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Winning back her heart

Edward Masen, dumps Bella Cullen for Tanya Denali after highschool. Summer break comes along and all the guys are lining up at the pool entrance, why? Well, a certain girl is back, and lookin better than ever

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2. 2

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( Edward's POV)

" Em, th-that's Bella. My ex.", I stuttered. His mouth dropped.

" Dude! You left her, for Tanya! You are an idiot!", Emmett started drooling, literally. I hit him on the back of the head.

" Jacob, I've told you twice, do not touch my damn tattoo! It hurts, I only got it yesterday!", Bella punched Jacob. I saw the tattoo then. It was on her hip, It was a heart with the name Sophia in it.

" Sorry, jeez. You hurt! Being a mommy has made you mean.", The Jacob guy laughed.

" You try waking up at two am to a screaming three month old.", bella shook her head.

" So, you haven't had a boyfriend since E-", bells cut jscob off.

" I know, not many guys want a girl with a baby. Plus, I still, I love-", Bella had a tear slip down her cheek.

" I know Bells. Let's get home to see my god daughter! I need some play time with Sophie!", Jacob and Bella collected their stuff and left.

" Dude, her kid is three months old. It takes nine months to have a baby. Nine plus three equals twelve. There's twelve months in a year. A year ago, your Bella had a pregnancy scare. What if it wasn't a scare?", Emmett muttered.

" No, we took an at home test! It was negative, I saw it, I watched her use it! She must have slept with someone after I left. That's the only logical reason.", I started to panic.

We got home and my mom ushered us upstairs.

" Alright you two. Now, no complaining, we are going over to the Cullen's for dinner. I know you probably don't want to see bella but two Bad Edward.", my mom told us. I groaned but nodded.

We got dressed and went over to the Cullens.

" Esme! Where's your Bella? I heard you say something about a sophia visiting with her?", My mom mentioned.

" Bella is going to be here soon. She's with Sophia and Jacob. They went to the park for a bit. Alice and Jasper are here. Jasper's older sister, Rosalie is here also. Make yourselves at home.", Esme smiled. My mom must have noticed all the baby stuff around.

" Esme, does Jacob or Sophia have a baby? What's all this stuff?", my mother picked up a pacifyer.

" Oh, sophia is my graddaughter. She's only three months old.", Esme smiled and put the pacifier on the kitchen counter.

" Who had a baby? Alice surley didn't, I've seen her all year."

" Bella had little Sophia Avery Cullen three months ago. She is a beautiful baby. Even more beautiful than Bella and Alice were.", Esme sighed happily.

" Gee, thanks mom. Bells, Jake and Soph are here. They're putting the baby's carseat in Bella's room.", Alice said walking into the dining room holding a tiny baby. Esme took her from Alice's arms. Sophia had brown hair but hazel eyes. A mixture of mine and Bella's. You'd never guess she was my baby, but maybe she wasn't. Bella came into the dining room with Jacob. Taking her baby.

" Mom, don't move her around too much, I just gave her a bottle.", Bella handed the baby back to her mom.

" Ya, she threw up on me.", Jacob muttered.

" I told you not to bounce her. You decided not to listen. Surely her godfather would know not to bounce her after she's eaten. That's the third time she's thrown up on you in the past two days.", Bella laughed.

" Jacob, is your boyfriend coming to dinner tonight?", Esme asked Jacob.

" No Mamma C. Paul is with his family down at La Push this weekend.", Jacob explained.

" Well, You do see him a bit more than his parents. So, Bella, your father wants to know, why haven't you visited in three weeks?", Esme scolded.

" Look, I had finals to study for, a baby with a cold and who was colicky. I think the past three weeks I've gotted seventy two hours of sleep total. Sophie's alot of work for one person mom.", Bella sighed. She still hadn't noticed me here.

" Ya, plus, Bells got a new tattoo with sophie's name. Oh, and she had them reopen her belly button peircing since she lost the baby weight and more. Bells is one sexy M.I.L.F. If I wasn't gay, I would so do her.", Jacob laughed.

" What's a milf?", My mom asked and Esme nodded.

" Mother I'd like to Fu-", Bella cut him off.

" Ok, so, I'm starving. How 'bout we eat?", Bella said blushing.

" Alright. Ali, can you bring the sandwiches into the backyard? Bella go get Soph's bouncer.", Esme took the baby and my mother outside. The bouncer was right in front of me. I picked it up and Bella paled. I handed her the bouncer. I gave her a small smile. She nodded and took the seat thing.

We walked outside and saw Carlisle back there taking the baby from Esme.

" So, what are you majoring in again Bella?", My mom asked.

" Um, I'm majoring in English litrature and minoring in Elementary education. I want to be a kidergarten teacher.", Bella blushed.

" What do you do with the baby while your at school?"

" Um, well, Jake usually takes her, unless he has class, then I take her to the day care right up the street."

" Well, you seem to be doing well. Edward, why don't you tell them about Tanya.", my mother suggested, while Emmett laughed.

" Um, she's she's five months pregnant with my son.", I said. I glanced at Bella who's lips were pressed into a thin line. Sophia started crying, bella excused herself and took sophie into the house. Bella came out of the house with a baby monitor.

" Bella, how did sophie's first check up go?", Esme asked.

" The doctor said she's perfectly healthy. She, she started smiling last month and just last night, Jacob got her to laugh.", Bella sighed.

" Did Bells tell you she has the highest grade in her English class? If she keeps it up she can graduate with honors.", Jacob said proudly.

" Reall? Why didn't you tell us? That's great Bella!", Alice squeeled.

" So Pixie, hows life without me 'round here?", Bella asked alice.

" Well, I miss my big sister, and of course my perfect neice, but I've been busy. Senior year starts in a couple months, and I've been taking summer courses so I have all my credits plus extra to graduate, then next fall I'm coming to college with you and Jake.", Alice said proudly.

" That's great Ali! I can't wait.", Bella smiled at her sister.

" So, do you have a guy in your life Bells?", Carlisle asked.

" As I told Jake earlier dad, I have a baby. I need to focus on her, plus not a lot of college guys want a girl with a baby. I figure I'll move back here to forks after I graduate, and then maybe meet a guy, one that Sophia approves of, that can be stable for both of us. Not a guy who's gonna walk away after Sophie's become attached.", Bella sighed.

" Bells, you need to have a social life outside of Sophia. You are still in college, you need to have fun.", Esme had a sad look in her eyes.

" Did you ever think about not having sophia? Or giving her up for adoption?", I asked, and instantly regretted it.

" Why would I want to kill my baby? Or giving her to strangers? She's my baby, I never though for a second that she wasn't worth it! I'm not like her father, who probably wouldn't have wanted her! Once Tanya has your kid, maybe you'll understand the love for your child. Just because my child's father left me doesn't mean I didn't want sophia, or regret having her because guys don't want to go out with me. My child is the most important thing in my life, I would do anything for her. The day I found out I was indeed pregnant, ya I cried and wished the father was there to support me, but no he ran off with some slutty blonde wanna be madonna!", Bella shoved her chair out from under her, and strode inside the house, everyones mouths agape. Wow, I screwed up.