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Aro's Daughter

Isabella Marie Volturi. She was abandoned as a baby and taken in by Aro himself. She grew in the castle, protected from anything and anyone that could possibly harm her. She was changed at the age of 17. Hundreds of years later, she is told to make a life for herself. That she was to guarded. She goes off and meets the Denalis. She joins their coven, and years later, she meets the Cullens. ( I suck at summaries, sorry)

Disclaimer: I don't own the twilight saga

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( Bella's POV)

" Father! You can't do this to me! Why must I leave?", I shouted at the leader of the volturi, who luckily for me happens to be my father.

" Isabella, you do not deserve this life. You are too good. You should build a life of your own. We've put a credit card in your name into your wallet. Use it whenever you'd like. And isabella, right now is a meeting of the guards, you must either call me Aro or Master.", He held his head high.

" You are my father! You are sending me away!", I yelled.

" Isabella, calm down. I know who and what I am doing. I am not a little seventeen year old girl. ", He scolded.

" I'm eight hundred years old, not seventeen! Well, physically I am.", I growled.

" Please, daughter, go live the life you were supposed to. What if you have a mate out there? What if he's waiting for you? Please, do this for your own good.", father begged.