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The Proposal

Basically, an Edward/Bella version of the Zale's Jewelry commercial where the man slips a diamond necklace on his woman while she sleeps and then he pretends to be asleep, only to smile slightly when she notices the necklace and leans over to look at him. I love that commercial... and I love Bella and Edward. Hence...

Short little fluff... I hope you like it!

1. Chapter 1

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I stared anxiously at the ceiling of Bella's bedroom, contemplating my plans. It was early in the morning- probably 4:30 AM - and she was sleeping calmly next to me. I inhaled her sweet scent as she breathed steadily, occasionally shifting in her sleep. She looked so beautiful lying in the darkness. Was she ready for this? I looked longingly at her hair, draped over her soft, warm neck, and I brushed it away. I sighed, steadying my breathing. She was ready. She told me once that I dazzled her, but wow - if she only knew how intensely she dazzled me. I wrenched my mind away from her, trying to focus again on how I would carry out my proposal. I couldn't focus, and again my thoughts strayed to the events of only two weeks ago, when we had finally gotten rid of Victoria, and we ratified the treaty with the dog people, ensuring that at all costs we would keep Bella and the townspeople of Forks safe. We could finally start our future together with no interruptions.

It seemed like forever had passed as I lay there thinking. I was in her bed, vainly attempting to create the perfect moment for the most important question of either of our lives. I fiddled with the ring in my pocket, turning it over in my hand as I thought. I knew she didn't want a big surprise. Bella would not appreciate it if I proposed in front of other people, turning our personal event into a public one. It would have to be in private, somewhere she was comfortable in. Somewhere that felt like home. I raised an eyebrow. Somewhere like home. Somewhere private, with no one around. A huge grin broke across my face. I knew what I had to do. I glanced at the clock, noticing nearly two hours had passed. The sun had started to poke through her window, softly illuminating her face, lips, hair. She looked so beautiful. I had to do it now.

I quietly stretched off the bed, careful not to wake her. Nervous with anticipation and excitement, my fumbling fingers turned on her CD player and cranked the volume down to the lowest possible level that she could still hear. The lullaby I had made for her was still in the CD player. I smiled - it would be the background music. As her soft lullaby filled the room she stirred slightly, and whispered my name in her sleep. I swear I felt my heart melt right then and there.

Carefully, I pulled the ring from my pocket. It glittered in the sunlight, the center diamond reflecting a prism of light around her room. The topaz accent stones burned warmth into me as I stared into their depths. No wonder this was her favorite gemstone - a dazzling ring for a dazzling girl. I sighed, trying to calm my nerves. I was shaking slightly, trying to breathe smoothly. This was it. I was finally going to propose, for real. I stared at her beautiful sleeping figure lying innocently under the covers. She was my Bella - my beautiful, wonderful, fragile, unpredictable Bella. As I gazed at her my breathing steadied and my mind cleared. It's now or never.

I made my way softly to her bedside, and ever so gently lifted her hand off the pillow in front of her face. Smoothly, carefully, I slid the beautiful diamond and topaz ring onto her small left hand ring finger. She didn't stir. Swifter than a shadow, I lay myself under the covers, lying her adorned hand on my chest as I stared at the ceiling. Still no movement. Calmly, precisely, I turned my head and lay a single, soft kiss on her brow. Before her eyes could open I turned my head to face upwards and lay still as stone, utilizing my vampire precision. I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep, wondering if I would fool her.

I kept my face emotionless as I felt her wake, startled from the kiss. She leaned up on her elbow, supporting her head, when she noticed it. Her engagement ring glittered in the rising sunlight, sending beauty shining around her bedroom. She gasped. She lifted her hand up from my rigid chest and examined the ring close to her face, exhaling slightly in awe. I felt her gaze jump from me to the ring, and back to me. I hadn't moved an inch. Then slowly she leaned herself over my face and studied my features, trying to determine if she was dreaming. I couldn't help it. The smallest smile broke from my lips and I heard her intake her breath. Suddenly, before I could react, she threw her body on top of me and kissed me hard. My eyes fluttered open in shock, and she began leaving butterfly kisses all over my face, jaw, and neck. I laughed heartily, enjoying her reaction. Then she pulled back and looked me square in the face. She didn't even need to hear me pop the question before she squeed an answer.

"YES! Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes!" She grabbed my face between her two gentle hands and kissed me again, and I heartily obliged. She said yes. Isabella Marie Swan said yes. She was my fiancée. I smiled in complete ecstasy against her lips and gently pulled her face away from mine.

"I love you Bella - with all my soul." I kissed her again, and then cradled her in my arms.

"I love you, too." A long time passed as we lay in each others arms, soaking in the moment and gazing at one another as the sunlight filled the room. She sighed happily and I inhaled her sweet scent as it blew towards me. "Edward," she said after a time as her fingers stroked my face, "that was perfect." I smiled her favorite sideways smile.

"I thought so..."