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Back at last

Cullens back to high school Original pairing but Seth has an imprint! EdwardxBella RosaliexEmmett JasperxAlice CarlislexEsme RenesmexJacob Sethxhis imprint SET AFTER BREAKING DAWN *contains spoilers* rated everyone but it keeps switching to Adult...can someone help me please? this is my first fanfic!rest of ch.5up soon! anyone wanna be my editor??? Pleaseeee(: xoxo-A


2. Jasper POV

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Jasper POV

Wow. I've been to High School so many times i've literally lost count. And that's hard for a vampire to do.But to be quite honest the only high school expirence that was good, was Forks. Where our family finally became complete. Bella was so easy to love. She was great fun to have around. Edward couldn't have picked anyone better. She really was like a little sister to me. And with her, came the unimaginable but now completley neccesary Renesme. And with her came Jacob and Seth. I felt particularly bad for Seth...he was the only Cullen (yes we do consider the wolves as our family) that was without anyone. He was probably feeling like Edward had until he met Bella. But since Seth was such a great person, he pretended to be happy. But i could feel his...almost envy at our love. Which to me is completley understandable. To be constantly around 5 perfectly matched couples and being alone must be horrendous. But with who Seth was i had not doubt that whoever he imprinted on, they would love him back just as much. I mean who couldn't love seth? Even us vampires who have ancient rivalries with wolves loved Seth like a brother.

"Jazzy we're here!" my beautiful wife sang to me, while Edward, Bella, Nessie and Jake got out of the car next to us. she was always so bubbly and eccentric. She was the definition of perfect. i loved her so much. But all i could do was give her a small smile, as i did not particularly like High School. But i guess, any where with her was paradise.

"i'll talk this time." Edward spoke. So the 9 of us made our way to the front office of Adell High School.

"Excuse me?" Edward spoke to the receptionist in a very soothing voice. Still, i could feel the Lust immediately radiate off her at the site of Edward. "We are here to Enroll, i think our parents-the cullens-have already called in?"

"Oh yes. you must be Dr. and Mrs. Cullen's adopted children? names please." she still had immense amounts of Lust coming off of her, but i felt that even without my gift i could still now her feelings as Bella was getting jealous. i chuckled a little, the thought of Edward even looking twice at any but bella was just humorous.

"Alice, Emmett, Edward and renesme Cullen. Rosalie and Japer Hale, and Jacob, Seth and Bella Black." Edward still kind of cringed when he had to say that Bella's last name was Black. I guess in some ways we all kind of did. We all could remember quite clearly the disputes Edward and jacob had gotten into when they first met. "Renesme and Seth are freshman, Alice,Bella, Jacob and I are sophmores, Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper are juniors." he continued.

"Alright here you go. enjoy Adell!"

I was a little disgruntled. I hated it how Alice and I were never in the same grade. She looked to young for a Junior and i looked too old for a sophmore. It pained me, I loved her so much. At times like this i wished i had Edward's gift just so i could keep tabs on her. No matter how many times she reasured me nothing bad could happen to her, i would still worry. She was my existence. I was nothing without her. For some reason though her mood was a little upset and even jealous. What could that be about? So, with a parting kiss to my life i headed off with Rose and Emmett to our first class. Of course it'd be gym! Emmett and I, since we can't show off our true potential for sports just kind of mess around during P.E. while Rose just blindly stares at Emmett. Em was the only thing that Rosalie could stare at for longer than the time she spends looking in a mirror.

So when the coach annunced a free day-where we could just sit and talk basically, we were ecstatic. Emmett, of course was the first one to speak. "Hey Jazzy." I growled at that, only Alice had the rights to call me that. "can we have a rematch tonight? PLEASE!" I had beaten him 45 nights in a row now and his confidence was sinking lower and lower. maybe I'd let him win tonight. "Sure why not Em." Just then a human girl who looked about 16 walked up to me with her friend and introduced herself. After spending a lot of time around Bella when she was human, and the fact that Bella would blead a LOT, i've become almost immune to humans now.

"Hi I'm Madeline and this is Casey. What's your name?"she seemed overly-excited and almost waiting for something.

"i'm Jasper Hale and this is my twin Rosalie and her boyfriend Emmett." I said in an uninterested tone. Ah, so maybe that's why Alice seemed upset. But honestly, by now she should know that she IS my everything.

"Oh...that's cool so do you have a girlfriend." I could feel the hope and lust inside her. It was actually quite annoying.

"Yeah, i do." Her mood changed suddenly to envy jealousy and almost hate. This angered me even more.

"Oh, well whats her name? does she go here?" Madeline inquired hoping to look innocent. Just asking a polite question. i almost laughed in her face.

"yeah, she's a sophmore. Alice Cullen." And suddenly her mood changed to disgust.i could already tell she'd heard that we were brother and sister.

"But aren't you two...related?" I scoffed.

While I'm being questioned i might as well help out the family. "No, adoptited by the same people, yes. Emmett and Rosalie are also adoptited by Dr. and Mrs. Cullen and dating, as are Edward Cullen and bella Black and Renesme Cullen and Jacob Black."

She seemed shocked. And with a little shake of her head she walked away. feeling defeated. I smiled to myself knowing Alice could see me. Oh my beautiful Alice...