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Of the Moon and Sun

It has been 100 years of peace and quiet...and then the phone rings.

All Cannon Pairings. Multiple original characters. Rated Adult for violence, and language. Beta'd before posted. TwiFic Central Required Warning : PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THERE ARE MATURE THEMES CONTAINED WITHIN THIS FICITION. – This includes sexual encounter(s) (later chapters), mentions of murder/death and language.

4. No Time For the Weak

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Weakness, becomes pain. Pain becomes panic. Panic becomes anger. Anger becomes fear. Fear becomes weakness. The circle never breaks. Focusing myself to study the lining of the seat in front of me, I vainly try to push my emotions into the inanimate object. But it does little good. I feel drained, and my eyes slide shut on their own. What is this I am feeling? Tiredness? Is that what this is? I take a mental check of my extremities for the 128th time since I became aware of my surroundings again; sprawled out in the middle of Nessie’s broken bedroom. No, I can’t even lift a finger. My head is deadweight, my whole body feels unbearably heavy.

I do not understand what happened, but I believe Alice does. She will tell me when she is ready, at the moment I have no will to push her; not that I would if I could. As if she knows what I’m thinking, a feather-like touch comes to rest on my face. I pull my eyes open, but it is difficult and she smiles that knowing little smile. I feel the side of my mouth hitch up, in that sideways grin I know drives her crazy. She shakes her head at me, and lifts the glass to my lips. The temperature is off putting but I am so thirsty. My eyes slip closed again and I drink deeply. Far too soon the glass is empty. Behind me I hear Jacob shifting and popping open something. The cooler. I remember Bella telling Alice something about a cooler.

I feel Jacob’s apprehension, as the sound of plastic on plastic fills the silence of the car. Someone is unscrewing a bottle. Nessie, most likely. The scent of the lukewarm blood burns my throat again. I don’t know how much I have drank, but it has to equal at least five to six deer. I find a small fraction of strength and lift my hand, to try and take the glass. Alice slaps my hand away lightly and it falls heavily into my lap.

“Every once in awhile you need to let me take care of you,” she hisses, giving me her best ‘Esme’ look. I smile widely, feeding off of her playful mood. Her feather touch, caresses my face again, moving a strand of my hair out of my eyes. Her mouth quirks up, and she leans in quickly, placing a kiss on my cheek. Even in my emaciated state the electricity of her kiss shoots through me. I revel in the sensation. I will never grow tired of it. I move my thoughts to another track, neither Edward nor myself want him privy to where that train is going. Alice helps me finish off what is left in the glass and sets it in cup holder on her door. She is trying so hard not to let her anxiousness get the better of her. But I can still tell, still sense it. As I can sense everyone around me.

Edward is calm, as much as he can be driving 130 miles an hour toward a destination only he and Alice know. Bella is reserved. She sits painfully still, even for a vampire. Jacob’s jaw is grinding back and forth. I can see one of his hands, white knuckled, gripping the grab handle above him. He doesn’t trust in any of our driving abilities, Edward’s particularly. Nessie’s worry, anger, and frustration hit me like a battering ram. It almost makes me gasp but I hold it in somehow, though it does not escape Alice’s notice. I try to speak but my mouth will not move, my tongue feels like lead. My head begins to pound. I’m not strong enough to fight her emotions off and they are overwhelming me.

“Nessie?” Alice almost seems to sigh. “Jasper says relax. Or he’ll be forced to waste his energy making you.”

The harsh emotions immediately begin to fade and my face relaxes. Alice picks up my arm, completely dead weight in her small hands and snuggles close to me. She does not complain that I cannot hold her on my own. She pulls my other arm around her and rests her head against my chest. I sigh, and it seems to take all the energy I have left with it. Peace rushes into me, and I know it is from my angel. I push the emotion about me, weaving it with my tired mind. Most of it does not go beyond myself and my Alice; but the gentle warm hand I feel on my head a moment later reassures me they feel it too.

Thanks, Jazz.

