

" Can you tell me stories about when you and Emmett were little like me?", Alice Begged.

" Alright. When Em and I were five, mom and dad took us to Sea World. Emmett loved seals. He got picked to play with a seal. The seal ended up kissing him and Emmett thought it was gross, so he stormed off to mom and cried until we got back home. Then he claimed his favorite animal was a shark because they were big and strong like him.", Bella laughed.

" Emmett is big and strong. Monday he picked you up and threw you in the pool.", Alice smiled.

" Ya he did kiddo.", She said.

" Why do you and mommy and daddy fight alot?", she asked. Bella hesitated.

" Ali, sometimes grown ups don't get along all the time. We aren't perfect. Sometimes, things come up, and other people are pushed away.", Bella sighed.

" But you aren't a growed up.", she countered.

" Once you go to college, have a baby, or when you turn eighteen, you are a grown up. I live with a friend at college. Emmett lives with Edward. I'm twenty years old, I'm not a little girl anymore. I haven't been a little girl since I was fifteen. So I am a grown up.", she touched Alice's cheek.

" Did you growed up at fifteen cause you hads a baby?", Alice asked.

" No, I didn't have a baby. But there was a baby around and I was sorta, pushed to the side. But I never told anyone that's how I felt because I was scared they wouldn't like me for it.", She told alice.

" What are you guys doing?", Charlie mumbled from the stairs.

" Bella is tellings me why you and mommy fight with her and why she's a growed up. She says it's 'cause she's in college school and lives with her friend, and that she had to grows up when she was fifteen years old.", Alice stated.

" Bella, don't fill my daughter's head with nonsense. Please, just don't.", Charlie angrily sighed.

" I wasn't filling it with nonsense. I was filling it with the truth. You wanna go to the pool Edward?", She turned to me. I nodded and went to get a bathing suit.

" Bella can I come too?", Alice Begged.

" I don't know Ali. You don't know how to swim.", she said.

" But- but. Why? I wanna go, Jasper might be there, cause Rose said she was gonna take him.", Alice had tears forming in her eyes.

" Fine, let's go get our suits on, Edward, you get your's on and I'll meet you in the car.", She told me. We all got to the pool and had a blast. But around three Alice fell asleep in a chair and Bella and I just talked.

" I actually never knew Emmett had any siblings, let alone a twin.", I told her with a laugh.

" Emmett doesn't like talking about family because I fight with my parents alot.", she admitted.

" Oh, Bella why did you let me hit on you last night and make moves by playing pool?", I asked.

" I don't know, something about you is different. And for some reason, it felt right. But when Emmett interupted, I missed it when you had been touching me.", she admitted. I decided to hedge all my bets and I leaned in and kissed her. From the moment our lips touched there was that spark I had been feeling the previous night. Right as we deepened the kiss alice thought she would make it wake up time and she squeeled in disgust.

" Bella! Boys have cooties. If you kiss them, mommy says you will have a baby, and only mommies and daddies can kiss. or if they are married. Bella, mommmy and daddy said you like to kiss a lot of boys, and then you break their hearts. Why are you kissing Edward if you are going to break his heart?", Alice asked. I looked at Bella who had a smile on her face.

" Ali, I'm not going to break Edward's heart. Mom and Dad, lied. I haven't kissed anyone since highschool.", she said to her litle sister. I leaned in and kissed her agian, earning a gag from Alice.

We got back to bella's and Alice ran to her parents.

" Mommy, daddy, Bella and Edward kissed! Bella said she isn't going to break Edward's heart though.", Alice told them. We both braced ourselves for the wrath.

" What! Bella, can't you just not be a slut for five minutes?", Her father shouted. Bella instantly had tears in her eyes.

" Isabella, why do you insist on making this hard for yourself. You know you don't love Edward.", Her mother said.

" How do you know? I've never felt like this before. Why do you even care, shouldn't you be entertaining your baby girl or princess or whatever you want to call her that used to be my nicknames?", Bella growled.

" Look, I promise, I'll take care of Bella. I really like her. Before I even knew she was your daughter I hit on her at the mall and she intrigued me. If I spend just a little more time with her, I think I'll fall in love with her.", I spoke up. Charlie glared, Renee cried, Emmett smiled proudly and Alice stood there confused.

" Hey mom me and Rose got tattoos. Her's is a heart with the letter E and mine is a key with the letter R.", Emmett broke the silence.

" Why are all my children rebeling? I liked it better when you two still took naps and watched barney.", Renee huffed.

" I still take naps and watch Barney..", Emmett said quietly.

" I'm not four anymore mom.", Bella growled.

" Well, your still a virgin and while you are that makes you a child.", her mother stated. Bella snorted.

" I am definetly not a virgin. I lost that title when I was fifteen.", Bella went and sat on the couch. I followed her. Her parents mouths were haning open.

" W-what? N-no.", Her dad growled.

" Yep, I lost it the night ali was born. That's why I was at the hospital later than everyone else.", She said. Her parents looked very angry.

" Why did you pick that night?", her father quietly asked.

" Cause you guys were all, ' oh the baby this!; and ' Oh the baby that'. I was sick of it. I needed to blow off steam and from what my friends said, that's how you do it. I was also smoking pot at age seventeen oh and that night I told you I was going to the lake house with Rose, I was actually with James all night. Smokin it up and we slept together like six times. Now, I think that means I'm not a child. And mom, I haven't even kissed anyone other than Edward since high school graduation where I slept with James after the cerimony.", She got up and walked to her room. I was stunned in to silence.