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Restaurant POS Solutions: Giving Your Restaurant the Heads Up

Point of sale (POS) is an important factor in customer satisfaction esp. in the restaurant business. Restaurant POS solutions provide a variety of features and benefits to enhance the customer experience and lead to repeat business.


1. Restaurant POS Solutions: Giving Your Restaurant the Heads Up

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Point of sale (POS), also called Point of Purchase (POP), is the location where a sale/purchase takes place. It is the location where the actual transaction takes place, usually exchange of money for products and/or services. The point of sale terminal in a store, hotel or restaurant is generally known as the “checkout” counter. Many years ago, these checkout counters consisted of only a cash register and a credit card swiping machine. The customers would go to the counter, make the payment and a cash receipt would be generated and that would be the end of that particular interaction. Soon it was realised that these point of sale terminals could actually be used as an excellent marketing technique as well as help create an experience for customers, which can lead to enhanced customer satisfaction. With numerous innovations in computer technology and electronics, POS software and hardware solutions came into existence, which have completely changed the face of POS terminals. One such industry that has accepted the POS solutions with open arms is the restaurant business.

The restaurant industry is a fast paced industry wherein quick and quality service has a huge impact on customer satisfaction. Whether it is a cafeteria, a dine-in, a fast-food joint, a premium restaurant with amazing ambience, a pub or a disco, all can take the advantages of restaurant POS solutions to increase their profitability. In the restaurant industry one comes across numerous problems on a daily basis like wrong orders, slow services, bad quality food, high employee turnover, inventory management, space management, cost management, etc. Though one cannot predict when something will go wrong, one step towards prevention is the use of restaurant POS solutions.

The features which restaurant POS solutions provide are unparalleled. Just imagine, you are sitting in a restaurant and a waiter comes to take your order. He uses his touch screen hand held device to place your order. You can ask for less butter, no onions, medium spicy food, he can easily add these to your order on his device. Soon he realises that you have been to this restaurant before as you gave him your loyalty card number, immediately he gives you a good discount. As soon as the order is confirmed it is sent to the bar and the kitchen. Once the order is prepared the kitchen notifies the waiter and you get your food in quick time. When you ask for the bill, it is generated immediately. If you are paying by credit card, then the waiter can swipe your credit card there at the table. Thus, a restaurant POS solution can make your services quicker, improve employee efficiency, avoid wrong orders, allow better table management and kitchen management which help you serve more people, leading to greater customer satisfaction which would generate more repeat business.

Restaurant point of sale solutions can also be useful for increasing efficiency internally within the business. It can help to keep a check on the inventory and avoid any theft, spoilage or out of stock situations. It can keep a check on the cost and the profits, thereby avoiding any wrong billing or creation of fraudulent transactions. It can help you analyse the profitable food items, the favorite dishes as well as dishes which should be removed from the menu as they are not ordered often. It can help in better space and floor management as well as better kitchen management.