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Of the Moon and Sun

It has been 100 years of peace and quiet...and then the phone rings.

All Cannon Pairings. Multiple original characters. Rated Adult for violence, and language. Beta'd before posted. TwiFic Central Required Warning : PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THERE ARE MATURE THEMES CONTAINED WITHIN THIS FICITION. – This includes sexual encounter(s) (later chapters), mentions of murder/death and language.

2. Fight Night

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Where is Carlisle going? I wonder as the house comes into view from the woods.

“No idea.” My brother Edward answers beside me. “He’s focused on the speedometer….Esme’s wondering where he’s off to too…”

“Something’s wrong…” my older brother Jasper pipes up from my other side. “He’s agitated. Maybe they had a fight?”

I stare off after my father, feeling my eyebrows knit. It isn’t like him to just take off without telling anyone. Not like him at all. Even when he and Esme fight, which of course is only once every few decades, he will still tell one of us where he is going. But then we are usually present to be told. If something bad happened we would know about it. Alice would have told us, but maybe this is why Alice had sent the three of us home early. She didn’t want Esme to be alone. Still, I did not like the feeling creeping into my chest and stomach. Jasper is right. Something is wrong.
“Let’s not jump to conclusions. Esme’s thinking about her flowers, she never gardens when she’s angry.” Edward rebuffs. “Come on, we better formally announce we’re home.”
I shrug but don’t move. Something in me wants me to run after Carlisle’s car. Pick up the back end of it to keep him from going any farther until he tells me what is wrong. Just when I decided to do just that, Edward’s musical voice floats down from the porch and I feel a hand on my arm and, with it, calmness. I tear my eyes from the road and sigh. Jasper. I will snap at him later for stopping me. Once I gain control of my emotions again.
“No Em, come on Esme’s been alone all day. She’s starting to worry.” Edward calls over his shoulder.

I let Jasper herd me into the house. I can hear Esme humming something under her breath and the “shirk” sound of her spade digging up earth. Just as Edward said, she is outside working in her garden. She is pruning her bushes along the cobblestone path that runs the length of the yard. I will never understand what joy she finds in that. But Esme is Esme.

“Esme!” Jasper calls, disappearing into the kitchen. I realize I’ve been standing in the middle of the hallway, feeling awkward I move to lean against the wall by the kitchen door. At first Esme acts as though she hasn’t heard. I know better than that of course. A moment later she turns, sighing contently and answers.

“Yes, Jasper?”

“Where did Carlisle run off too?” Jasper asks, poking his head back through the door, in front of me. His curly blonde hair bounces with his movement and I smirk. Wow he has such a Shirley Temple look going. I think, somewhere in the direction of Edward and Bella’s room upstairs I hear the smallest of snorts. Rolling my eyes and focus back on my mother. She has stopped in the door way beside me, her eyebrows furrowing as Jasper moves off to sit at the breakfast table.

“I’m not sure.” She replies, sliding over to the sink to rid her hands of dirt. “I heard him come in and then leave a little while later. Something came up at the hospital most likely. You know how he forgets to let the rest of us know sometimes.”

Probably. I think. Ah, I wish the girls would get home.

“They should be home soon.” Edward offers, sliding down the banister of the stair case behind me, letting the momentum carry him into kitchen. “Nessie could not stand to let that Cougar get away.”

I chuckle. Wonder where she gets that from?

Edward shoots me a snide look, picking up a peanut, from the basket on the counter beside him, and hurling it at me. I catch it and flick it back at him, hitting him square between the eyes.

HaHa! And the Grizzley Man strikes again! Grizzley Man 1 Cat Boy 0! I all but scream mentally at him. Of course being Edward, he ignores my attempt at pulling him into a wrestling match. Before I can egg him further a clear pixie like voice fills the house.

“Boys! Esme! We’re home!” Alice called.

I could not help but burst out laughing. Jasper had been spinning the bowl of fruit from the breakfast table on his finger but lost concentration at Alice’s announcement and then spent the next 12 seconds making sure none of the fruit, nor the bowl, went crashing to the floor. By the time he recovers, Alice is beside him saving the last apple from a smashed fate. She giggles and pats him softly on the head. Jasper’s face is hysterical. His eyes grow wider than usual and his mouth falls open, almost has if he is about to start panting. I feel his surprise and raging need and shifted uncomfortably, trying to focus on the mosaic cracks in the kitchen ceiling. Damn it, Jasper. I think. Stop! From the far end of the counter Edward makes a gagging sound.

“Jasper,do you mind?!” he growls glaring through the spaces in Bella’s hair.

