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What If.....

What if Bella would have never moved to Forks but instead moved to Flordia? Imagine Bella Swan as a regular freshmen, with a regular crush. Just normal Bella Swan, could you I did!

I am really enjoying this ideal!

1. Nah, I rather not

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"Are you shure you wanna move to Forks?" my mother Resme asked thd hundreth time. "Yes." I lied horriblely. "No you don't, do you?" she asked, again! "Yes mother!" I said while my voice went up. "Your lieing." she said while her face hardend of sadness because I was leaving. A tear fell from her left eye that was brown. "I'll come with you." I allowed my lips to say. "But first we have to tell Car, oh I ment dad." "I'm texting him right now!" she said with a grin as big as cowuld be.