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Meeting the boy next door

Bella Cullen. Daughter, little sister. Those are her titles. The new boy Edward Masen moves to town, and Bella is willing to do anything to earn the title of girlfriend.


2. 2

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( Bella's POV)

" So, where do you plan on going to college? Senior year is starting.", I asked morbidly curious.

" Um, I was thinking Yale or Harvard mabey. What about you?", he asked.

" Um, I applied to Dartmouth and Harvard. I haven't really decided.", I sighed.

" Well, I guess we both are thinking 'bout going Ivy league.", He chuckled. I nodded my head.

" Well, if it isn't the doctor's creation, and who is this?", Tanya came up to us. We were walking in the park.

" I'm Edward Masen, Bella's new neighbor.", Edward flirted.

" Well, you do realize that Bella's a freak right? She has like all A's and a Senior! I mean c'mon.", Tanya insulted me again, I looked down at my feet.

" I have a 4.25 gpa and I'm a senior. So if she's a freak, I guess I am too.", Edward looked at me and smiled.

" Well you're hot, she's.... not.", Tanya spit.

" Well, well well, if it isn't Isabella Cullen, daughter of the doctor, and best friend to the most awesomest guy in the world.:", I heard a fammiliar voice. I smiled immediately.

" I'm pretty sure my best friend Jake is the awesomest. We go cliff diving on weekends and I don't have to worry about him staring at my ass 'cause he's gay.", I hugged Jake tightly.

" Tanya, your a slut, just, go away and maybe bang another boy with STD's.", Jake sneered.

" Fine, But I'm warning you Isabella, Senior year is gonna be a bitch. Call me Eddie.", She handed Edward her phone number.

" I will!", Edward called.

" Hey Bells, you know your not ugly. I'm gay but if I was straight, I'd totally ask you out. Don't let her get to you.", Jake touched my cheek.

" Thanks Jacob.", I said quietly. Edward introduced himself, and they quickly became friends.

" So Bells, I got a letter from Udub.", Jake mentioned.

" Really? What, did you get in?", I asked excitedly.

" Ya I did! And I got a full scholarship!", He laughed as I squeeled.

" I got my acceptence from Florida. I'm sure that I'm not going there, it's just good to have options.", I stated.

" Bella, you can do anything. I haven't met a better person in my life. Even that sexy guy from the pool.", Jacob started daydreaming.

" Only you would think of that Jake, only you.", I laughed.

" C'mon, don't act like he didn't ask you out! You got his phone number then Emmett, being the over protective fool he is tore it up.", Jacob shook with quiet laughter.

" Well, this is our stop, see ya Jake. Have fun starting college, I have senior year starting in two days, yippee.", I said sarcastically.

" Bella, you need to tell your parents about Tanya, You've ignored it for way too long. Bye bells.", Jacob walked towards his house.

" So, I'll see you later?", Edward asked. I nodded and we headed into our houses.