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Of the Moon and Sun

It has been 100 years of peace and quiet...and then the phone rings.

All Cannon Pairings. Multiple original characters. Rated Adult for violence, and language. Beta'd before posted. TwiFic Central Required Warning : PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THERE ARE MATURE THEMES CONTAINED WITHIN THIS FICITION. – This includes sexual encounter(s) (later chapters), mentions of murder/death and language.

3. The Premonition

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I am so angry, I know if my blood could run any hotter it would be. I rush up the stairs, passing my aunts’ and uncles’ rooms in a blur to the end of the hall. I climb a second set of stairs, which winds up into the ceiling. I kick the door open hard enough to send it bouncing off the wall and slamming shut again behind me on its own. I glide across my room, and all but throw myself on the goose down bed. Jacob can be such an ass. His possessiveness over me is really starting to get annoying. I need to at the least call Alex and make sure he is ok. I know the punch didn’t do life threatening damage, Jacob knows better than to use his full strength on humans, but still. The audacity he displayed. Hitting one of my friends! And breaking his nose! What gives him the right!? Nothing does. Imprint or not he has no business telling me who I can and cannot be friends with. A quiet knock alerts me to visitors. I took a calming deep breath. Mom and Dad. I groaned, softly.

Go away. I thought knowing my father could hear me. I need me time.

A second later I hear my father’s voice and my mother’s aggravated hiss but they leave. They know when to leave me to myself. I sigh, rubbing my temples as the anger ebbs away slowly. I will most likely apologize later for the hurtful words; but Jacob has to get it through his head. I am going to have friends outside of this house. Besides it helps us fit in more. Fit. I roll my eyes. Speaking of fitting. My mind settles around the idea that Jacob can never be with anyone else. That whether I want him or not, he can never love anyone but me, even if he could try. But what about me? What if something happens? What if I fall in love with someone else? It isn’t impossible, is it? Did this imprint thing work both ways? It’s true that it’s strange and even impossible to picture my life without the furball in it, but damn it he makes me so mad at times! I groan again, turning over on my stomach. I wish grandpa was here. He’d know what to tell me. I stretch running my fingers through my waist length hair. It fell in showers around my shoulders. A small smile reaches my lips, remembering several decades ago when Alice had attempted to cut my hair at my request. The scissor had snapped in half. Forever frozen. I muse. With the constant bickering with Jacob, forever is starting to seem pretty glum.

I stare at the twin doors that led to the small balcony. Jacob had built it for us. He calls it “our escape route”. I grind my teeth. None of that right now. I’m mad at him and I’m going to stay mad for a while. I rise from my undignified position on the bed and harshly push the doors open. That’s when I hear it.

“You’re niece is being a bitch!” Jacob yells across the yard. My anger lights anew at the fact he is still present. I growl with irritation, running to my closet and back to the balcony in less than a second, dumping my artillery at my feet. Taking careful aim so as not to harm my grandmother’s garden, I unleash hell on my unsuspecting target.

“GO! JUMP! OFF! A! CLIFF!” I scream, continuing to throw my collection of high heels at him. From somewhere in the direction of the kitchen I hear a yelp, something inaudible even for hearing such as mine. And then Alice is on top of me a second later pulling me back into the confines of my room.

“Not the shoes!!” She shrieks. “For my sake, Nessie, not the shoes!”

“Oh let go of me!” I screech back, pushing her off and heading back for the door. Rearing back to continue the onslaught, I stop short. My uncles have Jacob blocked from entering the house again;. Jasper’s stance mirroring my anger. I took odd pleasure in the sight. One of you smack him into next week! I plead silently. But it is not to be. My grandmother’s silver voice rings out from the kitchen window. Jazz and Em take a few steps back before leaping back into the kitchen out of sight. I huff, contemplating hurling one last shoe at Jacob’s retreating back, when the smallest of thuds reach my ears.

I should have wondered why, no second attempt to pull me back had come. I turn in the direction of the sound and go stiff, my anger dying in my chest. Alice is sitting by my dresser, her eyes un-focused.