“That wasn’t me!” Jasper snaps, glaring horridly at Bella, who grins devilishly. I can’t help it, I break up. My laughter booms through the house. I jump slightly a second later, when Rose tackles me from behind. I didn’t even hear her approach, too preoccupied with trying to ignore Jasper’s, well Bella’s, unbridled lust. It had only been mere hours that we were apart, but Rose makes it seem like days. Who am I kidding? I think. I missed her just as much. I reach behind me and planted both my broad hands in the back pockets of her jeans and pull us out of the door way and into the kitchen. Within inches of my nose a dark haired body flies past us. A second later he slides over the kitchen table, missing Jasper and Alice by inches, through the open bay windows, across the wide backyard, and sticks firmly into a large oak tree at the far end.

Bewildered, all of us, Alice excepted, turn our heads in the direction from which the flying object had come. Realization kicks in. There stands my niece, her chocolate eyes glowing with anger, clenching and un-clenching her fists. The flying object I deduce had been one Jacob Black. I notice Jasper cringe, shifting his position at the table. What did the wolf do this time? Nessie is beside Rose and me a moment later, snarling loudly.

“Jacob, I hate you! You are careless, insensitive, possessive and utterly ridiculous! I can be friends with anyone I want! You are not the boss of me, Jacob Black!!” Renesmee yells. From the tree across the backyard comes the retort.

“Careless?! Insensitive?!” Jacob snaps back, dislodging himself and hurrying back towards the house. He vaults back through the window and draws up to his full height in front of her. “You’re the one that got carried away. Just because everyone picks on him doesn’t give you the right to toy with him!”

“Oh, so now it’s suddenly about his feelings?” she offers sarcastically, poking him repeatedly in the chest. “I am NOT toying with him. I am being his friend. Something no one else in that closed minded little school will do. You included!! You only ever think of yourself!!”

“That’s a lie and you know it!” He counters, poking her in the forehead with his finger. Nessie’s eyes flashed again, as she stands up straight and grabs the wolf boy by the shirt, pulling him down to her level.

“Whoa!” Edward warns, but Nessie isn’t having it. She glares at him, before turning back to Jacob.

You. Will. Not. Call. Me. A. Liar.” She all but spit the words at him. “Alex is a kind person and a wonderful friend. Unknown to you he knows we’re together and respects that. Unknown to you he is not interested in me. Unknown to you he is more alone here in Forks than anyone, us included. Unknown to you Alex is so in love with Kelly Newton he makes Jasper dizzy from three class rooms away. You want to know why everyone picks on him and treats him horribly?! He’s SHY, you bull-headed idiot! I should rip you to shreds for what you did to him!! I hugged him! Kelly had just asked him to the spring dance, you moron! I was congratulating him!! Your actions are completely UNFORGIVABLE.”

Renesemee draws back a fraction of an inch taking Jacob with her and hurls him back out the window again.

“You never think, Jacob!” She screams. I hear a small cracking sound from the living room. Oh please don’t let that be the TV! I think. It would be the fourth one in the last year. Tuning back in to my nieces rant. “Don’t come near Alex again or so help me I will turn you into a living room rug! DO YOU HEAR ME!? YOU LEAVE ALEX ALONE! Go near him again and I’ll crucify you in front of the entire school!! LITERALLY!

With a huff and another loud snarl Nessie spins on her heals and stalks back the way she came muttering curses. Bella and Edward move as one towards the stairs, leaving the rest of us in stunned silence. No one moves, hell we all even forgot to breath. Calming waves crash over us. Even Jasper had been caught so off guard he hadn’t thought to defuse the situation.

“Well I um…yea didn’t see that coming…” Alice mumbled breaking the thick silence, as Jasper gently squeezed her into a sideways hug.

“What… the hell…just happened?!” Rose demands.

“Your niece is being a bitch!” Jacob answers, dislodging himself from another tree at the far end of the yard.

“Oh no! NOT THE SHOES!” Alice yelps dashing up the stairs.

“GO! JUMP! OFF! A! CLIFF! ” Nessie screeches from her bedroom window. Suddenly brightly colored objects start pummeling Jacob from every direction. Shoes. I realize, booming with laughter again

A moment later the thudding and similar screeching of the two girls can be heard a floor above us. Jasper gives me a sideways glance, and I know without words what he’d meant. My laughter dies in my throat as I detach myself from Rose, and catch up to Jasper at the window. We jump together blocking Jacob from entering through the window again. Ness needs her space, and Jacob has a very bad habit of not comprehending this. I want nothing more than to beat him senseless for upsetting my niece so much, but the fates it seems have other plans.

“BOYS!” Esme’s clear commanding voice, comes from the kitchen. “I think that’s enough damage to my yard for one day! Emmett, Jasper, come inside. Jacob, if you know what’s best, you will give her time to cool off.

I growl menacingly at the wolf one final time before following Jasper inside. Esme shut, the bay windows behind us as Jacob dejectedly walks off into the woods.