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Pushing away

Emmett and Bella Swan are twins. Emmett's best friend is Edward Cullen, Bella's best friend is Rosalie Hale. Emmett Fallls in love with Rosalie, and they have a baby at age 17. Bella falls in love with Edward, and Emmett goes crazy, he won't allow it. Bella and Emmett stop talking, and Bella and Edward move to their college campus together. four years later, Emmett's in florida with his family when he sees his sister, her huband and their son. Will Emmett be able to talk to bella, make her forgive him? ( all human )


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( Bella's POV)

I'd always thought of my big brother as my idol, even though he's only seven minutes older than me. We had always been close. No matter what obsticle was in our way, we overcame it.

Our father, Charlie Swan, was one of the top lawyers in the country and out mother was a famous designer. Emmett had dreams of becoming a police officer, while I had dreams of becoming a writer or a teacher. We were rich, I didn't really care about money though. I even hated it when people spent obcene amounts on me.

My best friend was Rosalie Hale, she had a younger twin brother, Jasper. Emmett's best friend was Edward Cullen, he had a younger twin sister, Alice. Ya I know, almost all our friends were twins. Our mother had a twin sister, Reneta. Edward's father had a twin, Christian. Rose's parents were both twins, Lillian and Greg.

You must be confused, let me clear it up. My mom's name is Renee, she has a twin sister Reneta. Edward's dad is Carlisle, he has a twin, Christian. Rose's mom, Lauren's, twin was Lillian, and her dad, Garrett's, twin was Greg. Is it all cleared up? Well, good.

So, you must be wondering, how our lives changed. Well, I fell in love with Edward, and Emmett fell in love with Rosalie. The differece, I was supportive of Emmett's decision with Rosalie, I even supported them when he got her pregnant at age 17. Ya I was pissed, but I didn't do anything rash about it. Emmett, never supported my decision with Edward, thats' why we are where we are.