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The past coming together

Bella Swan and Edward Cullen were in love. Right befor graduation, Bella tells Edward she's pregnant. Edward doesn't want that responability yet. He leaves and she starts her life with her and her baby. Two years later, Bella and Edward end up working together. Will the past come back and bring good or bad news.

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3. 3

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( Bella's POV)

I got to the hospital and got my baby's room number. He looked so helpless in the middle of the big bed.

" Mamma, I got hurteded. I has to get wrapped up.", Mason cried. I held his hand while he got his blue cast put on his tiny left arm. After he was done I went to find Jacob and Embry. I found them in the same hospital room.

" What the hell is wrong with you! He is a baby, why were you driving with him if you were drunk and high? I trusted you Jacob, you just crashed and burned, you will never babysit my son again. You will never see him again.", I growled and curled my hands into fists to keep from slapping him.

" Bella, I'm sorry, It was an accident. I never really meant to get drunk or high. I just, I wanted to do something fun, and Embry told me he had some booze and weed so I did it. But Mace wasn't in the room, he was sleeping in my bedroom.", Jacob said. I shook my head and left with my baby boy.

The next day Aro let me bring him to work with me.

" Alright, so this semester, we will be studying Romeo and Juliet. Does anyone know anything about the story yet?", I asked. I saw a girl, Heidi, raise her hand. I called on her.

" Well, R and J come from two families who can't control their hatred for eachother. Romeo thinks he's in love with Rosaline, but at a Capulet Ball that he snuck into he sees Juliet. He falls in love, like love at first sight. Then come's the famous balcony scene. After that I really don't remember.", She smiled in triumph.

" Very good. Does anyone know what shakespere wrote in? No, well he wrote in Iambic Pentameter. Back when shakespere wrote the play, all the smaller character spoke like average everyday people, the more important ones, spoke in rhythm. The first time you hear about Romeo, the whole sentance rhymes, same goes for Juliet. Now, tell me, If your enemy, was the person you couldn't help but love how would you react?", I asked and picked a random kid, Mike newton.

" I uh, well, I'd say screw it why love someone if you know it isn't going to work out? Unless he's getting laid, then I'd probably stick around a little bit longer.", Mike laughed.

" Mr. Newton, this is a school, I expect your answers to be school appropriate.", I scolded.

" Mommy, I drew you dis picta.", Mason handed me the colored dinosaur from his coloring book. I smiled at it and put it on my desk.

" Thank you baby boy, now go play over there for awhile. Alright class, homework tonight is to write a paragraph, Boys you will write what you would do if you were Romeo, girls do the same as though you're Juliet. I expect this on my desk first thing tomorrow. Class dismissed.", I stood up and my desk chair.

" Mommy, my arm hurts.", Mason cried. There was throat clearing and Edward walked into the room.

" Isabella, are children really supposed to be in the workplace?", he asked cockily.

" What do you want Mr. Cullen? I have lessons to plan and a child to watch.", I growled. Mason picked up a silver sharpie.

" Want to write on my cast? Momma did, see?", Mason pointed to my name. Edward smiled and nodded, he wrote, Mr. Cullen on it.

" Mace why don't you go play with the legos you brought alright buddy?", Mason nodded and hopped off my lap.

" I'm sorry bella, I'm sorry for bailing on you, I'm sorry for being an ass all the time. I want to get to know Mason. If you'd let me."