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Winning back her heart

Edward Masen, dumps Bella Cullen for Tanya Denali after highschool. Summer break comes along and all the guys are lining up at the pool entrance, why? Well, a certain girl is back, and lookin better than ever

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3. 3

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( Edward's POV)

Bella came out of the house half an hour later with Sophia in her arms. Alice smiled at her.

" Bella! Guess what!", Jake sqeeled.

" What is it Jacob?", Bella laughed.

" OK, so, I was texting Paul, he says we should all go to vegas so him and I could get married!", Jacob squealed again. Bella laughed and said that was awesome.

" Jacob, don't bounce her again! I just fed her again! Unless you want to have her throw up on you again.", Bella laughed as Jacob carefully put the baby back in her arms.

" Bells! Tell mom and dad I'm old enough to get a tattoo!", Alice whined to her sister.

" It hurts to get a tattoo ali. I'm not going to tell them that, I got my daughter's name. I was thinking about getting her handprint on the back of my shoulder until I found out how much it would hurt, so I settled for a small tattoo on my hip. Plus getting my belly button repeirced.", Bella laughed. Sophie heard her mom laugh and she laughed too, I had to admit it was cool. Bella smiled at her daughter. Esme sighed.

" She really loves sophia. Bella told me when she first got pregnant, how scared she was. Not because her life would be changing drastically, but because Sophia's father had left her. She wanted her to have her father. I remember she told me ' Mom I already love my baby, but I'm scared it won't love me, because it's my fault her father left. '", Esme told me. I felt bad.

" So Bella knows who the father is?", I asked.

" Yes, but she wouldn't let anyone know who it was. She says he doesn't want her, so the chances of him wanting his daughter are slim, seeing as Sophie is Bella's exact replica, except for the eyes. She didn't even put his name on the birth cerificate. She said, the day sophia asks, is the day she'll come clean.", a tear slipped down Esme's cheek.

" Do you have any guesses as to who her father is?", I asked cautiously.

" Edward, I'm farely certain I know who her father is. You are too, please don't ask me that question. You'll regret the answer.", Esme shook her head.

" I want to know, who do you think is Sophia's Father?", I asked again.

" Sophia, has hazel eyes. It's a combination of brown and green. She has bronze tints to her hair although its mainly mohagany. Her skin is a peachy pale color, and I most certainly know she has her father's lips. I also know, before you broke up with Bella, you had a pregnancy scare. Bella told me the day she took the test. After you left her for Tanya, she got sick almost every morning. I made her go to the doctor. The at home test she took was a false negative. Which means, it was wrong.", Esme stated.

" So, you think that she's my daughter?", I asked in a quiet whisper.

" I know she's your daughter. Bella talks in her sleep. She says, Sophia Avery Masen, alot. Her name is Sophia Avery Cullen. Not Masen.", Esme patted my knee and walked inside. Tears welled in my eyes. I watched Sophie pull grass out of the the ground while Bella sang to her. I thought about how my life could have turned out if I had stayed with Bella.

Esme came back with a lemonade for herself and me.

" Right Before you broke up with her, she was going to transfer to Dartmouth. The day she was going to send the transfer papers was the day you broke up with her. Two weeks later, she found out she was pregnant.", Esme sighed and sat back, watching her daughter and granddaughter.

" I love Tanya. What Bella and I had was puppy love. It was first love, not endless love.", I stated.

" She stopped playing gutair. She hasn't touched it since you left for Dartmouth.", Esme said. Bella loved guitar. She would always play for me, and I would always play the piano for her. I even made a lullaby for her.

" Really? She loves her guitar. I can't see her ever stopping.", I said is shock.

" She didn't have a reason anymore. I'm going to ask her to play in about five minutes. I'm going to use sophia as bait.", Esme laughed. I couldn't believe I was the reason Bella stopped playing.

" Hopefully she will.", I said.

" Bella, will you do something for me?", Esme called. Bella handed Sophie to Alice and ran over to her mother.

" Yeah, sure what is it?", Bella smiled.

" Will, you please play the guitar for Sophie. I know you sing for her, but I think she'd like it if you played for her.", Esme let the bait sit. Bella took a deep breath and nodded. Everyone walked outside while Bella went and retrieved her guitar. Nobody knew what was going on. Esme smiled at carlise. Bella went over to sophie with her guitar and sat down. Alice's mouth dropped as did the rest of her family. Bella started playing ' Never grow up ' by taylor swift. By the end of the song Esme was crying and Sophia was touching and pulling on the strings of the guitar. When they would make a sound she would laugh. Bella then played ' Mean '.