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Meeting the boy next door

Bella Cullen. Daughter, little sister. Those are her titles. The new boy Edward Masen moves to town, and Bella is willing to do anything to earn the title of girlfriend.


4. 4

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( Carlisle's POV)

Edward. Bella. Kiss. Angry. Elephants. I knew I shouldn't have trusted the Masen Boy with my daughter. He tries to kiss her when I'm not around, right now, Alice is my favorite person for stopping the damn kiss.

" Hey Dad, I think you should know something.", Emmett stood in front of me.

" What is it son?", I asked worridly.

" I've known Rosalie for two years, we've been dating. I love her dad, and we slept together three months ago.", He looked away, but it still looked like he wanted to say more.

" What else Emmett?", I asked.

" Well, I proposed, she said yes and she's- she's pregnant, with my baby,", My mouth dropped. I was going to be a grandfather, Emmett's only twenty.

" Wow, do- do her parents know?", I stuttered out.

" Yes, they've known since last weekend.", he looked embarrased.

" Well, are you happy?", this was the main thing.

" Very, I'm going to be a father, and I hope to be as good a one as you. I've got the perfect family, the perfect fiance, and soon to be the perfect baby.", Emmett smiled. My eyes started to water.

" Ew! Edward that was disgusting!", Bella yelled laughing.

" All right it was. Do you want to go get some ice cream? There's some over there.", Edward pointed to the Ice cream stand. Bella nodded and they went and got their frozen treats.

" Do you think Edward will hurt Bella?", I asked Emmett. He looked over at them and smiled. Edward put Ice cream on her cheek and they were laughing.

" I don't think so, but Bella has to start living dad. She's growing up, we need to giver her some space. I mean, she's eighteen.", Emmett sighed.

" I know, but she's my baby girl. You'll realize how hard it is having a girl, someday.", I told him. We started hearing Edward talking to Bella.

" Hey, do you, maybe want to go to a movie with me tomorrow night?", He asked and blushed, Bella was blushing too.

" Um, yeah, sure. What time?", She asked. I sighed, my daughter was growing up.

" I'll pick you up at six, we can go to a movie, then dinner. Is that alright?", He looked hopefull.

" It sounds great, c'mon, we have to catch up with the others.", Bella grabbed his hand and they walked over to all of us.

" Well, she's grown up Em.", I shook my head and walked away. It was true, my daughter was no longer a baby.

" Carlisle, what's wrong?", Esme took my hand.

" Bella's growing up. She's getting college acceptances, going on dates, driving. It's like just yesterday we were in the hospital getting ready to bring her home.", I squeezed esme's hand.

" Well, she'll always be our baby girl. One day she's going to get married and have kids, then she'll see just how fast they grow up.", Esme smiled at me. I nodded.

" So, did you hear? Bella has a date tomorrow night.", I added. Esme laughed and nodded saying Bella already talked to her about it.