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Back at last

Cullens back to high school Original pairing but Seth has an imprint! EdwardxBella RosaliexEmmett JasperxAlice CarlislexEsme RenesmexJacob Sethxhis imprint SET AFTER BREAKING DAWN *contains spoilers* rated everyone but it keeps switching to Adult...can someone help me please? this is my first fanfic!rest of ch.5up soon! anyone wanna be my editor??? Pleaseeee(: xoxo-A


1. Bella POV

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Bella's POV

it had been nearly 20 years since i've been inside a highschool.

The Cullens and I have been to numerous colleges and universities during this time, but nothing could ever compare to high school years. And this time around would be obviously diffrent. well firstly, renesme would be coming along, for which i was worried and happy for. Secondly, the last time i had been in high school...i was fragiely human and in love with a vampire. the later was still true today of course. Edward and I were still in the deep confounds of love. It was bliss. knowing i'd have this forever, was....well perfect. Really no other way to describe it. Although the Cullen family did hit a little rough spot when nessie announced her and jake's plans to get married, about 10 years ago. Edward was quiet furious he complained she was only 10, while renesme complained she thought and looked like she was 18, and that her parents were technically married at 18. Smart girl, honestly that debate was practically over before it started. Well, 10 years after that we 'older' cullens got bored of College so now, back to high school. Finally settiling in Adell, Wisconson. Population 496. perfect for the Cullen family. I was just excited to be going back to high school. High School will always remind me of Forks. And Forks will always remind me of Edward.

"BELLA!" Alice screamed in my ear to get me out of my trance-like state.

"Whoops sorry Alice, lost in thought." i murmured

"Well, i just wanted to know..." she made an adorable Alice-like face "if you would PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE let me pick out your outfit for today...PLEASE BELLA?"

i knew this would end badly, but what the heck...as long as i'm with edward, nothing else matters.

"Yeah sure Alice why not?" i smiled back at her overly-ecstatic face.

"THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!" she ran up and kissed my cheak before whirling me off to her bedroom to get started on my make-over. After about 10 minutes, Jasper walked in chuckling.

"She finally got to you Bells?" Jasper and I had been getting along great once i was changed. We had practically the same mood set so, it wasn't hard to be near each other. He and Emmett were literally the best brothers anyone could ask for. I loved them both so much.

"Yeah, decided to make this high-school re-run fun for SOMEONE at least" i joked

No matter how much our family poked fun at Alice we all knew we couldn't live a day without her. Especially Jasper, those two were inseparble. As all the Cullens were to their mates. Unfortunately one of the Cullens was without a mate. Seth, who yes is considered a Cullen has still yet to imprint.i felt bad often for him. But i know he'll find someone, Seth just had that lovable personality about him.

"Fin" Alice spoke in an overly dramatic french tone. I looked in the mirror. Eh. sure it was over the top but whatcha gonna do? it IS alice... So, i pretended to be excited.

"WOW. Alice thank you soooo much! i look amazing!" and with that we both ran out to meet our family and head to our new high school.

Today, Edward and I were riding with Nessie and Jake...just us 4. it's really hard to explain my relationship with Jake....first, he was my best friend. then, he loved me, wanted me away from Edward. And lastly, fell in love with my daughter. Very confusing, yet i still loved him. So at times, just to make him mad ill call him "son." he absolutely LOATHES that. Today i felt it was one of those special occasains so when Ness and Jake hopped into Edward's Aston Marton i began with "Son..." and immediately Jacob exploded.

"OH COMEON Bells! you know i hate that! he whined. i could practically hear his whimper also.

"fine, fine i was just messing with you." God i swear i could hear Emmett's booming laugh from the car next to us. Even Seth was having trouble breathing he was laughing so hard. I put down my shield so Edward could hear me and silently asked my beautiful god-like husband if Emmett had heard us.

"Yup. and he's getting a kick out of it"

"I'll kick something outta him." I murmured

All the response i got was Edward's chuckle and another famous ear-splitting Emmett Cullen laugh.

"you guys know what the best part about going to high school again is? well besides the fact that I'll actually GET my high school dipolma." Jake started. "Bella can't tease me nearly as much, I mean what would veryone think if Bella BLACK was calling her supposed brother 'son.'? obviously that is unacceptable." Jacob smirked.

He had me there. I couldn't even think of a comeback. Dang. oh well.

"So, are you guys ready for school?" Edward asked in a mock-impersanation of a human dad seeing his kids off to school.

"Yup!" Renesme replied immediately. I guess no mater where i am, as long as I'm with my family. It will be another stage of bliss.