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Cash Drawers and Receipt Printers Essential for Every Cash Counters

Cash drawers are an essential feature of the point of sale (POS) systems. This article explains what cash drawers are and how they function. The different features and types of cash drawers are also discussed here, along with special focus on Epson TM-T88 printer series and its salient features.


1. Cash Drawers and Receipt Printers Essential for Every Cash Counters

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Point of sale (POS) is the exact location where a sale takes place. It is where money is exchanged for products or services. The POS terminal in stores, restaurants and hotels is also known as cash counter or checkout-counter. Different equipment can be found at a cash counter, but for every business there are three essential equipment - cash registers, cash drawers and receipt printers.

Let us take a closer look at cash drawers and receipt printers, and their basic features-

A cash drawer is a compartment below the cash register that is used to keep the cash from every transaction in an organised manner. Cash drawers contain a removable drawer insert, called a till. The till contains 4-5 notes compartment and several adjustable coin compartments. These compartments make it easier to store and count the money later as well as help to give precise change back to customers quickly. As the till is removable, it can be transported to a safer place at the end of each business day.

Some of the basic features in present day cash drawers are:

1) Strong body: Usually cash drawers are made of steel or other hard metals giving it a strong construction. Also it makes the cash drawers heavy and not very easy to steal or carry away.

2) Lock system: The usual cash drawers have a 3 position lock system - lock, unlock and release. Release position is such that a small push can open the drawer and when the drawer is pushed back it is locked again, requiring a push to open again. Advanced and state of the art cash drawers can use a password protected code which is entered in the cash register to open it. Also a facility is provided to manually open the drawer in case of power outage.

3) Open sensors: This feature tells when the cash drawer is open or not. Also at times it is linked to the printer so that as soon as drawer opens the receipt is printed.

A variety of cash drawers are available in the market today but they can be categorised into three types:

• Docket Printer Driven Cash Drawers
• Serial Interface Cash Drawers
• USB Interface Cash Drawers

The receipt printer is another very essential equipment at the cash counter. One of the most established brands in receipt printers is Epson. Over the years, Epson has innovated and revolutionised the receipt printer market with the Epson TM-T88 printer series. Each model in the Epson TM-T88 series brings more features, value addition and efficiency for its end users. Epson TM-T88 is perfect for restaurants, retail and grocery stores. Some of the salient features in many printers of Epson TM-T88 series are:

• Faster and more reliable printing.
• Ease-of-use features like drop-in paper loading, auto cutter and status LEDs.
• Capable of using paper rolls of different sizes.
• Increased flexibility as it has USB and UIB interface.
• Some models allow true greyscale printing of graphics.
• Epson TM-T88 series also has the first Energy Star qualified POS thermal receipt printer.
• Offers printing options which can help reduce paper usage.
• Available in different attractive colours: cool white, black, dark grey, etc.
• Long warranty periods.

Thus, consumers have a variety of choices when it comes to selecting cash drawers and receipt printers. Epson TM-T88 printer series has remarkable features which have made it the preferable choice amongst consumers.