“Alice?!” I squeak, dashing to her side. No answer comes. I grasp her arms gently, to let her know I’m there, but let go with a yelp. Her skin is hotter than Jacob’s! The burn in my palms fades almost instantly and I place my hands on her shoulders, expecting the pain this time. My mind reels, I can’t help but to snatch my hands away a second time. What is going!? I think, noticing just how bright and translucent her skin is becoming. Like she is being burned up from the inside out!

“Oh…” Alice whispers, her face unreadable.

I scream for Jasper, knowing he is already on his way. My uncle plows into the room, the rest of the family right behind him. He flies to us, wrapping her in a tight embrace before I can warn him. Jasper snarls, the pain and confusion burst from him like a battering ram. But unlike me, he didn’t not let go. The burning light seemed to shutter and then rush it’s way into him. His skin is glowing like an over powered florescent light bulb, right before it explodes from the pressure. The mood changes to panic. Dad moves forward, knowing before anyone else. It isn’t that Jasper won’t let go. It is that he can’t. Before Dad and Emmett could even try to pry him lose they are all flung backward. My eyes squeeze shut as Jasper crashes into me, sending us flying onto my bed, and it gives way with a loud crack!

When I look up, Emmett is dislodging his leg from my bedroom wall, and my father is picking himself up from the shattered remains of my closet. I glance down, aware of the weight that still rests there. Jasper is sprawled out on top of me, unmoving. I sit up, shifting him onto the broken mattress. His chest rises and falls in short movements, like he is struggling to breathe. His mouth is moving rapidly, as if speaking, but no sound comes, and his eyes are black as coal; completely unfocused. My stomach sinks. His face, neck and hands...there are crackseverywhere. Like bludgeoned marble and every inch of his bare skin is burning white hot. I gasp, setting his head in my lap, the burning sensation is dull now. Am I becoming immune to it? How can that be? I don’t know what to do. My parents rush to me, helping to remove the debris that has settled on top of us. I warn them not to touch him, but Dad already seems to know. He grabs my mother’s wrist just before she can take Jasper’s limp hand and holds her firmly beside him. I don’t bother to notice my mom’s reaction to being so suddenly jerked away. But if I know my mom, my dad is going to get an earful later. I shake Jasper, calling his name, but he remains unchanged. His lips moving so fast now they are blurring. Something is wrong. Very, very wrong. Nothing can knock a vampire stupid can it? I mean, Emmett, Jasper and Dad get into wrestling matches all the time on hunting trips. I’d seen Jasper take a full size tree to the head once, only to snap back and send Emmett flying fifty feet into a river.

“Mom?” My voice is raspy. My mother shakes her head, she didn’t know what to make of it either. “Dad?”

His head is turned to the side as if listening intently to something he can barely hear. But the confused expression on his face, answers my question. Nothing. He can’t hear Jasper’s thoughts. So either vampires can be knocked stupid or...no, he is breathing his lips are moving. I look back to Alice. She is the same as I’d found her, though the light beneath her skin is gone. The alabaster tone returned to normal. Esme sits beside her. I can literally feel my grandmother’s want to hold her but she didn’t dare.

“What the hell is goi...” Emmett’s outburst is cut short.

“Carlisle…” Alice whispered, portraying the smallest hint of sadness as her skin grew paler by the second. “Oh no…oh no nonono no…..”

“Rosalie, call your father!” My grandmother orders, before taking Alice’s hand, tentatively.

“On it!” Rosalie replies, her fingers sliding across her phone much too fast for even me to detect. A moment later she throws it to the floor, shattering it. “No answer.”

“No, Rosalie, I’ll go. I’m the fastest.” My father pipes, turning to head for the garage.

“No, Dad. I am.” I correct him, lifting Jasper’s head and setting it back on the pillow my mother has placed there. Before she or my dad can argue, I am out the door, in my car, and down the driveway. If there is one thing I inherited from him, it is his speed.

Jacob is opening the driver’s door by the time I pull into a parking space at the hospital. I growl angrily at him. I didn’t have time for his nonsense. He never says a word, but did what he is best at. Fell in behind me like a good dog. I roll my eyes. I really did not need this right now. A sudden pain of guilt shoots through me. I have been so worried about Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper I have completely forgotten about Alex. I promise myself I will call him later. Walking in through the sliding doors of the ER, I march right up to the nurse’s station. I recognize the women stationed there immediately. She is newly out of nursing school and looking for any way she can to please. What is her name? I think searching for the name tag. Oh yea. Jenny Newton, Kelly Newton’s mom.

