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Pushing away

Emmett and Bella Swan are twins. Emmett's best friend is Edward Cullen, Bella's best friend is Rosalie Hale. Emmett Fallls in love with Rosalie, and they have a baby at age 17. Bella falls in love with Edward, and Emmett goes crazy, he won't allow it. Bella and Emmett stop talking, and Bella and Edward move to their college campus together. four years later, Emmett's in florida with his family when he sees his sister, her huband and their son. Will Emmett be able to talk to bella, make her forgive him? ( all human )


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( Emmett's POV)

Age 15

" Bella! Hurry up, breakfast is served and I'm not aloud to eat without you at the table!", I was a growing boy, I needed to eat. My sister for some reason had to look perfect, I don't know why, but all I said was ' Edward's coming over, we're all going to the movies', and she runs upstairs to change. Rosalie.... ah rosalie, the most beautiful girl, even came over to help her get dressed.

" I'm here! Yum! French toast!", Bella sat down with Rose by her side and we all began to eat. Edward and Alice walked in and took their seats. They were always invited to breakfast.

The movie started and ended and we were all hanging out in our tree house that we built when we were six, it was our own little hide out.

" You guys, we're in highschool. After this, who knows when we're going to be able to see eachother.", Jasper murmered.

" I have an idea. Let's all go to college together. We can get a huge house, and live together. Then, we'll move to the same towwn, in the same neighborhood, and our children can be friends.", I yelled. We all agreed and pinky swore on it. Ya I know it's kidish, but it was us.

Age 17

I'd been with Rosalie for almost a year, we decided it was time to take it to the next level. What a stupid idea, I'm sitting here now, with my sister's best friend, trying to figure out how we are going to tell our families she's pregnant. Bella was going to be pissed, I had gotten her best friend pregnant. I knew I loved Rosie though.

After we told our parents and families about the baby, Bella was pissed, but she forgave me, and supported us. She told me she was in love, but when I asked her who it was, she wouldn't answer.

" Hey Eddie boy. Why do you look all dressed up?", I asked Edward who was waiting on my doorstep in dressy clothes.

" I'm here to pick up Bella. We, uh, we're going on a date.", Edward looked at the ground. I felt furious. No way, was my baby sister going to date my best friend, I wouldn't allow it. Before I could say anything, Bella walked out of the house and smiled at Edward. He handed her the flower's and they left for their date.

Later that night, Rosalie went into labor. She gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl in the world, Addison Farrah Swan. She had Rose's eyes and my hair. She was absolutely perfect. The doctor asked me if I could go get a tape measure from the closet next door, imagine my suprise when I found my baby sister and best friend making out in there. I punched Edward and Bella slapped me. I kept them seperated from then on out.

Age 18

" So, it's decided, we are going to get a huge house in seattle, and that's where we'll go to college and come home every other weekend.", We had our group of friends and my baby girl all up in the tree house. College was up and coming. For some reason Edward and Bella looked guilty.

" Um, Emmett, I'm not going to college in seattle.", Bella stated. She was looking at her hands and at my daughter.

" What do you mean? Yes you are Bells, we decided this in ninth grade.", I said with finality.

" I'm not either Emmett.", Edward, added.

" What! Where are you guys going than? A different college in washington? There aren't that many you know.", I nervously laughed.

" Emmett, Edward and I are getting an apartment together and we're going to college in Florida. He has a football scholarship and I have a English scholarship to go there. Plus, we, we're in love Em. I want to live with my boyfriend and by some miracle, he wants to live with me. Mom and Dad know all about this, so do Edward's parents, and they accept our decision.", Bella gave me a small smile. Everyone knew I was about to blow up so they left, with the exception of Edward and Bella.

" You two are not in love! Edward, you can't date her! It's guy code, you cant date my little sister and Bella, it's sibling code, you cant date my best friend! I won't allow it! We also had a plan, a plan that you two are giving up on!", I yelled.

" Emmett, if I recall, a year ago you got my best friend pregnant! Isn't that against sibling code?! You are married to my best friend and your only eighteen! I love Edward, we're moving in together when we go to college in Florida.", Bella said with finality.

" No you aren't and it's different with Rose and I. She's the love of my life, I can't live without her.", I growled.

" Bella's the love of my life Emmett! I can't live without her either. You need to look and see you've broken all the rules, and Bella and I ARE going to florida, and we ARE living together, whether you like it or not.", Edward put his arm around Bella.

" Bella, don't make me do this, please, don't be with Edward! You are too young to know what love is.", I begged.

" WHAT THE HELL EMMETT! YOU ARE ONLY SEVEN GOD DAMN MINUTES OLDER THAN ME! I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT. IF I'M TOO YOUNG TO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS, THEN YOU ARE TOO. I am done, Emmett, don't contact me once I get to Florida, I hate you, and I'm not going to put up with you anymore. Goodbye have a nice life.", Bella blew up.

A week later they were in Florida, and we were in Seattle.

Age 23

I hadn't heard from Bella, seen Bella or even heard about Bella. My parents still talked to her, my parents even went and spent some holidays with her. My daughter, changed alot, she looked like Bella with blue eyes. Rose and I now had a six year old and a three year old daughter, Annabelle Elizabeth Swan. Her nickname was Annie.

" Daddy! Mommy says you has to start packing your clotheses.", Addie skipped into the room. I smiled and winked at her, she giggled and blushed, just like her aunt Bella. We were moving to Florida. The whole gang was, Jasper and Alice along with their two year old son, Colten Jalice Hale. Even our parents were moving.

" Emmett, listen to me. If you see Bella, leave her be. She is happy right now.", My father warned. I wonder what he ment, how could she be happy without me?

" Alright, but can you please tell me, is she out of college.", I asked. My parents smiled and nodded. The plane trip was long, especially having two kids. But fianally the plane touched down and we were in our new home.