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Pushing away

Emmett and Bella Swan are twins. Emmett's best friend is Edward Cullen, Bella's best friend is Rosalie Hale. Emmett Fallls in love with Rosalie, and they have a baby at age 17. Bella falls in love with Edward, and Emmett goes crazy, he won't allow it. Bella and Emmett stop talking, and Bella and Edward move to their college campus together. four years later, Emmett's in florida with his family when he sees his sister, her huband and their son. Will Emmett be able to talk to bella, make her forgive him? ( all human )


3. 3

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( Emmett's POV)

We all decided to go to the beach. It was the fourth of July and they were having a fire works show. We put all the kids in their swimsuits and loaded up the cars. The beach was flooded with people. I swear, I even saw a silver volvo, Edward's favorite kind of car. We walked down to the beach and got set up. The people our stuff was next too weren't there, but we know they had a baby because of the carseat that was sitting there.

" Edward, make sure you don't get any sand on him, he's only three months old.", I heard a voice I hadn't heard in a long time behind us. My family's mouth dropped and I turned around. Edward was holding a small baby against his chest, the baby had bronze hair like his.

" Um, Wh-what are you guys doing here?", Bella stuttered as she took the small baby from Edward's arms. My mom ran over and took the baby from her with a smile.

" Is this my grandson I've heard so much about?", mom cooed. Bella smiled, and nodded. Edward's parents went over too along with Alice.

" Bells, what's his name?", Alice asked.

" Masen Emmett Cullen.", She replied. I was shocked to say the least.

" Mrs. Cullen, here is the baby sunblock you requested.", Edward Joked formally. Did he just say Mrs. Cullen.

" Why thank you Mr. Cullen, wouldn't want our son to get a sunburn.", Bella put the sunblock on Masen, and handed him back to Alice. She had already fallen in love with him.

" You two are married?", I asked timidly. They nodded.

" Oh, Edward you remembered the little headphones right? I don't want Mace to get scared by the fireworks.", Bella said worriedly. Edward pulled the headphones out of the baby bag.

" I even brought my classical music CD that I'll put on for him.", Edward smiled and kissed her cheek.

" So, what have you two been up too?", Jasper asked with a small laugh.

" Graduating, we got married two years ago, then a year ago, I found out I was pregnant, we found out Masen was a boy and here we are today.", Bella smiled.

" What made you decide on his name?", I asked quietly.

" We couldn't pick a name, it was so hard. But one day I mentioned the name masen and he kicked for the first time, I then mentioned the name Emmett and he kicked again. So there his name was born. It scared us though, he was three weeks premature, and Bella had to have an emergency C- section. His umbilicle cord wrapped around his neck and the placenta detached. But luckily he got out ok.", Edward smiled at his son who had fallen asleep in his mother's arms.