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Of the Moon and Sun

It has been 100 years of peace and quiet...and then the phone rings.

All Cannon Pairings. Multiple original characters. Rated Adult for violence, and language. Beta'd before posted. TwiFic Central Required Warning : PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THERE ARE MATURE THEMES CONTAINED WITHIN THIS FICITION. – This includes sexual encounter(s) (later chapters), mentions of murder/death and language.

7. Search and Rescue

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“Matka!(Mother!) Carlisle!” Jarek’s voice rips from him like a howl as he swipes an expensive looking vase from the foyer table, setting it by the staircase out of the way in one fluid motion; only to stumble back a moment later, as if he’d been struck. I could swear a whimper escapes him as he catches himself against the banister.

“Viktor! Spuskaĭtesʹ syuda! SYEĬCHAS!(Get down here! NOW!)” Dragan’s voice booms like a cannon as he rests Jasper’s still form on the table, footfalls from three different directions come swiftly to the bannister above us. My head snaps upward instantly. Carlisle is safe, and I am relieved. He is flanked by a raven haired woman and a young man that looks a head taller and uncannily like Jarek. His brother, Viktor. The look of sheer pain on Viktor’s face does not sit well with me. He launches himself over the stair railing, landing with a muted thud. He consumes Jarek in a death grip; easing his brother’s already limp body to the floor. An instant later Carlisle and the woman barrel down the stairs.

Dragan steps back, consuming the woman in a quick, hungry kiss, though his eyes never leave his sons. Mates. I realize. She must be Jarek and Viktor’s mother. Edward nods slightly in agreement, his attention fixated on their sons. Viktor’s head is bowed, his forehead resting on Jarek’s, clinging to Jarek, as if his life depends on it. His lips move incredibly quickly but I detect no sound. The look of concentration etched over his closed eyes is almost painful to watch. Jarek’s face however is calm, almost peaceful, as if some great weight has lifted from him suddenly, and a small smile plays on his lips. Dragan kneels down placing a one hand on Viktor’s shoulder and the other on Jarek’s heart; his head also bows in immense concentration. I notice now just how frail Jarek appears, when compared to his taller, bulkier sibling and Father.

“What happened?” Carlisle asks, embracing Esme. I bite my lip. Nothing about this is funny but just how quickly Esme’s mask of anger melts in her husband’s arms has a laugh tickling my throat. My would-be parents move together to Jasper’s side. Nessie steps forward wordlessly and shows him everything that had happened. He thanks her with a hug and reaches to take Jasper’s hand.

“Stoĭ(Stop/Halt)!” Dragan warns materializing at my father’s side, his large hand wrapped tightly about Carlisle’s wrist, stopping him within inches of Jasper’s skin. Emmett growls menacingly, but does not move. He knows better.

“Stoĭ,” Dragan repeats again but more quietly, releasing Carlisle and backing up a step his hands splade before him. He didn’t want Carlisle to touch Jasper. But why? Viktor pulls Jarek to his feet. What’s going on? I wonder, glancing at Edward. His face is blank, as if he has no idea how to comprehend what’s in front of him.

“Do not touch him. I am surprised that it has not spread further than this with so many of you touching him repeatedly.” Jarek’s voice wobbles. Is he ok?

“What hasn’t spread?” Esme asks.

“Moon Fire,” he answers, moving to the table side, Viktor’s bulky form looming behind him protectively as their father takes up real estate at their mother’s shoulder . Viktor scans each of us swiftly. His silver eyes glowing like mercury. I don’t need to be Jasper to know the man is angry. But at who?Us? I watch Jarek sway, Viktor’s hand flying to his shoulder to steady him. The room grows eerily quiet. Carlisle steps back a fraction on a step, taking Esme with him, horror written all over his face. Moon Fire? What the hell is that? Edward shifts beside me.

“Jarek...are you sure?” the raven haired woman asks.

“Yes, Matka(Mother),” comes the quiet, almost sorrowful response. The raven haired woman turns to us now, determination setting her silver eyes a flame.

“I must know everything that occurred. Renesmee, please show me what you provided to Carlisle. Leave nothing out, child, I need every detail, emotion and otherwise you can provide me.” Her voice is serious but light, but there is a rage behind it unlike anything I have heard before. How did she know about my daughter’s gift? I almost roll my eyes at myself. Carlisle. Of course he had probably told this woman what each of us could do. If he trusts her enough to drop everything and come running when she calls, he had to trust her enough for that.

