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Back at last

Cullens back to high school Original pairing but Seth has an imprint! EdwardxBella RosaliexEmmett JasperxAlice CarlislexEsme RenesmexJacob Sethxhis imprint SET AFTER BREAKING DAWN *contains spoilers* rated everyone but it keeps switching to Adult...can someone help me please? this is my first fanfic!rest of ch.5up soon! anyone wanna be my editor??? Pleaseeee(: xoxo-A


3. Edward POV

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Edward POV

I already couldn't take it. Just when bella walked out the door, some seniors caught a glimse of her and so the rumors and fantasies began. It was brutal. I wanted to just whisk her off now, back to our lovely home. But seeing as how this happens quite often i decided to stake my clame now. So, i ran up behind my breath-takingly beautiful wife and kissed her. That shut them up i thought, and not a bad trade either. I loved Bella so much. No matter how much time goes by i know I'll always love her. She was just so...so Bella. I couldn't really describe her. How do you explain a person that makes your day with just simply being there?

trying to dazzle her i said "May i see you schedule maam?" She just smirked and handed it to me, no doubt remembering that time in Port Angeles when we discussed how much i 'dazzled' her. Oh if only she knew that she was the one dazzling me all too often. All clases the same, including biology. I bet this was Esme's doing. She knew I couldn't bear to be away from her. Even after 20 plus years of Bella and I, she still got giddy seeing us together. Well, i couldn't really blame her. I knew how much she longed for me to find someone for over 100 years. heck almost everyone in my family was desperate for me to find someone. And When Bella came along, everything was perfect. emmett almost immediately began calling her 'little sister' and Jasper, although during the first years of Forks High School, was trying to stay away from her for her own protection still loved her. Alice, was well Alice. She immediately became Bella's new best friend. For that i was overly-ecstatic. carlisle was also very accepting and loving to Bella. Unfortunately Rosalie took a little more time. She almost loathed bella. for her own concited reasons. I almost hated her back for these thoughts, i mean who could hate this caring, compasinate and stunning woman? yet, once Renesme came along her and bella stuck to their friendship. My family became perfect and complete when Bella, Renesme and yes even Jacob and Seth came.

"Edward lets go, i don't want to be late on my first day!" she tugged me along over to the first building. Wen we entered the classroom we found two seats towards the back of the class that were seated next to a irriatated Alice. I quickly read her thoughts. Hi I'm Madleine and this is my friend Casey who are you? she was seeing Jasper's future, which involved two new teenage girls. Alice was jealous. "You look like a happy person today" I noted.

"Oh hush and sit down!" some girls are ging to try and 'make their move on Jazz today.' she thought remembering her vision from earlier. i just chuckled. "Let's hope they aren't Mike Newton crushes." i answered getting a few glares from Bella along with Alice. Neither found my comment humorous. And to be completley honest neither did I. yes, i joked around about the whole 'Mike Newton' thing but he still really annoyed me. He had 'loved' bella all through High School. Even at the wedding his thoughts were awful to hear.

Wow. Oh my god. who IS she? i Could see the face of my beautiful Bella in his mind. Of course she had already atracted the attentenion of these boys. I mean who wouldn't think she was perfect? But still, I don't like anyone to think about Bella.

"Isabella Black?" the Algebra teacher asked calling role. "Bella." she responded.

Bella... every boy in the classroom thought simultanesly. My face must have been quite terrifying because just then Bella let down her shield and thought Edward what is? did something happen? who's hurt? Ah, so like Bella worrying about everyone else. I looked to my right then to my left in a way only my familky would know that I'm actually answering one of their unspoken questions.

"Edward Cullen?" "here" And then i snaked my arm around Bella to show these annoying Sophmores that she was taken...for forever.

Oh not a boyfriend! Whatever soon as they break up I'll make my move. the boy on my right thought again, then he took another look at her and thought or i could help the process of the break-up? Bella Black here I come. If i could have gotten up and punched that little dweeb i would have. But first of all, that would upset Bella. And possibly expose my family... Just then all thoughts in the classroom disappered. besides one, I could tell you were getting angry. she thought simply. just thought I'd let you have a little silence. A smile was playing at her lips because i knew she'd leave one mind open. Hers. and that's all i wanted.

then, something startliling happened, just as the bell rang, a pale white and ever graceful girl-or vampire i should say stumbled into the classroom. I could see her gold eyes from here but still, another vampire?