I focus on the dark express way ahead of us. The lights of the car catching ramp signs and lane reflectors briefly flash over and over again. I listen to the rhythm of the tires, and watch as the moon races ahead of us. All I can do is wait. Wait until the car stops. Wait until Edward gets us to where we are going. The passing scenery blurs, I cannot focus on anything speeding by. My mind swirls with concern. My motor skills coming and going is one thing it is something else entirely for my vision to be impaired. I barely registered Edward glance back at me.

The pain, it’s coming back. I feel the panic rising in my chest again, and Alice notices too. She sits up - her hand reaching for me, but it is snatched away, she is snatched away. I try to follow where she is taken, but my eyes will not move. Someone has pulled her from the car. Someone has taken her. But I can’t move. I can’t save her. I try to tell Edward, Bella, someone. Anyone. My stomach is burning now, my throat is in flames, and every square inch of my body feels like I’ve been thrown into the pit of hell. My eyes squeeze shut, and I can’t help but cry out; as my body involuntarily arches upward. I hardly notice a set of white hot hands push me back down. I think the car has stopped now, but the burning is too great for me to care. A wave of hot lava washes over me and I cry out again, as another set of heated hands though smaller join the first and successfully keep me from breaking the back of the seat clean off.

“GET OFF!” Alice growls, the desperation in her voice claws at my insides as much as the heat does. “Let me go! He’s needs me!!”

“Other car. Now,” an icy voice orders, and I listen to the scratching, clawing, cursing, and grunting as my love is dragged away from me. Another wave of fire, a loud snarl escapes my lips and my eyes fly open. Someone snarls back, literally sitting in my lap trying to pin my legs down, while the vice grip on my shoulders holds my upper body in place. The burning is insatiable. Why is this happening to me? Pain so excruciating if my heart beat it would have given out in this moment. Anguish so thick if I could suffocate I would. Loss so great had I the ability to weep I would. Wave after wave crashes upon me relentlessly. For a breath’s moment I understand. It is not my pain, my experience I’m feeling. This...fire is coming from something...no...someone else! My thoughts relapse. Alice...someone took Alice! Edward’s silver voice dances on the edge of my hearing. What did he say? My agitation grows.

“Jasper...you have to stop. You’re going to break the car!!” Jacob snaps, as Nessie presses her palms into my cheeks, pushing as many peaceful thoughts and images as she can muster into my mind.

Calm, Jasper. Everything’s gonna be ok. Emmett took Alice she’s with him, Rosalie, and grandma. She’s fine, she’s upset but she’s fine. I hear her whisper to my psyche. I can’t acknowledge any of what she’s saying, her calming attempts burn to ash. This someone’s world is gone, their very existence is crumbling; and they are pulling me down with them. My body feels like liquid fire. And then the staggering blow comes barreling down upon me. I feel the reverberation of the invisible hit to every fiber of my being.

My vision grows fuzzy, I try my best to blink it away, but I can’t. And for the first time in nearly two centuries I am growing blind to the world around me. The pounding in my head recedes, the fire in my body goes out, but the thirst remains. I grasp desperately for something, anything, to keep me here. Something is pulling me away now. I will not give in. I must not give in. Alice...where is she? My Alice. I feel the blackness swirling around me. I am failing. Death, that is what this is. I realize. Whoever’s torment this is they are dying and somehow they are taking me with them. I feel my eyes droop, I feel the shaking of my shoulders. Then a cool, familiar embrace. I force my eyes to open again, everything is out of focus but I know the face before me. Alice, my sweet Alice. The pain in her eyes is my pain. I struggle to pull my thoughts together, but again I fail. I have never lost a fight until this moment. I combat the edging darkness with everything left in me, but it is no use. My eyelids are so heavy.

“Jasper...” Her voice is a hair above a whisper, but I hear the hitch in it. There are no last words that could mean anything more than all the ones already spoken and unspoken. But I cannot go without showing her one last time, letting her “feel my soul” as she has come to call it. Somehow I lift my hand enough to graze my fingers over her face, Showering every memory of emotions we have shared over her at once; and then the blackness consumes and I am as nothing.