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Bella Swan has lived in forks with her father since she was five. But it wasn't until she was 16 that she noticed something unusual about herself.


1. New Friends

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     I sat in the Forks High cafeteria staring at my trig book. I had a test tomorrow and I sucked at math. I was surrounded by my friends Jessica, Angela, Mike, and Eric. They were all chatting happily about their weekend plans. "So what are your plans this weekend Bells?" Angela asked pulling me out of math world and back to reality.     "I don't know...probably just hanging out at home. Charlie's gonna be working a lot this weekend so I thought I'd catch up on my reading." I responded.     "Oh come on Bella, come hang out with us for once." Angela pleaded.    "Yeah, we never see you outside of school." Mike chimed in. It was at this moment that the Cullen's entered the cafeteria. "Finally, this is my favorite time of day. The Cullen women are so hott!" Mike added.     "I would give anything to spend a day with Edward." Jessica finally joined the conversation. Jessica nodded in agreement and I followed suit but I had a secret. Edward wasn't my favorite, he was the bronze haired hottie. Neither was Emmett, the one with black hair and muscles the size of Texas. Nor was Jasper, the one with long blonde curls who looked like he was fixing to explode any second. He always had that look on his face, I was dying to ask him why. Honestly, I liked Alice, the petite one with spiky black hair.     I knew it wasn't normal to have these feelings, but there was something about her that sucked me in. And on top of all that the Cullen's weren't just ordinary high school kids. They had the most beautiful marble like skin that was a porcelain white. And amazing honey golden eyes that seemed to stare into your soul. They all moved so gracefully too, making it impossible to take your eyes off of them when they walked. I'd lived in forks since I was 5 and they moved here my freshman year of high school. I'd heard that they came from Alaska. I almost wanted to go there just to see if everyone there looked like they did. If so, then I was moving to Alaska. I was just your ordinary unable to tan teenager with brown hair and brown eyes, and to top it all off I was super clumsy too. I was the total opposite of the Cullen kids.    "So are you gonna come shopping with me and Jess?" I realized then that Angie was talking to me and also that I was staring directly at Alice who was staring back. I blushed and quickly turned away, my friends didn't seem to notice. But the other Cullen girl, Rosalie did, she reminded me of a cheerleader from another world. She had wavy blonde hair that came down past her shoulder and a major attitude. They all shared the same amazing eyes, which I found strange since they were all supposedly adopted. Jasper and Rosalie being the only ones actually related.     "Bella?" Angela interrupted my thoughts again.    "Sorry Angie, but there's a book that I'm really looking forward to reading. Maybe next weekend though." I finally responded. The bell rang signaling for us to head to class. I gathered my stuff and started to make my way out of the cafeteria. I had almost reached the doors when someone tapped on my shoulders. I turned around ready to back up my excuse again and nearly jumped out of my pants.     "Hi! I'm Alice!" She said cheerily.    "Bella, you're in my math class right?" I asked trying to be casual.    "Yap, two seats back. I don't mean to impose or anything but I overheard you talking to your friends. I kinda got the feeling you don't like shopping at the mall. So, I wanted to invite you to go shopping with me in Seattle this weekend." She looked so hopeful.     "I'd love to, but I don't think Charlie will let me." I explained.    "Let me ask him, parents love me!" She offered.    "Okay, if you think it will work. Meet me in the parking lot after school and we can go to my house and plan our weekend." I couldn't help the excitement coursing through my body as I talked to her, not to mention that my heart was beating a million miles an hour.    "Okie dokie, see you soon!" She practically skipped away. I wandered happily off to class.