“Renesemee, what are you doing here?”She asks, looking up from her paper work, with surprise. “Oh goodness, you’re not hurt are you?”

“No. Where is my gr...father?” I reply, catching myself. I hear the faintest of snorts behind me. It takes everything in me not to twirl around and send him flying back through the doors we just entered.

“Oh dear, he left, sweetheart, probably about an hour or so go; said he was going home,” Mrs. Newton answers. My eyes knit at her answer. I thank her and run, but not too quickly, back out to my car. Jacob is right behind me. I unlock the doors and wave at him to get in. He complies and we race back towards home. Where is he?! The only three places grandpa ever is sure to be is the hospital, home or hunting; and he’d hunted just yesterday. My thoughts were interrupted by Jacob’s low voice.

“What’s wrong?” he asks.

“Alice had a vision and now Jasper’s hurt!” I reply icily. “I’ve never seen her do anything like this Jacob. She flung Emmett, Dad, and Jasper across the room. It happened so fast I didn’t even see her do it! She was still dazed when I left.”

“Jasper?” he questions, his tone is even, almost uncaring. But I know better.

“I don’t...I don’t know.” I sigh.

“I’m sorry.” he mumbles; then after a moment. “And I’m sorry about Alex too. I know he is just your friend and I’m sorry I lost my temper. It’s just I came around the corner and you were...in his arms...I snapped…”

I sigh again, rubbing the back of my neck, making the slight adjustment to the wheel to change lanes. I glance over at my passenger. The windows of the cold car are already fogging due to the combined heat of our bodies. I turn on the defroster. For as much as he annoys, enrages and confuses me, he is the only one that knows me inside and out; backwards and forwards. For as many friends as I have made decade after decade none of them would be around forever. Jacob is my best friend, my soul mate and who am I to argue with that? If there is one thing that Jacob is good at it is apologizing. I groan reaching over and roughly ruffling his hair. Mom told me it had once been very long. Jacob had grown it out to his shoulders again but chopped it a decade back. I smirked, it had partially been my idea. I hadn’t much cared for his long locks, it always seemed to block my view of his face.

“I forgive you.” I mutter shifting gears. “But only if you promise to apologize to Alex.”

Jacob stiffens a little, and then nods his head. I pull back into the driveway. Jumping out without bothering to pull into the garage, I freeze. There stands my beautiful Aunt Rosalie, leaning against the column of the front porch. I feel my stomach lurch. Something happened while we were gone. I can feel my aunt’s calculating worry even from here. Jacob follows me cautiously, his head still hung in shame.

“Aunt Rosalie?!” I breathe wrapping her in a hug. “What is it?”

“They are awake. Alice is...herself, but Jasper...Emmett had to carry him downstairs to his room. He’s too.... too weak to even speak. I don’t understand how that’s possible.” she struggles. “Ness, it wasn’t Alice that pitched the boys across the room. She never even touched them. Come on, she wanted to wait until you and Jacob got back before she explained what she thinks happened.”

Jacob and I hurry after her, zipping up the stairs and joining the others in Alice and Jasper’s room. Jasper looks better than when I left. His eyes are faintly honey gold again and he smiles tiredly at us in greeting. Relief rests thickly in the air. Rosalie hands off the glass of red liquid she’d been carrying and Alice helps Jasper drink it. His skin grows a richer shade of ivory and I felt the energy the heated animal blood had afforded him.

“Where is your grandfather?” My grandmother asks, as my dad disappears, this time to retrieve more blood for Jasper.

“I don’t know. He wasn’t at the hospital.” I answer. “The nurse said that he left hours ago.”

I take up the space opposite Alice on the bed beside my uncle, Jacob comes to sit at my feet. Alice hops up, pacing the length of the bed and back again before turning to us, confusion written all over her face. Jasper’s eyebrows furrow and his arm twitches, frustration ripping the peaceful relief apart. I place my hand on his shoulder. It’s alright.I tell him. He smiles half-heartily. Alice bounces back to him a second later taking his hand in hers.

