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He's Back

Before Edward left in NM he and Bella slept together. It's now 60 years later, Bella is a vampire and the new english teacher and her children are students, what happens when the people with golden eyes return?


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( Bella's POV)

His name still pains me. But I'll always peices of him. My children. Before Edward left, we slept together. After he left I discovered I was pregnant. Victoria changed me after the twins were born. The wolves then killed her, but let me live for the sake of Jacob and my children. I had went to college after my blood lust was controlled and now I'm the new english teacher.

" Kids! C'mere, we need to talk.", I yelled up the stairs. The twins came running down asking what we needed to talk about.

" School starts tomorrow, so let's get our story straight. You are my neice and nephew, your parents died and I took you in, seeing as I'm your only family. Got it?", I asked. They both nodded and headed up the stairs.

The next day the twins wouldn't wake up and I was a teacher so I had to be at the school early.

" Charlott Alice Swan! Anthony Emmett Japer Swan! Wake up now!", I yelled into each of their rooms. They got dressed ate breakfast and we were all in the car. I headed into my classroom and my kids headed to theirs. I sat waiting ro class to start by thinking of the day I met them after being changed. Charlie( Charlott) and Anthony had my eyes. But Edwards hair color, Charlie's were in ringlets and Anthony's were his bed head that you couldn't tame. They both loved classics, played the piano with a passion, and loved to go hunting.

My students started filing in and all sat down. All the guys eyes widened when they saw me, all the girl fixed their clothes.

" Hello class. I'm Miss Swan. I'm going to be your Freshman English teacher. Would you guys like to know about me or what you will be doing in class this year?", I got straight to the point. Most of them said they wanted to know me so I nodded,

" Well, I am twenty four, I adopted my niece and nephew after their parents died. I a little bit out of town, and I love reading classics.", I stated, " This year we will be reading Romeo and Juliet, and learning about English over the histories and how it's changed. I will not be doing midterms or finals, instead, you will be expected to get with a partner and explain what you have learned that semester.", I announced.

The Next class came in and I started my attendence.

" Gianna Friar? here. Sam Robbins? Here. Alice Cullen? .....", Alice Cullen! What the hell! My childrens aunt? Oh no. The principle came into the room with my son trailing behind him, a guilty grin on his face.

" Miss Swan, your nephew seems to find it funny to throw spit wads into his sister's hair. Please, talk with him.", the principle, Mr. Yereb requested.

" Anthony Swan! What have I told you about antagonizing your sister? Give me your cell phone and go back to class, we'll talk about this when we get home.", I took his phone and put it on my desk. The kids in the class were laughing, Except Alice. She was looking at me with horror struck eyes.

The last class of the day, had Edward in it. Plus my son and daughter. During the end of class Anthony came up to me, and whispered.

" Mom, can I please have my phone back? I promise not to do anything to Charlie anymore. I was just trying to have some harmless fun.", He whispered. I looked at him, picked up his phone and broke the plipp part in half.

" No cell phone for two months. I've told you to leave your sister alone countless times. You also aren't aloud to go to the movies for three weeks.", I told him.

" C'mon! I thought you loved me! Now I have to buy a new phone!", He whined.

" Stop whining Anthony, It's unattractive. Now, you have one more class, go and do not do anything stupid. We'll talk more when we get home.", I told him, I also gave him my 'mom' look.

" Yes ma'am.", He walked out of the room. The last class came in and I looked at the roster. I saw the name Edward Cullen. I also noticed my daughter was in this class.

" Alright class. I'm Miss Swan. This year, we're going to try to have fun. We'll be reading Romeo and Juliet and Wuthering Hieghts. We'll make a project at the end of the year. I do not give midterms. I have you do a project for me, and that counts as ten percent of your grades. Any questions?", I ask with a smile. Of course my daughter raises her hand, and I call on her.

" Yes Charlie?"

" Miss Swan, what kind of project are we going to be doing?", She asked politly.

" Well, we're going to read romeo and Juliet first. I want you to write your own form of Romeo and Juliet. Unless you want to film it on video tape. Any other questions?", I smiled. Edward Cullen raised his hand.

" Yes Mr. Cullen?", I asked.

" How old are you?", he asked without shame.

" I'm twenty four. ", I said with a smile then the bell rang. Charlie stayed in the room with me and Anthony walked in. Along with him were the Cullen kids, but I didn't notice them in time.

" Anthony, I'm your mother, if I ever have to recieve word of you tourturing Charlie or any other student, you will not have a television either.", I regretted saying I was their mother. I saw the Cullen's mouths drop.

" Um, mom, these are the Cullens. Can they come over?", Anthony asked.

" If it's ok with your sister. You are grounded so no electronical devices other than the televison. Lord knows what you would do if I took that away.", I shook my head and tried to ignore the Cullens.

" Mom- I mean Aunt Bella, can, can we go to the park? To um, you know, find wildlife?", Charlie said. My eyes were close to black. It was hard being around all these children.

" Um yeah, I'll meet you at home. Anthony, behave yourself, You too Charlott!", I warned. They nodded.