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Moving Back

Isabella Cullen and her family moved away when she was eight and promised to keep in touch with her best friend Edward. He stops contacting her and she fianally moves back. What will be waiting for her back at home?

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight!

3. 3

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( Bella's POV)

The school year passed by quickly. I had promised Edward we would both go to the same college. But, I couldn't go to college with the guy I loved and his girlfriend. We were supposed to go to seattle for college, but I changed my mind. I couldnt go to college with him. I was at my house filling out the college application for Harvard. What I didn't expect was Edward walking through the door.

" Ok, Bell, I have to tell you something.", He smiled. Obviously he didn't notice the application yet.

" Well, what is it?", I put on a fake smile.

" I'm proposing to Tanya at graduation! Her father just gave me his blessing! Can you believe it?", He asked excitedly. At that moment my heart died.

" Wow, that- that's great E-edward.", I lied and put on a fake smile.

" Bella what's that?", he asked pointing to the application.

" N- nothing.", but he didn't believe me, so he grabbed it.

" Harvard? I- I thought we were going to college together. We were all supposed to be ' The Gang '", he had tears in his eyes.

" Edward, you, Em, Rose, and Tanya can be ' the gang '. I'll be a fifth wheel. Em's got Rose, you've got Tanya. I've got no one.", I said, my voice was craking.

" That doesn't matter Bella. We won't treat you like a fifth wheel. You know that. Plus, you can always try and fall in love.", he told me.

" Bella! Daddy says you have a friend here to see you! He says his name is Quil.", Alice ran into the room. I was shocked, why is quil here? Where was Jacob and Claire? I walked into the room and saw quil clair and Jake smiling happily.

" Oh Bella! Guess what! Jakey, Claire and I have amazing news!", Quil squealed.

" Well, hello guys, what's going on?", I smiled.

" Jake and I are going to vegas and getting married, and we've just been approved to adopt a baby boy!", Quil hugged me tightly. I hugged him back.

" That's great! Congrats.", I smiled. My mom ran into the house with three big envelopes!

" Bella! You got these.", She handed them to me. Edward was watching with a sad look on his face. I opened all the envelopes.

" Mom! Dad! I got accepted to Dartmouth, Princeton and Yale!", I smiled happily. I saw Edwards face drop all the way," But, I've decided, I want to got to seattle.", I said. Edward's face looked so much happier.

" Bella, are you sure? You can go anywhere you want.", my dad said.

" Ya, I'm sure. And I want to study English and education. I want to be a first grade teacher.", I told them. My mom's face lit up, as did dad's. Edward's was lit up even more.

Summer passed quickly. I found myself holding a crying Alice, and loading my last box into the car.

" Ali, I promise, I'll come back every weekend. I love you too much to stay away.", I smiled and wiped away her tears. I gave my parents one last hug and waved goodbye. It was time to start my life on my own. I drove slow until my home was out of sight. Then reality sank in, and I realized I'm all grown up now.