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Moving Back

Isabella Cullen and her family moved away when she was eight and promised to keep in touch with her best friend Edward. He stops contacting her and she fianally moves back. What will be waiting for her back at home?

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight!

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( Bella's POV)

Hi, I'm Isabella Marie Cullen! My mommy is Esme Cullen and my Daddy is Carlisle Cullen! I'm eight years old, and I have a big brother who is ten, his name is Emmett Mcarthey Cullen. Edward Anthony Masen is my bestest friend. He has a big sister who is also ten, her name is Rosalie Lillian Masen. Mommy and daddy say we are moving to Arizona. We live in Forks, Washington. It's really rainy.

Edward cried when I told him I was moving. I wish I could stay here, but mommy and daddy said no. But they promised we would move back when the time was right. So, I guess that's better than nothing. Also, they said I could talk and email Edward! So we could still be bestest friends.


" Emmett, Bella, Alice, please come here!", Mom yelled up the stairs. I picked Alice up and walked down the stairs with her. Alice is my little sister. She's only five. Her name is really Mary Alice Cullen. She hates her first name though, so we call her alice. We all sat on the couch. I had just turned eighteen, Emmett had yet to go to college and he was nineteen.

" Kids, we're moving to Forks. Alice, Forks is where we lived before you were born.", Dad said. A grin lit up my face. I would see Edward again!

" Really? Like, forever, or well until college?", I asked.

" Yes Bella. Forever.Carlisle was offered the top position in the hospital.", Mom said. I smiled and hugged her. My parents were the best. For my sixteenth birthday, they got me a car and a tattoo. My tattoo said ' I may meet new friends, but I surley treasure the old ' with a butterfly on my lower back. I got that tattoo in honor of Edward, I never forgot him, but he forgot me. After we turned twelve, he stopped calling and emailing.

In two weeks were were packed and ready to go. We still owned the house in forks. So, that was good. Our cars were shipped there so we took a rental to the airport. We arrived in Forks at two pm. I was so excited. I spent our first day unpacking and getting our rooms ready. I decided to go for a drive on our second day. Forks hadn't changed much. It was still covered in green moss, and there were still trees everywhere. But it's what I called home.

The third day, I took Alice to the store with me.

" Sissy, did you live here when you were little?", She asked.

" Ya, I had a best friend here. His name was Edward. I lived here a long time ago. I was eight years old when I moved to pheonix.", I took her hand and led her into the store. We got everything on my mom's grocery list. I led Alice into the cookie aisle and I heard people on the other side talk.

" No, they are the Cullens. I'm pretty sure they are moving here, not just visiting.", the female voice said.

" I'm just saying. Maybe you got the name wrong. Why would they move back after all this time away.", A velvety male voice questioned.

" Well, I heard they have a nineteen year old son, Emmett. They also have a eighteen year old daughter Isabella and a five year old daughter Mary.", Alice heard that and marched over there before I could stop her.

" My name is not Mary! It's Alice! Mommy named me Mary, but I like being called Alice!", She yelled. There were two people in the aisle. The first was a blonde haired girl, the second was a bronze haired boy.

" Mary Alice Cullen! Get over here now. It's not nice to yell at people.", I said and scowled.

" But Bella! Mommy always says stand up for yourself. You always tell me not to yell and you just yelled at me. That's not fair! Just like it's not fair you has a tattoo and mommy and daddy won't Emmy have one.", she smiled at me.

" Ali, mommy and daddy got me my tattoo for my sixteenth birthday. And I'm aloud to yell at you, I am thirteen years older than you and right now I'm the boss of you. Even mom told you that. Now say your sorry.", I told her.

" I'm sorry for yelling at you. Bella, can we get my cookies now?", she asked completely sidetracked.

" I'm sorry, she's a little firecracker. I'm Bella Cullen.", I held out my hand.

" I'm Tanya Denali, this is my boyfriend Edward Cullen.", She said. I shook her hand.

" Hey Edward, it's good to see you again. How's Rose?", I asked with a smile.

" She's good, we have a five year old brother now too. His name's Jasper Dallas Masen.", He smiled at me.

" Isabella Marie Cullen! I want my cookies, and mommy wants her grocerys. Plus Emmie Bear says that he' s gonna take me to the park. And he say's your boooyfriend is here!", I noticed alice had my cellphone.

" Jake's here!", My face lit up.

" Yep, and Emmie told me that he said to tell you ' I love you and I'll see you soon Baby.'", Alice said.

" Um, bye, good to see you Edward. Let's go get your cookies. I got to see my muscle man.", I laughed. We got her cookies and we went to the car.

" Bye the way sissy, I lied. Jake never called", she smiled proudy.

" I know, I don't have a boyfriend. Did I mention I love you and your my favorite sister?", I told her and kissed her cheek.