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Meeting the boy next door

Bella Cullen. Daughter, little sister. Those are her titles. The new boy Edward Masen moves to town, and Bella is willing to do anything to earn the title of girlfriend.


3. 3

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( Edward's POV)

I know I probably should have turned away, or closed my curtains, but I'm a teenage guy, it's almost impossible. Right now, I just discovered Bella's room is right across from mine. I can see into her room, and right now, she's only got sport shorts and a sports bra on. Like I said, I'm a teenage guy.

Bella, something was different about her than all the other girls. She had flirted a bit, but not as much as that Tanya girl. Her best friend was a gay guy, her brother was an overprotective teddy bear. What else, she was talented musically. Oh, she had a ferrari but didn't really like to drive it. She said it was because not many people are as fortunate as her, and she doesn't want to show people what she has that they don't have. Isabella Cullen is selfless.

" Eddie! Mommy wa- EDDIE! WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT BELLA WHEN SHE'S NAKED!", Alice screached causing my parents to run up the stairs and see through my window. My dad angrily closed the curtains and glared at me.

" Edward Anthony Masen Junior, what the hell were you thinking? You do know what privacy is don't you?", He kept glaring.

" Sorry dad, I'm a teenage boy, ruled by my hormones. What is it you guys want?", I asked bored.

" First, not to ever peep on that girl again. Lord knows her father and brother are already keeping a close eye on you two. Second, we wanted to know if you had fun today with Bella.", Mom said.

" Yes I had fun, met a girl, met a gay guy, talked about college with Bella, she's a senior also.", I noted.

" She is? Did she get put into school a year early like you?", mom asked curiously.

" No, she skipped the fourth grade. Her teacher's said she was too smart or something. She's got a 4.3 gpa and is in the run with me for valedictorian, she wants to go to Dartmouth or harvard or even Florida and become a writer or a teacher.", I suprised myself by how much I learned about her.

" Wow, well, go to bed, we're going to the zoo tomorrow with the Cullens.", Mom kissed my cheek then left and dad and alice followed.

The next morning we were up early, I heard music coming from Bella's room and saw her dancing around her room. It was really funny. I walked down and we ate breakfast. We met with the Cullens on the sidewalk, but right before we got to the car, the mailman handed Bella a thick envelope and Bella's parents got eager faces. We walked over as Bella was opening the envelope and taking a deep breath.

" Dear Isabella Cullen, It's our honor to inform you, you have been accepted to Dartmouth University.", Bella laughed in Joy and her parents hugged her tightly.

" My baby sister's going Ivy league baby!", Emmett practically lifted her off the ground.

" Emmie, I still applied to Juliard, Harvard, Yale and Princeton, I don't know what I'm going to go with if I get other acceptances, but odds are I will be going Ivy league.", She laughed at him. We all got in our cars and got to the zoo in twenty minutes.

" Oh, Bella, your Aunt Carmen wants to know if you will baby sit little Kate next weekend. Her and Uncle Eleazer want to have a date night. They said they'd pay you.", Carlisle mentioned while we were looking at the gorillas.

" I'll do it. I love Katie, and tell them I don't want to be paid. They're family, it wouldn't be right.", Bella rolled her eyes. We all talked, and had fun.

" Eddie will you take me to the ' quarium?", Alice asked in her cute little high soprano voice.

" Sure, hey Bella, you want to come to the aquarium with us?", I asked hopefully. She agreed. We had fun and Alice was looking at the Jellyfish that practically glowed. I looked over at Bella, her face was so beautiful. She looked so happy. She looked at me and smiled, I couldn''t help it. I leaned down and right before our lips touched Alice pulled on my hand towards the sea horses. I sighed and Bella blushed, but we followed Alice.

We were all sitting at a picnic table when a bunch of boys came up to Bella.

" Hey baby, did you know they call me Yoggie bear?", a tan kid asked.

" No, why do they call you that?", Bella laughed.

" Cause I'm always chasing after the honey. Hi, I'm Quil Atera.", Quil took Bella's hand and kissed it. Jasper and Emmett seemed to be laughing at him. I thought he was annoying.

" Got any more pick up lines?", Bella asked, clearly amused.

" I need a fire extinguesher cause my heart's on fire.", He said with a cocky grin that I wanted to punch off his face.

" Hm, do you have any better ones than that?", she raised an eyebrow and I almost laughed.

" Um, You must be tired cause you've been runnin through my mind all day.", Quil raised his eyebrow. Alice decided it was her turn to speak up.

" She doesn't like you, she likes eddie, they were going to kiss but then I made them come and see the sea horses.", and then she continued eating her sandwich. Emmett's face turned Red and Bella's dad's face was expressionless, everyone else's mouth was hanging open.

" Um, who wants to go look at the elephants, it's the largest exhibit here.", Bella changed the subject but no one moved. Today was only getting better and better. Not.