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Winning back her heart

Edward Masen, dumps Bella Cullen for Tanya Denali after highschool. Summer break comes along and all the guys are lining up at the pool entrance, why? Well, a certain girl is back, and lookin better than ever

Disclaimer: I don't own twilight

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( Edward's POV)

" Come on dude, there's got to be girlfriends before Tanya. Tell me.", My roomate Emmett laughed and punched my shoulder.

" Fine, I'll tell you. From Freshmen to Senior year, I dated a girl name Bella. She was the doctor and interior designer's only child. Well, biological child. She has an adopted sister, Alice.", I told him, and shrugged.

" Did you sleep with this Bella girl?", he asked.

" From beginning of junior year until we broke up. But at the end of senior year she had a pregnancy scare, so we stopped for awhile. We had originally planned to go to the same college, live together, then get married after college. Well, I was excepted here, Bella was too, but she wanted to be close to her family and friends. So, I moved here, bella stayed there. We tried to do the long distance thing, but then I met Tanya and broke it off with Bella. I haven't seen or heard from her since. , and you'll probably see her, seeing as your moving to Forks.", I said. Emmett nodded.

" What if the pregnancy wasnt' a scare? What would you have done?", Emmett asked quietly.

" Um, I don't know. Try to persuade her to adoption maybe. I was too young to be a father. I mean, Tanya's pregnant, but I'm ready.", Ya, my girlfriend was pregnant.

" Ya, did you love bella?"

" I thought I did, but then I met Tanya."

Two days later, Em and I were on a plane to seattle then we'd drive to Forks. My father was a lawyer and traveled alot for his job so he wouldn't be home, but mom would. Bella and her family were my neighbors. The plane landed and a long car ride later we pulled up to the house. Alice was in her front yard with a blond haired boy sitting next to her.

" Hey Alice! How's senior year?", I asked. Alice was a high school senior this year.

" Edward, it's great. I heard your blonde fake assed bimbo is coming for a visit in a few weeks.", Alice said.

" Tanya my pregnant girlfriend is coming for a visit.", I said.

" Cool Ed, now if you'll excuse me, I have to call my sister and see what time she'll be arriving. She should be here by noon.", Alice grabbed her phone and called Bella. I rolled my eyes and walked inside with Emmett.

We spent the rest of the day unpacking until mom told us to have some fun and head to the pool. We got our swim trunks and drove to the pool.

" Edward! Long time no see, oh, dude, there's this hot chick, she's with this indian guy! She is so hot and I swear she looks so fammiliar!", mike newton said. We got into the pool and I saw a big indian guy putting lotion on a girl's back. Her back was definetly hot.

" Hey, I was thinking, maybe we could go to that eighteen and older club in Port angeles tonight, I know you aren't old enough to drink, so why not just go to enjoy music.", The indian said to the hot chicK.

" Jacob, I have Sophia, I can't go out. Plus, I promised my sister that I'd be home with my family today. They haven't seen Sophie for three weeks."', Hot chick sighed.

" Come on! Your parents can watch her. What if we go to my kind of bar? You wouldn't even be hit on!", Jacob laughed and hot chick joined him.

" I am not going to a gay bar Jake. I want to spend time with my baby girl.", Hottie said.

" Bella, I know little Sophia Avery Cullen is your life, but have some fun!", did indian boy just say Cullen and Bella in the same sentance?

" I. Am. Not. Going. Out. Tonight.", she said with finality.

" Bella, quit using the 'Mom' look on me. My mother has been dead since I was twelve, nine years ago. I don't need anyone telling me what to do, or to stop bugging them.", Jacob laughed.

" Whatever Jacob, can we please just swim a bit so I can get back home to my daughter?", Bella jumped in the pool. I saw she was my Bella Cullen. The girl who I thought I'd loved.