Nessie moves forward hesitantly, her palm held upward; resting it on the woman’s face. There is a silence, but I can feel my husband stiffen - jointly remembering the blast most likely. A few moments later, Nessie removes her hand and steps back into Jacob’s all-encompassing arms. The woman breathes deeply as if she is allowing the images to settle. It is a very long time before she reveals her silver eyes again moving to stand opposite her children at the table. I glance sideways at Alice. Emmett and Rosalie have her pinned between them. Keeping her in check. My gaze flickers forward again.

“What must be done, if we are to save him, will not be easy. Nor will it be free of pain on his part,” the woman mutters.

“Will someone please say something that makes sense?!” Alice explodes, her eyes turning black, taking a few quick steps towards Jasper; as Emmett and Rosalie reach forward to pull her back. “While I’m grateful you seem to want to help, I don’t know you from Adam! No one is going to do another damn thing until I get answers. Who are you? Why can’t I see your decisions? What the hell is Moon Fire?! I’m walking in the dark here, and normally that wouldn’t bother me too much. But this is my mate you’re talking about. I can’t see his future and that is not ok!”

No one in the room moves. Most of us too stunned at the outburst that had apparently been building up in her since we left. I am clearly aware now of just how much Jasper affects her, the understanding that she truly needs him as much as he confessed to me all those years ago, of needing her. She may be his saving grace but he is her safe haven. My still heart aches, as I move to pull Alice into my iron embrace. She needs comfort not restraint.

“My apologies,” the woman whispers. “My name is Deja, you have met my son, Jarek, and my husband, Dragan. That is Viktor, my other son. We have known Carlisle for many years. Though why he never spoke of us, I will explain at a later time. As to your other question, it is a bit more complicated. Moon Fire is a dangerous thing for vampyre, as I am sure you have deduced. What you may not know is that it is a survival mechanism for our kind. It is why Caius has hunted us down to near extinction. You may or may not know, for I do not know the extent of what Carlisle has shared with you, that Cauis himself was very nearly killed by one of our own. You would know us as werewolves, though we prefer to call ourselves Sheelings as it is said in your tongue. Moon Fire is our strongest defense, but can only be released when we are too weak to fend off attack...”

“Jasper hasn’t been near any werewolves,” Alice counters. “The closest thing to a werewolf that we even knew existed up until a second ago was Jacob’s people!”

“Good, it means we have kept ourselves hidden well enough,” Deja smiles, amused. “But your Jasper did not precisely come across a werewolf physically. I’m afraid you were infected first, through your vision, and it spread to Jasper leaving you behind entirely. Moon Fire will spread from one vampyre to the next until there is no vampyre left for it to be transferred to, although it will pass over any creature that is essentially good of heart. Your soul is unblemished, Alice; just as Rosalie, and Jacob’s are. The moon holds no grudge against someone who takes animal or vampyre life, but it does in taking human, or Sheeling life. I can only assume that is why it has not spread to any of you that have touched him. Your diet actually protected you from it.”

“I’ve slipped...” Emmett mutters. “And Edward as well...

“Yes, but not to an extent as most vampyres, young Emmett.” Deja clarifies. “Moon Fire is drawn to the darkness in vampyre. The blood thirsty desire to take human life. You “slipped” as you say, but your sorrow though you dismissed it ages ago still lingers, woven deep in the makings of your soul. You have no desire now to take a human life and therefore the Fire is not drawn to you. The same is true of you, Esme. As for Renesmee and Bella, they fed only on human blood that was willingly given. Though Renesmee has another protection greater than that. The fact that she is half human means the fire could not enter her. Her half-human heart will not allow it. And you, Edward, Carlisle told me your rebellious years were a calculated rebellion. Not once did you spill blood of an innocent human, only feeding on monsters as horrid as you believed yourself to be. But you did not touch him, and I do not suggest testing it.”

Edward nods, but Alice is not satiated.

"It’s drawn to vampires with high body counts? You’re saying it thinks?”

“Not thinks exactly, more like a guided missile.” Jarek corrects.

“And how exactly did a vision infect me?“ my sister presses further.

“That I will answer later. Time is everything when it comes to a vampyre infected by Moon Fire,” Deja answers. “Your Jasper though he appears lifeless, is in excruciating pain and is very much running out of time.”

Alice, still cradled in my arms, nods her approval. Deja’s gaze slides briefly to Dragan, and he quite literally jumps to life.
“Perhaps…better you wait upstairs, yes?” Dragan offers, his voice wrapping oddly around the alien language as he gestures for the stairs. My family, with Carlisle’s guidance moves to follow him.

“Edward, Bella, Renesmee...stay please,” Deja entreats. “Your help may be needed.”

I shift Alice into our mother’s arms, as I pull my daughter away from Jacob. She smiles at me reassuringly, and bids Jacob go with the rest. Though Jacob abides her request, he is slow to do so. Emmett keeps pushing him forward, up the stairs, down the landing and out of sight. I sigh, rolling my eyes and turn my attention to the task at hand.

