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Best friends drift apart

Bella and Edward have been friends since they were six. As they grow up, they start experiencing new things. In highschool, Bella falls in love with her best friend, but Edward, starts dating the new girl, Tanya. The two best friends drift apart and things may never be the same again.

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Bella- 6

Edward- 6

Emmett - 17

Rosalie -17

Jasper - 6

( Bella's POV)

" Edward, mommy says that I have to wear a dress to the party!", I whined. Edward Masen is my bestest friend. I didn't like dresses. Oh, my name is Isabella Marie Cullen, but you can call me Bella. I have a twin brother! His name is Jasper Dallas Cullen. I also have a big brother, his name is Emmett Mccarthy Cullen. His girlfriend is My bestest friend, Edward Anthony Masen's sister, Rosalie Lillian Masen. Edward's mommy is going to have a baby, it's a girl, her name is going to be Alice Mary Masen.

" But Esme never makes you wear dresses, why do you have to now?", he asked confusidly.

" Mommy says it's 'cause, we are meeting important people there. ", I shrugged. Mommy said they were the Denali's and that they were daddy's long lost cousins. My daddy is a doctor, my big brother Emmie says it's a good thing cause I always get hurteded.

" Oh, I wish I could come to the party but mommy said no.", He frowned.

" I thinks its cause its a famiry reunionon. All da cullens are going to be dere.", I said.

" Oh, I have family reunionons! All the Masen's get together and have a picnic and play games!", Eddie boy got exciteded.



Bella: 13

Edward: 13

Emmett- 24

Jasper- 13

rosalie: 24

Alice- 7

( Bella's POV)

I was super nervous. It was the first ever dance and Edward and I decided to go together. Of course only as friends, we were like brother and sister.

" Bella would you hurry up! It's just a stupid dance!", Edward laughed.

" Edward! Mommy says stupid is a bad word! If you say it again I'm gonna tell on you!", Alice huffed with her hands on her hips. I laughed.

" Bella! Mom and dad say to hurry up or we're walking to the dance!", Jasper called through the door. I opened the door and Edward and Jasper's mouths fell open. I was wearing a midnight blue blue dress that went down to my knees. Emmett came upstairs with dad and their mouths dropped.

" Absolutely not! Go change, I don't need any boys going after my baby girl!", Dad said.

" Dad! I'm not a baby, now lets go.", I growled and walked down the stairs.

Edward came up to me near the end of the dance and held out his hand.

" Isabella, will you please give me one dance?", I smiled and took his hand as he led me onto the dance floor. I put my arms around his neck and his were on my waist. Before I new it he had leaned down and kissed me.

" I wanted our first kisses to be with eachother. We're best friends and I don't want to go through the awkword kissing thing with a girl who I date.", He said, I smiled and nodded.



Bella: 17

Edward: 17

Emmett: 28

Jasper: 17

Rosalie: 28

Alice: 12

( Bella's POV)

Alot of things had changed since middle school. For one, Emmett and Rose got married and now have a daughter, Bree Megan Cullen, she's two. Then, Jasper started dating his school crush, Maria Gomez. And, my feelings for Edward had changed. Ever since that night of our first dance and first kiss. I was in love with my best friend. Edward got a new neighbor, Tanya Denali, she's seventeen.

" Bella, I need to ask you something.", Edward said nervously.

" You can ask me anything Edward, I've already told you this.", I sighed.

" If you were going to be asked out, how would you want him to do it?", he looked over at me. I loved his emerald green eyes. Was he going to aske me out?

" Um, I guess I'd want to maybe go on a date and when he'd take me home he'd ask me to be his girlfriend and when I agreed, he's kiss me goodnight.", I had always loved cute little romantic things.

" Well, do you think, Tanya would like that? I've been crushing on her since I've seen her. Bella, I think she may be the one.", Edward had dated girls, but most of them wanted him for his popularity or money.

" Oh, um, that's g-great Edward. Look, I've got to go, Emmett's going out with Rose tonight and I'm Bree's babysitter.", I gave him a small smile before walking into my house. How could this get any worse? The man I loved, thought that stupid slut of a bitch was ' The one '! I mean come on!