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Moving Back

Isabella Cullen and her family moved away when she was eight and promised to keep in touch with her best friend Edward. He stops contacting her and she fianally moves back. What will be waiting for her back at home?

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight!

2. 2

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( Bella's POV)

" Bella, please take Ali to the pool. Your father and I have to unpack the boxes in the dining room.", my mom begged. I nodded and helped Ali into her swimsuit before putting my bikini on.

We got to the pool and Ali jumped into the shallow end. I put her life vest on her and put a towel on the ground and layed on my stomach.

" I may meet new friends, but I will surley treasure the old?", a velvety voice asked.

" Are you staring at my ass?", I asked seeing as the tat is on my lower back.

" maybe I am. Is that a bad thing?", he asked cockily

" Seeing as Tanya is your girlfriend, yes it is bad.", I growled.

" I don't think it is. I'm just admiring a tattoo. Now, why did you get that tattoo? What's the story behind it?", Edward sat down next to me.

" I wasn't going to forget my old childhood friends, so I got this tattoo. I got it on my sixteenth birthday, along with my ferrari.", I told him but kept my eyes trained on Alice.

" Who specifically, did you get the tattoo for?", he had a faint smile playing on his lips.

" Rosalie..... and you.", I added the last part very quietly, but he still heard.

Over the next few months Edward and I became best friends again. We spent a whole bunch of time together, well unless he was with Tanya. Tanya hated me, she always made out with Edward when I was around. She even made sure to stand in between us.

" So, Bells, what's up with this Jake kid? A few months ago Alice said he was your boyfriend.", Edward brought up.

" He's not my BF, he's my best guy friend from Pheonix. And if he was my Bf, it would be very very awkward.", I laughed.

" Why?", he raised a brow.

" Jake is.... he's.... how can I put this without you freaking out? Jacob is about as straight as a curly fry. He has a boyfriend, Quil. Plus, Jake is twenty four years old and him and quil just adopted a baby girl, Claire.", I told him.

" Eddie! Oh, I missed you Eddie.", Tanya slyly pushed me to the side. I stood up and pulled out my keys.

" See ya Edward. I've got to get home to babysit Ali. Mom and dad are having date night, so are your sister and Em.", I smiled and waved. His expression looked pained right before Tanya pressed her lips to his. I turned and got into my ferrari. I got home earlier than I would've thought due to my speeding. I ran inside and my parents left twenty minutes later.

" Bella, can I tell you a secret and promise not to tell?", Alice whispered.

" Yeah, that's what big sister's are for.", I smiled and leaned down.

" I have a crush on Jasper Masen.", She squeeled in delight. My sister's first crush, wow.

" That's awesome.", I smiled and hugged her.

" Do you have a crush Bellsy?", She looked up at me with puppy eyes.

" Nope, plus, nobody wants to go out with me.", I told her and smiled a little.

" Bella, daddy says, he can't wait until you get married. He says he can't wait to walk you down the aisle. You have to get married, promise?", Alice asked. I nodded my head.

I put Alice in bed and went to the living room. I had fallen asleep and all I could remember was that Emmett carried me to my room.