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Of the Moon and Sun

It has been 100 years of peace and quiet...and then the phone rings.

All Cannon Pairings. Multiple original characters. Rated Adult for violence, and language. Beta'd before posted. TwiFic Central Required Warning : PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THERE ARE MATURE THEMES CONTAINED WITHIN THIS FICITION. – This includes sexual encounter(s) (later chapters), mentions of murder/death and language.

6. Worry With A Dash Of Annoyance

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Worry does not even begin to describe it. My husband is missing, my son is lying lifeless in my daughter’s arms, and now we find ourselves on a road that quite literally just stops. Miles and miles of swamp lie before us. This is where my husband’s scent fades. His car had been left at a motel in the last little town we passed. But my husband was not there. Emmett found his trail that led us here. Here to the very edge of the deep bayous, where his trail just simply ends. I kick a pebble, and it flies several hundred feet into the fog. Edward, Bella and Rosalie have gone off, picking their way along the outskirts and seeing if they can pick up his trail again. I pace the rocky edge of the water, my youngest son standing guard - ready to pounce on anything that holds an inkling of a threat.

I hear the deliberate placement of feet behind me, and I pivot again, bringing my granddaughter and Jacob into view. She smiles tiredly, unashamed at how much she is having to lean against Jacob for support. She has spent the last few hours keeping Alice as calm as possible. Though her gift is not as effective as Jasper’s, it still helps in a pinch. My eyebrows rise in silent question but her head shakes. No change. I release the breath I don’t realize I am holding.

“Any word?” Jacob offers, finding a small patch of dry ground for Nessie to sit on.

“No,” I answer, gazing over the landscape, as Emmett stirs for the first time in three hours.

“Somethin’s comin’,” he growls, coming to stand beside me. Within minutes Rose, and Bella appear back at the cars with Alice and Jasper - Edward dashing to my other side. I search the landscape more carefully this time, finding what Emmett had heard. It looks like a boat, zipping and zagging its way at a very high speed towards the shore. I register two men aboard, but their scent is masked. The stagnant air of the swamp is like a death trap for tracking just about anything.

“Edward?” I ask, hoping he can hear something.

“It’s...fractured,” Edward grumbles. “Nessie, back to the car with your aunt please.”

Nessie growls at the order but Jacob doesn’t give her much choice, swinging her over his shoulder and trotting off. Bella and Rose join us instantly. My children spread out, backing away from the water’s edge, forming a semi circle around Edward’s car. I feel Bella’s shield rush past me, enveloping us and the vehicles. I hate that we have to treat nearly everyone as possible threats, but we have little choice. The soft bounce of the SUV’s suspension tells me that Jacob has taken to higher ground; the roof to be more specific.

Painfully fast, the boat grows closer, but to my amazement the only sound coming from the thing is the breaking of the water and a low pitched humming sound. A human would not even notice it. A few hundred feet from shore the boat slows, and the humming noise cuts off. A burly man jumps into the waist deep water and pulls the boat over onto the grassy area where Nessie had been sitting moments before. Dropping the rope rather dramatically, he shakes off each of his legs alternately, flinging a large amount of excess water onto the boy sitting in the driver’s seat.

“Chyort vozmy, Papa!(Damn it, Dad!)” The driver mutters, jumping down. Russian. No wonder Edward couldn’t understand their thoughts. Did I not tell you years ago to buckle down and learn that one!? Edward shifts, flinching ever so slightly. Before I can chastise him further however the boy speaks.

“We apologize for the delay, we are friends of your Carlisle. I am Jarek, and this is my father, Dragan.”

Their scent hits me and the rest of my family like a ton of bricks. It is a musky, heavy smell. But oddly not off putting, though neither am I drawn to them. It is as though my natural instinct is indifferent to these creatures. What are they?

“My husband never mentioned you,” I reply, trying to compose myself.

Da,” Dragan answers, his Slavic accent unmistakable. “There is reason for it.”

“They are telling the truth,” Edward pipes up, his eyes burning with curiosity. “Carlisle came here of his own free will, he is safe and is waiting on us.”

I watch the newcomers warily. They are not human, but not vampire either. The dark silvery glint of their eyes and the superior strength Dragan displayed is evidence enough, if their scent isn’t. Jarek eyes Edward curiously but he says nothing. Carlisle had to of warned them Edward could hear their thoughts, right? I shake my head to clear it, now is the time for action not questions.

“Emmett, your brother,” I order over my shoulder. He obeys wordlessly, reappearing a moment later with Jasper in his arms and Alice at his elbow. At Jasper’s appearance Jarek’s outgoing mood fails. His gaze turns darker, and he busies himself with turning the boat about. Dragan ushers us onboard, showing each of us where it would be best to sit for weight reasons. I can feel Emmett’s apprehension as he tries to watch both Dragan and Jarek at the same time. But even a vampire can’t watch things in two directions at once. He plants himself in the seat to my left, Rosalie pressed safely into his side. Jacob and Nessie sit in front of me in similar fashion. I realize just how much I am going to enjoy Carlisle’s arms around me when we get to where we are going. Of course, right after I knock him into next weekend. A low growl from Dragan, and Jarek hops into the driver’s seat again. The boat hums to life, and within seconds we are racing through the bayou. Were it not for the circumstances, I would be enjoying myself.

I notice how little we seem to sway, only doing so when absolutely necessary. Nothing like the driving that had been displayed before. It does not escape my eye how often Jarek glances downward to where Alice sits beneath his captain’s seat, cradling Jasper’s upper body in her arms. His almost involuntary glances hold no malice, I can tell that much. There is something fearful about them however. As though he believes if he were to lose sight of them they would disappear. Beside me, I feel Edward shift. The kind of shift he does when he’s uncomfortable with something he hears. What Edward? I think. He shakes his head and smiles. I feel myself relax a little. No danger then. Perhaps he just thinks Alice is cute? Again Edward shakes his head, muffling a chuckle as he leans towards me.

“I can’t understand all of it, his thoughts keep slipping into Russian. He is very concerned and very pressed to get back to someone named Viktor...I am unsure as to why though,” he whispers. I glance up at our pilot again, this time catching his eye. He dips his head in respect and returns his attention to the landscape. We take another smooth but fast turn and glide through a curtain of moss. My granddaughter’s gasp pulls my gaze forward, my own surprise showing plainly on my face.

The house is exquisite. I recognize the mid 1300’s architecture. It is in impeccable condition. I find myself growing ever more curious about these friends my husband has never bothered to mention. Definitely getting knocked into next weekend, I fume, setting my jaw. Jarek steers the boat right up into the backyard and cuts the fan. Before we can even begin to disembark, Jarek is at Alice’s side. He is speaking to her, gesturing between my son and Dragan. I do not need to hear the conversation to know what the boy is asking. I feel Edward tense beside me. Alice’s eyes flicker towards him and back again to Jarek. She nods and, without another word, Dragan lifts Jasper from Alice’s arms, as if he were made of glass.

“Hurry, please,” the urgency in Jarek’s voice is thick. “My brother and mother will want to see him immediately.”

I nod and rush my family from the boat.