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Meeting the boy next door

Bella Cullen. Daughter, little sister. Those are her titles. The new boy Edward Masen moves to town, and Bella is willing to do anything to earn the title of girlfriend.


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( Carlisle's POV)

" Esme, she's beautiful. Let's introduce Emmett.", I took the little three year old Emmett by the hand. Emmett had dark curly hair, and blue eyes like mine.

" Baby!", He pointed to the little bundle in my wife Esme's arms. We still hadn't chosen a name for her.

" That's right Emmett, she's your baby sister. You have to protect her, that's your job as a big brother.", I sat Em up on the bed next to Esme. He touched the baby's cheek gently.

" Pretty! Bella!", Emmett smiled.

" Did he just say Bella?", Esme smiled at Emmett.

" Yes, why did you call her that Emmett?", I asked curiously.

" She's a pwincess, like Belle from booty and the beast. But she's too pwetty so her name, Bella.", Emmett smiled proudly. I had to admit I liked the name Bella.

" I think that's her name Carlisle. Isabella Marie Cullen.", Esme smiled down at our perfect baby.

" Yes, Bella, our Bella.", I agreed as Emmett held her in his lap.

* 18 years later*

" Isabella Cullen! Get the door!", I laughed. Someone had been knocking for the past three minutes. I heard the door open.

" H-hi. I'm Bella.", I heard her stutter.

" I'm Edward Masen, your new neighbor. This is my sister Alice, Jasper and my older sister Rosalie.", I heard a velvety male voice say. That only meant one thing, there were boys at the house next door. Emmett had to be on full alert, Bella had been interested in boys lately. I walked down the stairs and saw the new family at our door. There was a bronze haired boy, a small dark haired little girl, a tall blonde girl and guy.

" Hello, I'm Carlisle Cullen. Welcome to the neighborhood, please come inside.", I invited them all in.

" Bella! Guess what! Lauren and Tanya slipped in a puddle at the park!", Emmett bounded inside.

" Emmie! You're home! Shouldn't you be on campus.", Bella jumped into her big brother's arms. It was a sight to see. Even the Masen's looked envious.

" Like I would miss my baby sis's birthday! You're turning seventeen, only one more year of childhood!", Emmet hugged her tight.

" Emmett, Bella, these are the Masen's. Our new neighbors. I expect you to help them with whatever they may need, understood?", I said. Bella nodded, her eyes on edward who had a cocky grin on his face.

" I'm Edward senior, this is my wife Elizabeth, and our children, Edward, Alice, Jasper and our neice Rosalie.", Edward sr. pointed out.

" I'm Isabella, but you can call me, Bella I mean. You can call me Bella.", she said, particularly to Edward Jr. He smiled and winked at her.

" I'm Emmett, Bella's older, protective brother who will kick any guys ass who tries to touch my baby sister.", He glared at Edward. And Edward laughed.

" I'm Esme, sorry I'm late. I had to meet with a client.", My wife made an entrance, and shook their hands.

"Nice to meet you.", Elizabeth smiled.

" Bella, is your homework finished?", Esme asked.

" Yes mom, I finished it like two hours ago.", she sighed, and rolled her eyes.

" I'll be in the kitchen. Elizabeth, care to join me and we can get to know each other?", they walked into the kitchen. Rosalie left with Emmett, and there were only a few kids here now.

" I'm going to go play my piano. Care to join me Edward?", Bella asked nicely. Edward nodded and followed her to her music room. Alice sat on the floor and played with Jasper.

" So, how old are your children?", I was most curious about Edward.

" Well, Rosalie, is twenty. Jasper is Twenty as well, Alice is five and Edward is Seventeen.", Edward said, I nodded.

" Emmett's twenty and Bella's seventeen.", I said with a sigh.

" Well, Emmett and Rose seem to get along.", Edward said awcwordly.

" They do, they do. So, what do you do?", I didn't even want to mention his son and my daughter.

" I'm a lawyer. You?"

" I'm cheif of medicine down at Forks hospital. My wife is an interior designer.", I stated proudly.

" Elizabeth is a stay at home mom. Rose is planning on becoming a personal trainer, Jasper wants to be a history teacher. I think Edward wants to be either a music teacher or a doctor, Alice of course wants to be a princess.", Edward laughed.

" Oh, Emmett's on his way to opening his own gym. Bella either wants to be a writer or a teacher.", I said.

" Dad, um, I'm gonna show Edward around Forks. I'll be home by nine. Bye Daddy!", Bella called, already out the door.

" It seems our children have a minor infatuation with eachother.", Edward said cockily.

" Ah, well, we'll see.", I ground my teeth.