“This vision is unlike anything I’ve experienced. It is dark, I am inside, lying down. The ceiling of the house is wooden and worn. It is pleasantly warm where I am. Then fear, screaming, my vision is jostled. The fear turns into anger and it is as if I am on fire. I can see nothing, hear nothing, do nothing but burn,” Alice states. “Then suddenly I am released, standing outside the house I was in before, it is engulfed in the flames. The loss I feel is unbearable. Shadowed figures escape through an open window and out onto the cobblestone street. One is burdened with something, what it is I cannot see…I wish to follow them but everything fades. It is dark, damp, and smells like death. Then pain again, indescribable pain, lose, confusion, anguish, then nothing again. Things shift I…I see …Carlisle. A light brighter than the sun engulfs him…it takes him, and he is not afraid he is...at peace. And the vision repeats, the emotions of it tripling in power every time it is repeated. I do not know of any other way to explain it.”

No one speaks. I hear someone shift their weight behind me. Emmett. I assume. I feel Jacob shift as well, and I rest my hand on his head. I am not sure what to think of this. The light took Grandpa? How could that happen? Sunlight isn’t deadly, it just leaves my family exposed to others. I turn to look at my grandmother. Rosalie moves to her side and puts a comforting arm about her mother’s shoulders. My grandmother’s face is unreadable. Her poker face, as Emmett has come to call it, has slid into place. Even now with grandpa in possible eminent danger she does not allow us to see her fear; able to hide it from everyone but one. I feel as Jasper washes wave after wave of comfort and calmness over us, though it is not as strong as usual.

“Is anyone going to explain what happened in my bed room!?” I snap abruptly.

“Emotional overload.” Alice says quickly, almost too quickly. “Jasper saw it coming, its why he got between you and I, so he could take the brunt of it. It happened once a long time ago.”

“Alice, you and Jasper both were burning hot to the touch.” I insist. “You were lit up like light bulbs!”

“Were we?” she replies wistfully. “I don’t remember that...”

“I...do not remember that either.” Jasper mutters, trying to sit up but only managing to slide sideways towards Alice. She shakes her head righting him back on his pillows.

“Do you think the reason that you can’t see the outcome fully is because it has something to do with Jacob?” My father asks, derailing my argument, as he hands Alice, Jasper’s fifth glass of sustenance. Dad knows something. Alice does too. I might be the youngest but I am not stupid. I know when I am being lied to.

“I am not for sure, but I think not. There are no holes in the vision.” Alice replies gently, balancing the glass on her fingertips, allowing Jasper an attempt to hold it on his own. “No black empty spaces, the vision just stops. Like whoever’s decisions these events effect hasn’t gotten that far yet. I can’t explain it any other way.”

“Dad, what do you think?” I ask, not looking up. There comes no response. I turn my head to look over my shoulder. My father is standing in his place behind my mom; his face hidden in her chestnut hair.

“We need to find Carlisle, and the form a strategy from there.” He finally answers, bringing his face into view, the corner of his mouth twitching ever so slightly. I growl mentally. You’re not telling us something...I huff, scowling at him.

“Oh!” Alice squeaks squeezing Jasper’s hand, staring off into oblivion. “Louisiana. We need to get to Louisiana quickly. It’s where Carlisle is headed. I promise everything will be explained when we get there. Esme?”

My grandmother snaps into action. Ordering Emmett to carry Jasper down to the car because she is not about to let him break her stairs if he collapses. Rosalie and my mother are sent off to ensure the emergency bags are in order and move them to the chosen cars. While Jacob and I are told to make sure the tanks are topped off. We each sped off to our assignments. I am still fuming that my dad and Alice are not telling us everything. But Jasper’s repeated protests that he can easily make it down the stairs on his own is to amusing not to laugh. I hear Jake chuckle beside me and my smile widens a little.

It has been hard on him and my family, living together for over a century but I like to think it is getting easier. Even Rosalie (after she had realized she could bake about 20 years ago and was actually quite good at it) found some small place in her icy heart for Jake. Mostly because when she makes cookies, Jacob will hover in the kitchen doorway and wait. No matter how long she draws out the process of making them, he will wait. And then juggle the smoldering things, three of them at once, as soon as she has placed them out to cool. I don’t think she means the scolding she always gave him anymore and if she does, she doesn’t mean it to be hateful. Rosalie is a puzzle alright, but once you carve out your place in her heart, you stay there. No matter what.

