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Moving Back

Isabella Cullen and her family moved away when she was eight and promised to keep in touch with her best friend Edward. He stops contacting her and she fianally moves back. What will be waiting for her back at home?

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight!

4. 4

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( Bella's POV)

I made good on my promise to visit every weekend. Things were okay, I guess. I was still the fifth wheel. Oh, and Emmett got Rose pregnant, they were expecting a little boy any day. Mom and dad were excited. So was Alice, she couldn't wait to meet her nephew.

" So, Bella, hows the love life?", Edward snorted.

" Why do you care?", I snapped.

" Well, who's PMSing today? Why are you so cranky?", he laughed.

" Let's think, I'm the damn fifth wheel just like I said I would be.", I growled.

" Tanya's moving in with Em, Rose, you and I next week.", Edward stated, changing the subject.

" Yay!", I said sarcastically.

" Look, we made a mistake! Alright, it was two months ago. Leave it alone. I know you don't like Tanya, but you don't have to be a bitch.", He yelled.

" We slept together Edward! We weren't drunk! Jeez, I can't just forget about that.", I growled. Yep, Edward and I slept together. Great right? Yeah, I wish, I felt horrible afterwards. I made Edward cheat on his fiance.

" Look Bell, just forget about it! Jeez, sometimes I wish we never slept together.", Edward sighed.

We went home the next weekend for spring break. I decided I couldn't take it anymore.

" Mom, I want to transfer schools.", The masen's were over here as well as the cullen's and I just said that at the dinner table.

" Why Bella? Is everything okay?", she asked concerned.

" I just think, Dartmouth or Yale would give me better learning experiences. Or maybe even NYU. It's a good school.", I said.

" Yeah right Bella! NYU is known for it's damn amazing parties!", Edward yelled.

" Do you really want to switch schools Bell? Tell us the real reason.", Dad and Emmett insisted.

" Look, I want to experience life on my own! I hate being in seattle and being the fifth wheel! I've tried sticking it out for my friends, but I can't take it anymore!", I said.

" Bella, maybe we could, I don't know, get you a boyfriend. Then you wouldn't be the fifth wheel.", Emmett suggested.

" No Em, I don't want to just get a boyfriend for the sake of not having to be an extra in your lives.", I said.

My parents agreed and I was transfering to Dartmouth. I'd been there a month when I called my mom in tears.

" Mommy!", I sobbed into the phone.

" Bella? What's wrong? Are you crying?", She asked panicked.

" I- I'm so sorry mommy! I didn't mean for it to happen!", I cried.

" What happened, what's wrong Bell?", She asked.

" I-I'm pregnant, and it's Edward's baby!", I cried. I honestly hadn't planned this. I was so scared. I didn't even think it was possible until those little positive signs showed up on four tests.

" Oh, baby. I want you to get on a plane and come home, right now sweety alright?", She said soothingly. I said okay and started packing some clothes and toiletries.