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The past coming together

Bella Swan and Edward Cullen were in love. Right befor graduation, Bella tells Edward she's pregnant. Edward doesn't want that responability yet. He leaves and she starts her life with her and her baby. Two years later, Bella and Edward end up working together. Will the past come back and bring good or bad news.

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2. 2

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( Bella's POV)

Mondays. I hated them for two reasons. First, it's the first day of the week. Second, Starting from monday until friday I get to deal with rude teenagers. What makes today even worse is the fact I have to get up early to meet the new teacher at Forks high that I'll be working with and it's the first day back from summer break. The good parts, my big brother Emmett is the gym teacher so I always get to see him and I get to see my perfect baby after school.

After showering, getting dressed, dropping my baby off at Jacob Black's house and grabbing some coffee, I headed to the teacher meeting.

" Hello teachers! I'd like to introduce our new music, band and choir teacher, Mr. Edward Cullen.", the school principle, Aro Volturi, announced. Wait! Did they say Edward Cullen? Please don't let him have sexy bronze hair and peircing green eyes. But luck wasn't with me today I guess.

The day passed slow and I found it fifth period.

" Ok class, I like my students to know me and I know my students. So let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Isabella Marie Swan. I went to Dartmouth University, I was born in Forks. I also have a one and a half year old son, his name is Mason Emmett Swan. My twin brother who is three minutes older than me is your gym teacher and football coach. ", I told them." Any questions, feel free to ask as long as it's appropriate." A red headed girl raised her hand and I pointed to her.

" You said you have a son, but your name is Miss Swan and his last name is Swan. Who's his father?", She asked.

" I found out I was pregnant two days before I graduated college. He told me he wasn't ready for a baby yet and that he couldn't throw away his career. I haven't seen him since. But, my son looks almost exactly like him.", I smiled at the girl. Another hand shot up.

" Will we get to meet your son, ever?", Before I could answer the question there was a knock on the door. The person walked in and I heard little footsteps.

" Mama!", Mason ran over to me.

" Mace, did uncle Jake bring you here?", I asked with a smile and I kissed his cheek.

" It supise! We take mamma to wunch!", my adorable little one year old laughed.

" Jacob, take him walk him around a couple times. Let me finish up this class.", I told Jake.

" Yes Ma'am! Come on Mason, let's race, I bet I can beat you.", Jake said.

" No, unka Jay! I fastest. Wight mamma?", Mason looked at me.

" Right Baby, now go with Uncle Jay and I'll be there in a little bit.", I promised. He and Jake ran into the hallway and started racing.

" Well, I guess that answers you question. Alright the bell just rang so class dismissed goodbye see you tomorrow.", I dismissed them.

The next day went better, until sixth period. Aro Volturi came into my classroom.

" Isabella, I need you to show Edward around for me. I'll cover your class.", Aro said. I nodded silently cursing him. I walked face to face with the person I hated the most.

" Isabella? Last time I saw you, you prefered Bella.", Edward stated.

" I still do. Aro likes Isabella better. So, what do you need help with?", I asked not so nicely.

" Did you give the kid up? You don't look like you were ever pregnant. Oh, and I need help finding the room with the pianos and other instruments.", he gave me the cockey smile.

" No, I didn't give my son up. He's with my best friend right now. And really? You need help finding the band room? It's right down the hall from your classroom.", I said as my phone started ringing. I noticed it was the hospital.

" Um, Isabella Swan speaking.", I said, I had it on speaker.

" Miss Swan, your friend Jacob and son were in a car accident. Jacob has minimal cuts and bruises while your son has a broken arm. We need you to come over to the hospital.", the lady said.

" How, what, what happened?", I growled.

" Jacob was found with high, drug and alchohol levels in his system. He had a friend in the car, Embry Call. We assume he brought the liqor and booze.", she said. I thanked her and Ran to my car telling Edward to tell Aro where I was going. Jacob was going to be dead when I was through with him.