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Best friends drift apart

Bella and Edward have been friends since they were six. As they grow up, they start experiencing new things. In highschool, Bella falls in love with her best friend, but Edward, starts dating the new girl, Tanya. The two best friends drift apart and things may never be the same again.

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3. 3

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( Bella's POV)

So, today was the court date. The day we found out the verdict, I couldn't wait, yet I was so scared because I would have to testify.

" Today we have the case of Isabella Marie Cullen and Tanya Paris Denali. Miss Denali was accused of assult to minor Isabella Cullen. Now, before we start does anyone have anything to say?", the judge asked. We shook our hands.

" Miss Cullen, are you testifying?", the judge asked. I nodded and they brought me to the stand were I swore to be truthful.

" Bella, what was the date of the assult?", my lawyer asked.

" November third.", I said.

" How did Tanya Denali assult you and where?", she asked.

" I was at the highschool, going to fourth period when Tanya came up from behind me and pushed me against a wall. I tried to push her away but she punched me in the stomach. She then contunually punch me and told me to leave her boyfriend alone, and I was a slut. My brother took pictures of my bruises on his cell phone about ten minutes after he found me and then my father who is a doctor took photos.", I said, my mother handed the police officer the photos.

" Miss Denali, you may be in highschool, but legally, you are eighteen. You assulted a minor, a seventeen year old girl. I see your birthday was eight days ago? That was before the assult. Miss Cullen, where you assosiating with miss Denali's boyfriend? and what is his name?", The judge asked.

" Yes I was, but only because he's been my best friend since we were six. His name is Edward Masen sir.", I replied.

" Is Edward Masen here today miss Denali?", The judge asked.

" Yes, he's sitting over there.", Tanya pointed to Edward.

" Mr. Masen, could you please answer a couple questions?", the judged asked again.

" Yes sir, what is it you need to know?", Edward asked sweetly.

" Is it true Isabella has been your best friend since you were six?", He questioned.

" Yes sir.",

" How long have you and miss Denali been together?"

" Well, she's my neighbor, as is Bella, but we've been dating about two weeks now."

" Do you believe miss denali would do a thing like this?"

" No sir, Tanya is sweet and caring."

" When this ends, how will you and miss Cullen's relationship be affected?",

" Sir, with all due respect, I don't want to answer that."

" It's fine, one more question. Have you and miss Cullen ever been a couple?"

" No sir, we did however kiss when we were thirteen. That was only because I didn't want to go through the awcword first kiss though.", Edward finished and sat back down.

" Miss Denali, Miss Cullen, I hope to never see you here again. As for my verdict, Miss Cullen, you are free to go. Miss Denali, you will be serving two hundred hours community service and a fine of three hundred dollars. That is all, good day.", the judge banged his hammer thing.

" Bella, could we talk?", Edward growled. I followed him out to the parking lot.

" Yeah?", I asked with a raised eyebrow and a friendly smile.

" Really Bella? You had to go do this? You probably lied. you lied didn't you?God, bella, we aren't friends anymore. Just, stay away, don't talk to me, don't look at me, don't even think about me. Just don't. Goodbye Isabella.", He turned and walked away. My parents found me in the car crying. I told them what happened. They weren't happy to say the least.

Months passed, Edward didn't talk to me. I couldn't get my mind off him, I was still in love with him.

" Hey Bells, I'm going for a drive, you wanna come with me? Bring your sketchbook, we are going on adventure!", Jasper pulled me into the car. I drew alot of things at the park. It was dark when we got into the car. Before I knew what was happening as we drove down the road, a truck had collided with us on my side. I felt pain everywhere. Before I blacked out, I pulled out my sketchbook and wrote Edward a note. Jasper woke up and I was barely concious.

" Jazz, I need you to give this to Edward alright?", I shoved the note into his hand. The note had my blood on it. Then I blacked out.


( Edward's POV)

I was at home and , I saw Alice answer the door and Jasper fell onto his knees sobbing in front of her. I'd never seen him like this.

" E-edward, thi-this is for you.", he handed me a peice of paper that had blood on it.

" W-why is there blood on it.", I asked.

" There, there was so much blood! she was s-s-so pale, It- it's all my fault! I convinced her to go on an adventure with me!", Jasper sobbed and had tears streaming down his face.

" A-alice, let Edward read the note alone, I-I have no Idea what it says, c-come with me, we are walking to the hospital. Your parents are there. But they arent' hurt, they're there for su-support.", Japser pulled alice along with him.

I opened the note and started reading:


If your reading this, I know Jazzy is ok. Edward, I don't know if

I'm going to be alive when you read this. But I have to tell you

something important. Ever since that first kiss when we were thirteen

I fell in love with you. I know your with Tanya, and I want you to be

happy. Please tell Jasper it's not his fault, We were hit by a car and

he couldn't have stopped it even if he tried. I love you, please tell

my family I love them as well, and your family,'


Bella Cullen

My best friend was in the hospital, possibly dieing. I'm sitting on the floor sobbing, Blood from the note is now on my hands and then I'm running out the door and to the hospital. I walk in right as the doctor comes through the operating room covered in blood.

" Isabella Cullen's family, Bella had three broken ribs, a broked leg, a out of place shoulder and around a hundred stitches. Right now she's in the ICU, the next twenty four hours are critical. We've gotten the internal bleeding to stop though, Family members only may visit her at this time.", the doctor walked back to the operating room.

" This is all my fault. If I never would have taken her to the park to sketch, she would be sitting at home and talking to bree on the phone. Or eating pizza. She shouldn't be fighting to survive because I was an idiot.", Jasper sobbed. Everyone was crying, me included.

" Jasper, it was't your fault. In the note she made for me, she told me to tell you it's none of your faults so don't blame yourselves and she loves you and she's in love with me.", I said the last part quietly.