“What would you have us do?” Edward asks.

“Shield us please, Bella,” Deja whispers. I do as asked, and she seems to breathe a sigh of relief.

“Thank you.” she smiles. “Now that there is minimal audience I can explain how this is going to work. I did not wish Alice to hear. Renesmee, I need you to keep Jasper as calm as you can. The calmer he is the less it will hurt; for what my sons are going to have to do in order to remove the Fire within him is not something Jasper is going to happily allow.”

“And what exactly is that?” my daughter questions.

“Drawing it out of him like a leech,” Viktor mutters. “No offense.”

“But why wouldn’t Jasper want it gone?” I query. “Will it just dissipate once it’s left him?”

“Moon Fire, if left to its own devices long enough, starts pulling away at a vampyre’s psych. Breaking it down, making the vampyre believe whatever fantasy it has helped him create. He’s not going to want to leave the safety he’s made inside his mind,” Deja replies.

“You seem to know much about this...this has happened before,“ Edward states.

“Yes...once. A very long time ago,” Viktor growls. “Now let my mother finish.”

“I cannot promise when he wakes what he will remember. This entire event could, for him, have never happened,” Deja continues, completely ignoring the exchange. “Or it could be like dealing with a newborn. His entire vampyre existence could be wiped clean if we have to use too much force to separate it from him.”

My mind races. I can’t imagine Jasper waking up and not remembering anyone. Not remembering Maria and the horrible things she had tricked him into doing. Not remembering that day in Philadelphia. Not remembering Alice. I want to cry. Everything that makes Jasper who he is and who we all love is defined by every second in his life before becoming a Cullen. There has to be some way to protect his memory. Some way to guarantee when those honey eyes of his opened that at the very least Alice is recognized.

“As for where the fire will go once removed. That is where you come in, Edward. It will gravitate to you, blind to all else that moves. It is going to be weak from suddenly being jerked from your brother, and that is when I shall retain it, but I can only do so when it is distracted.”

“What?” I gasp.

“Just momentarily. I promise your Edward shall be in no true danger.”

“Would it help if I continuously fed Jazz all the memories I have of him and Alice?” Nessie asks, her voice hopeful. “You know, to help him keep hold of his?”

“That it may, child. It is worth a shot.” Deja amends. “Alright, let us begin.”

Viktor moves to the head of the table, placing one hand on the crown of Jasper’s head and the other on Jarek’s shoulder. Jarek, in turn, places one hand on Jasper’s chest and the other on my brother’s middle. Viktor instructs my daughter to sit on the table beside her uncle and grip his face as tightly as possible. The connection cannot be lost, he says, not even for a moment.

Jarek’s voice is low, muttering something just beyond my realm of hearing. Viktor suddenly goes rigid, his eyes clouding over. His lips moving again as they had early, in silent speaking.

“Deeper, move passed the recent memories,” Jarek orders. “There, follow it. He’s panicking, Renesmee, push harder. Viktor, he’s slipping, dig deeper, find me a hand hold. Here we go. It’s getting agitated. There, I’ve got it. Bella, keep your shield steady. It can’t cross it. Edward, get ready, step out of the shield when I say. Matka(Mother)?”

I close my eyes, and concentrate on the woven invisible threads of my shield, checking every inch for any possible weakness. There are none, but I weave it tighter anyway. I nearly falter when Jasper’s peeling scream echoes off the walls. My eyes spring open and I immediately regret it.

My brother is in flames. My eyes blink repeatedly. Everywhere I look flames are licking him, burning him, but the table remains unharmed. He screams again, his back arching, his legs scrambling to support his weight. Nessie has her eyes squeezed shut, her jaw grinding back and forth with the strain. Jarek is yelling now, but somehow I can’t hear him over Jasper’s unearthly screams. The fires are burning brighter now, enveloping Jasper like a gas soaked pyre. I am entranced. Though it consumes my brother, the fire seems to almost bend around my daughter, Jarek and Viktor. As if they themselves have developed their own invisible shields. Then, suddenly, the flames go out, Jasper falls limp to the table, it buckles under him, but remains standing. I feel Edward beside me, and know without asking that he is unharmed.

“Mom?” Nessie’s voice floats over me, my shield drops and I run to her side gathering her into my arms as the others come flying down the stairs. Nessie is yanked from my grasp by Jacob but I do not complain, turning my attention to Jasper. His breathing has returned, his marble skin a healthy shade of milky white. Alice rushes to his side, gathering what she can of him into her small arms. It worked. I tell myself, as I relax into Edward’s arm as they wrapped around me. But at what cost?