Twenty minutes later, with Jasper’s growing annoyance and anger weighing heavily around us, we are ready to go. We will stop just outside Jackson, Wyoming to take advantage of Yellowstone. Alice said it will be the only place its raining between here and where we are going. Jasper shifts in his seat in front of me, I can feel the pain and utter anger at how weak he feels. He is trying desperately to lift his hand for the glass Alice is holding, but she is too quick. She lifts it to his lips and he drinks deeply; as if he hasn’t fed in months. Jacob hands me another bottle from the cooler Rose and my mother packed. The blood is still a little warm to the touch but I don’t want to think about how it probably tastes. But Jasper seems to be downing it easily, almost greedily, probably because it is better than nothing. I emptied the bottle quickly into the glass Alice is holding out, screwing the lid back on and throwing it over my head into the back along with the others. Jasper tries to lift his hand again to take the glass on his own but Alice bats it away and it falls with a rather loud “thud” on his lap.

“Every once in a while you need to let me take care of you.” she hissed playfully.

I feel Jasper’s smile, I think everyone in the car does. Alice fingers a strand of his hair from his face and kisses him softly on the cheek. I smile sadly. I hope one day Jacob and me would have that deep of a connection. That complete and utter understanding of each other, being able to communicate without speaking. I just hope it won’t take much longer. I sit back with a huff, focusing my sight on the landscape speeding by. This is going to be a very long ride to Wyoming.

We are clear of the woods now, and racing through Forks. We pass Alex’s house, like quick lightening but I still have enough time to listen in. He is complaining to his mom about going to California for Winter Break. I bite my lip. How did I forget? He had been whining about it all week. He didn’t want to go but his mom is dead set on them spending some vacation time together. Family Bonding. He said she called it. I push Alex from my mind; there are far more important things to deal with right now. I glance behind me. My grandmother, Emmett and Rosalie were right on our tails.

“Nessie?” Alice’s feather like voice floats around me. I turn back to meet her humored gaze. “Jasper says relax. Or he’ll be forced to waste his energy on making you.”

I swallow thickly, and settled myself next to Jacob. I focus on his warmth, how his muscle tenses every time my dad rounds a corner a little too fast for his comfort. He is trying to be calm, like the rest of us. I can sense it. I smile to myself. Jacob has grown to care about my family even if he doesn’t want to admit it.

I feel the car down shift as it comes to a stop. One red light away from the interstate, I snort a little. I haven’t even noticed our progress. I look over at Jacob again, he is still in the same position. Smiling, I force my hand into his clenched fist. Calm down, you’re going to give yourself a heart attack, and Jasper doesn’t need the extra tension. He takes a deep breath and pushes it through his nose. As soon as the light is green, my father floors the gas pedal again. Once on the ramp I feel the car pick up a fraction more speed. We will be in Wyoming in mere hours.

Alice said Grandpa is alright, but whatever it is that my dad and aunt were not telling us, gnaws at me. What didn’t they trust the rest of us to know? I bite my lip and I try to drown my rising anxiety. My father shifts slightly in the front seat and I smirk. I know there’s something you and Alice are not telling us, Dad. And I am not going to let it go. His eyes shift to the rear view mirror and I glare back.

Jacob snakes his arm behind me wrapping me in his extra warmth. I smile, turning away from the staring contest. I rest my head on his shoulder, releasing my aggravation, if only for Jazz’s sake. Jake’s head lulls to the side, lying heavily atop my own. I feel a small ripple of peace tickle my senses and I reach forward patting Jasper’s curls.

Thanks, Jazz. My thankfulness trailing back into him. Scolding him for using his gift is like scolding my father for listening to conversations with yourself. I sigh focusing myself on Jacob again. I detect his light snoring and I muffle a giggle. Stressed or not, being at the will of my father’s driving or not, he can fall asleep anywhere. I stifle a small yawn and snuggle deeper into his side. Any doubt that my angered mind processed earlier is gone. Jacob is mine, and I belong with no one other than him. Before sleep takes me I could swear I heard my father chuckle.